Thursday, December 9, 2010


Now the news are out that American Sign Language is the rising star in the community!

According to NY Times, that colleges see 16% increase in Study of Sign Language. More information can be seen at this link:

And USAToday mentioned about it being the 4th most studied foreign language. More information can be seen at this link:

Thinking back the last 50 years, I remembered how oppressed the society was towards sign language. I grew up in an oppressed environment where signing was NOT allowed. It was embarrassing to sign in public with rude people staring and making faces. I thought sign language was the answer to communication. It helps understand what is said and be expressed in ways we visually understand. It makes two way street communication. A person sends message and the other person receives it and responds. It is a communication process.

This positive step in the right direction is a blessing and I am delighted that ASL is gaining respect like we had in the 19th century. We thank Laurent Clerc for starting it in 1816. We have come a long way and we can be persistent in our belief of American Sign Language.

We ought to celebrate 200 years of ASL in 2016. It is soon arriving and what will you do about it? I have plans and ideas to herald everyone from sea to shining sea to celebrate 200 years of American Sign Language. Watch for August 19-22, 2016 for ASL BICENTENNIAL 1816-2016. We need to start celebrating on August 22 every year in recognition of the birth of ASL in the new world. This was when Laurent Clerc arrived at Hartford on August 22, 1816. We can witness the boat with Clerc and Gallaudet arriving 200 years later as part of celebration.

I am looking for partners and sponsors for this exciting event in 2016! Here is link for information about being ASL BICENTENNIAL Community Partner.

Thank you,

Paul Kiel

ASL BICENTENNIAL 1816-2016 Coordinator


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dr. Edward C. Merrill, President, Gallaudet College 1973 from Tower Clock 1973

He quoted,

"Confrontation has been and is prevalent in our society. It has made its mark on college and university campuses across the nation. It would be unfair to say that confrontation is no way to do business.

Frankly, I think it is fundamentally an expression of a basic right, and I am pleased that confrontation is the theme of the Tower Clock for 1973.

To me, confrontation means facing the issues. It means bringing problems to the surface for all to see. It means providing opportunities for everyone to participate in achieving a solution, permitting all points of view to be expressed.

It is only when confrontation takes the form of coercion, intimidation, or is directed toward individuals on a personal basis that it loses both its value and effectiveness as a means of bringing people together and arriving at decisions. When it deprives individuals and groups of an opportunity to deliberate, it is in violation of basic rights and is no good.

It is my hope that Kendall Green can become increasingly an open forum where issues that are vitally important to people and when causes to which individuals are committed can be not only discussed but pursued actively. Thus, confrontations will continue to be one of several valuable procedures by means of which we relate to each other and work toward improving Gallaudet College as an institution of learning and as a setting where we demonstrate important values in our daily lives."

This was in 1973 and it is 2010 now. Confrontations continue and Gallaudet learns to grow and improve. ASL is the sacred language and should be respected as a form of communication on the campus.

Dr. Merrill has this quote whenever he presented Gallaudet on his travels. I try to remember something like this, "Hiring hearing teachers for deaf classes is like hiring Japanese teachers with no English skills to teach English classes.

That was something then and this is something now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deaf Santa

A video about Santa and Mrs. Claus sharing holiday stories.

* Captioned for the Signing Impaired *

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul Kiel's Message to Deaf Missourians: MCDHH needs you!

This is Paul Kiel's Message to Deaf Missourians: MCDHH needs you! It is captioned for hearing.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Aunt Wowee tried to cure my deafness...

Aunt Wowee - picture taken Christmas 1944

Thankgiving 1959, we were at Aunt Wowee's apartment. The apartment was packed with all the relatives having fun and eating Turkey dinner. She was my grandmother' s cousin. I called her Aunt Wowee. I used to scream "Woweeeeee...!"

After dinner and washing dishes into the evening, she sat down at the kitchen table. The relatives were in living room chatting. She caught me running down the hall and screaming. She asked me to be quiet so she can pray. She was a devout catholic who said rosary several times a day into the eighties when she passed. She grabbed my jaw and made me pay attention to her.

She said that she prayed and prayed to get me to hear again. She cried a little bit and did not understand what happened. I looked at her with a smile. I did not fully understand her. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She began ranting with the rosary. I looked at her frail face. She was in late 60s. I stared at her closed eyes and her lips moving.

The last time I saw her in 1970 in the evening before I left her apartment, she was still praying at the kitchen table. She went to church every Sunday. She told me that I must go to church every Sunday. I liked playing hooky from church as it was boring and how can I read the priest's lips when we were in over 100 year old and gigantic church. She was furious, but lacked understanding of my frustrations in lipreading and speaking.

After the funeral, I took the cross off her casket and it still hangs in my room to this day. I thank Wowee for caring and looking over me. I am still deaf to this day and I do appreciate being deaf this way. Silence is golden!

Have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

Remembering Kennedy Assassination 47 Years Later

Remembering Kennedy Assassination 47 years later, I am. It was a sad day and how it happened.

After lunch, we were returning to classroom. Then we were told to go to another room to watch that black and white television. Of course, it was 1963 - color television was starting and rare. We watched the box that was television ( probably from 1958 ) and learned about President Kennedy being assassinated. The teacher would explain orally what happened and we were shocked. There was no captioning in those days and it was not even available in 1963. Not even tty! Not even pagers! No internet! I was only 11 years old at that time and I was kind of upset that a nice man was shot.

Reflecting on that warm day of November 22, 1963, I remembered returning to classroom and we stood up and prayed for the Kennedy Family. It was short and sweet. We discussed what happened and who did it. We did not have that answer.

As the days went on, more information came out. Then the assassin was shot. Then the conspiracy theories spun for the next 47 years to this day. No one knows for sure. No matter how many reports, how many investigations came out...the answer is still unknown.

Now with the recent memoir by former Secret Service agents, I am scratching my head. I humbly do not know anymore who is telling the truth.

If we have a time machine, we could go back and stop the Kennedys from going through that area. Wonder what the history be like if JFK lived longer. It is unusual how series of assassinations happened - 1963 - JFK - 1968 MLK - 1968 - RFK.......Still they are spinning conspiracy theories to this day.

Wonder who is behind it all?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paul's Comments in Buff and Blue about WDCF and DIG-IT

You can click on the headline above to reach the Buff and Blue website for the story.

Paul was interviewed by Derrick Behm during WDCF (Worldeaf Cinema Festival) at Gallaudet University. He wrote an article for the Buff and Blue. Paul's comments are in the article.

More comments on the way.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What in the world are they thinking?

With the recent television show, I am pondering what is it? What happened to ASL? It seems like they were promoting CI and Hearing aids. Does it remind you of something?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Countdown to WDCF! A series of TRIP TO DC by Paul Kiel - a dairy of going to Gallaudet after 26 years...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from SHOW ME DEAF COMMUNITY!

This is a wicked nun of Transylvania. She has tendency to make people disappear if they cross her. Watch out for her! Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Reflection: Deaf Forensics and why? ( Part 1 of 2 )


From Joey's ASL Vlog:Deaf Think Tank in the Bay Area (ASL Vlog)
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5. Paul Kiel | August 13th, 2006 at 9:42 pm

There are million kinds of people. There are happy people. There are sad people. There are not depressed people. There are depressed people. There are honest ones. There are dishonest ones. There are talkers. There are doers. There are supporters. There are enemies. There are gossipers. There are non-gossipers. The list would go on and on of all kinds of people.

The bottom line is brotherhood. We can work together and get over the differences. We are all human being!

Please focus energy on educating the public our rights and revoke the 1880 Milan resolution! ASL is to be put back in classrooms around the globe!

ASL is the answer and the dignitiy of deaf will be back in business.

Naysayers and doomsayers need to study “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?” It is interesting story and how it affects us all.

We can adapt to the changes and move on!

IF not, the door is right there! =^)

I have been in many Deaf clubs from sea to shining sea. It is a kind of shrine for the deaf community. We need one and we need a sense of belonging in our culture.

We need to reflect on our proud Deaf heritage as well as culture.

We need a place where we can let our hairs down and chat like a human being. We need to play games. We need to socialize. We need to party. We need to empower ourselves. We need education. We need meetings. We need advocacy. We need support from every Deaf human being on this globe. We need beliefs in our culture as to what the truth is among ASL users.

When I was student at NTID, I always pushed for some kind of think tank group… what could be called Deaf Forensics….*sigh* it was an uphill battle with Dr. William Castle about how the education system should be….we fought for bible studies and other courses that would help develop “scholarship” (think think think think)… Dr. Robert Frisina asked me how can the deaf develop mental prowess of thinking in comprehension and chronological. It is important to tap on intellectual properties of life such as wisdom, biblical, humanitarian and guidance. LIke my father said, “Common Sense”…to make this long note short, I am in favor of think tank. We need a body of deaf individuals to set the course for the deaf legacy in America. Like Margaret Mead said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This is an example of why we need a think tank. If we had one 126 years ago, audism will not be in place such as oppression and tokenism.

Thank you for eyeing me out!


( This note was copied from my response to Joey Baer back in 2006. I will make a vlog about it and elaborate more on what I see in deaf clubs and how they can benefit from Deaf Forensics. )

**Definition of Forensic: belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate, argumentative, rhetorical, relating to or dealing with application of scientific knowledge to legal problems. ( from Merriam-Webster Dictionary )

October 29, 2010


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here and in the past, present and future are the personal opinions of the original author. This v/blog site a.k.a. SHOW ME DEAF COMMUNITY by Paul J Kiel is published by and reflects the personal views of Paul J Kiel in his individual capacity. He selects stories and opinions to share with the community for advocacy and empowerment purposes. He supports the views of Laurent Clerc, George Veditz, Robert MacGregor, Frederick Schreiber and many Deaf leaders since the dawn of mankind.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer of 1969: My 17th year as a teenager

Summer of 1969: My 17th year as a teenager:

Of course, I had trouble identifying myself and I was in the midst of changing times during 1969 with the Vietnam war and the stress of being in public high school as sophomore without support services. It was 1969 and I was 17 years old. I spent many hours traveling around the midwest in my 1964 Chevrolet Impala.

I would often escape from family and friends to go down to Gamaliel, Arkansas. I stayed at maternal grandparents. I spent many hours in the woods thinking and thinking. I was 17 and the craziness going on. My grandparents were busy tending around the property and going fishing. They would often drag me to go fishing even at night. They called it night fishing. They would hang the lantern on one side of the boat. We would sit quietly into the wee hours of morning.

I did enjoy the serenity of night fishing and all the mystery of surrounding area such as the glow of light beaming into the darkness. The water was green and some fish swimming around underneath the boat attracted to the light of lantern. I did sometime sneak off and go fishing alone. You can see the proof in the pudding in the picture above. =)

It was July 1969 when my family and grandparents watched the moon landing. It was on black and white television screen that my eyes were glued on the screen seeing the historic landing. Grandma Ruth made frozen chocolate fudge and we all ate some fudge with milk. It was fun night.

I can remember the breeze at nights when we take windows down and enjoy the gentle breeze. It was refreshing to smell Arkansas air. All the trees around the property and very natural.

During the stay in Gamaliel, I spent many hours thinking and did some watercolors. I did not realize they were in my box in basement that I did not open for about 27 years. I am glad to have them and will have them framed. They will grace the wall in my office.

I will save the rest for later.

Now here are the pictures as I drew them at age of 17 during the summer of 1969.

I walked down the country road and saw a house. I made it up and did the water color.

It was when I was visioning about my grandmother and how she would be alone in future if my grandfather passed on. I was envisioning where she might live. I was 17 and innocent. =) She would often tell me about her old days like her picture on the wall and all the stuff of comfort for her needs. I loved her and she was a sweet grandmother despite my bristleness about her old fashioned values clashing with my 1969 values. She would often walk the floor whenever I drive into town (Mountain Home (across Lake Norfolk with a ferry). She was afraid I would hurt myself. I rolled my eyes many times. I would wail, "Grandma! I can drive and I am fine! Quit worrying!"

Then I was thinking back to 1900's after reviewing grandparent's albums and made an idea about how a woman wore and acted in that era. I drew that out of boredom. It was raining outside so I decided to do it on the porch with the view of lake. It was nice and cool out on the screened in porch. I remember viewing Pike's Head or something across the lake. It was serene and it gave me the will to water paint this one.

I was out on the lake one summer day and was drawing the picture of the family house. It was different as I was trying to visualize the way I would like to see happen when the time comes. I was 17 and naive! of course! But I did my darndest best to draw from the environment while on choppy waters. Luckily, some water did splashed on my drawings, but I managed to save it.

It was when I was thinking of a wizard making a rainbow. Another naive act of me? he he! That's it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Will 130 years of oral lies end?

1. Is it time for oral schools to cease and desist their illegal practices?
2. Is it time for oral schools to incorporate ASL in classrooms and elsewhere on the campus?
3. Is it time to fire oral teachers to enable deaf teachers to work with deaf children?
4. Is it time to kick out the board members and replace them with deaf board members to reach 51% management control?
5. Is it time to shut down Alexander Graham Bell Association for their lies the past 130 years?
6. Is it time to expose the fraud membership of 62% medical profession?
7. Is it time to label those organization who refuse to support deaf causes and only support oral education responsible for deaf blood? ( They are indirectly and directly responsible for the large number of mental health problems of deaf and many deaf died due to oral school abuses.)
8. Is it time to ask the Speech and Hearing Association to respect our request for changes in their program to incorporate the use of ASL in all programs?
9. Is it time for parents of deaf children to know the truth?
10. Is it time to act on the list of suggestions to change to complement with the ICED and WFD goals?

This is up for critical thinking and see how much action the audists will do. Are they going to resist and continue the bad habits of oppressing and framing the deaf in negative manner? I believe it is time to act and correct the sins of audism.

Thank you,

Paul Kiel

October 19, 2010


Friday, October 15, 2010


Due to recent inquiries and concerns, I am bringing this DEAFWARN project to the front burner. I will look into producing more placards to help every Deaf driver be safe and be able to "communicate" to the police. I put it on back burner because there was slow demand and I was focused on schooling and other projects.

Now I am considering re-activiating this DEAFWARN project.

More to come soon!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Days are here again! Ca. Gov. vetoed AB 2072!!

*Click on the picture to enable it to get larger for reading.


Mr. Philip Townsend


Dear Mr. Townsend:

I saw your article that was on WHSV.COM.

I personally do NOT agree with your article.

Cued Speech will NOT gain popularity among deaf.

It is not the natural language of the deaf!

American Sign Language is the true natural language of the deaf.

George Veditz in 1913 said, ""As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs. And as long as we have our films, we can preserve signs in their old purity. It is my hope that we will all love and guard our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift God has given to deaf people."

Someone is misleading you!

Thank you!

Paul Kiel

Monday, September 27, 2010

DMH is playing dirty tricks again with window dressing!

DMH is playing dirty tricks again with window dressing!

DMH is playing dirty tricks again with window dressing. Just recently there was information that Stephanie Winslow had departed the Office of Deaf and Multicultural Services. She was NOT even qualified in the first place to run the deaf program. Before anyone jumps with a joy, there is something that may harm the deaf community. Is Keith Schafer at it again? He is playing chess with the deaf community again and again. He let Stephanie go so that she may or may not have to face the attorneys in deposition or questioning her involvement in deaf program.

You may be aware that Missouri deaf citizens has taken DMH ( Missouri Department of Mental Health ) to the federal court some months ago. It looks like the wheels of justice is slowly turning. Is Keith letting his staff go to avoid the legal process to work? This shows dishonesty and disregard on his part to move people around to avoid the lawsuit. I question his tactics in this matter. He needs to be fired! He was to retire sometime ago, but he came back. We, the Deaf Missourians do not want him in the position as he harms the deaf community with his selfish motives. He lied to us about hiring a deaf person to do the job. Instead, he picked a hearing interpreter to fill in that post.

The same goes for Lynn Carter, the former supervisor for Stephanie. She is no longer on the list as per the website. There is a new supervisor named Jan Heckmeyer who has NO background in mental health. She mostly did accounting and it is not appropriate for someone like that to fill in the real needs of mental health situations.

I personally think the lawsuit should include the following people such as Missouri Department of Mental Health Commissioners and the Governor. It means they are the party and they are still keeping Keith Schaefer the man who is ruining our lives with his selfish motives. The names should be included in the lawsuit are - Patricia J. Bolster, M.D., Kathy A. Carter, David L. Vlach, M.D., Joann Leykam, Dennis Tesreau, and Neva G. Thurston. The governor, Jay Nixon, should fire all the commissioners and Keith Schafer.


Here is the picture of him for playing darts! It is fun to throw darts in his face as to help ease our anger at that selfish man!

Friday, September 24, 2010


This was from a small sign on my desk sitting there for more than 40 years. It is my inspiration and the author is unknown. Here it goes. You can benefit from it daily in your lives.

Take time to is the source of power.

Take time to is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to is the fountain of wisdom.

Take time to is the greatest power on Earth.

Take time to love and be is a God-given privilege.

Take time to be is the road to happiness.

Take time to is the music of the soul.

Take time to is too short a day to be selfish.

Take time to is the price of success.

Take time to is the key to heaven.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MOVIES AT GSLAD OCT 1 and 2 2010

GSLAD is proud to host MOVIES AT GSLAD on Friday, October 1 and Saturday, October 2 2010. GSLAD has been showing MOVIES AT GSLAD since 2004. GSLAD is proud to promote films made by deaf and continues the tradition. For more information, view this video or visit at

SMDC's Pick for DAW: "You Have to be Deaf to Understand" by Willard J Madsen

SMDC's Pick for DAW:"You Have to be Deaf to Understand

It is time to look around and realize how far we have come in deaf advocacy and how much preserverance we have so far. It is a blessing this week as suggested by WFD (World Federation of Deaf) to use this 4th week in September every year to recognize Deaf Awareness Week. So it is Show Me Deaf Community's pick for Deaf Awareness Week 2010 by showing the poem written by deaf poet.

I believe it is good idea to review this poem by Willard J Madsen.

Please visit this link at You Have to be Deaf to Understand

It is fun to educate the public about our proud deaf culture and heritage.

Let's keep up that tradition!

Let's celebrate our Deaf Awareness Week! It can be anytime throughout the year. Let's celebrate it 52 times? (52 weeks a year)

Friday, September 17, 2010


The picture of shackles below were used to control slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is what deaf people are wearing these days when they are not combating audism.

After reviewing some situations around the country, I am rather disappointed in some deaf leaders for buckling under hearing control.

If we have an agency serving the deaf, we are to have 51% control of the agency or organization in deaf hands.

NOT hearing hands.

I have viewed a particular agency that continues to practice audism.


Why do deaf people continue to kiss hearing people's arse?

Where is the truth in letting deaf people handle the agency?

It is OBVIOUS to me that the hearing people do NOT want to give up the control of agency, business or organization to any deaf leaders.

That agency has too many hearing people on staff and on the board.

It is NOT healthy!

Too much control are in hearing people's hands!

This is audism!

We do not need their patronization or paternalism!

Most hearing people are NOT telling truth or being honest when running deaf agencies, businesses or organizations!

Audism does equal slavery!

"Slavery is a system in which people are the property of others. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand wages." ( from dictionary )

Prove me wrong? Try that!

When can we turn the tables and cut the hearing people off the list in running our programs?

Suffice it to say, it is not only one agency... it is happening to many around the country.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


FLASHBACK: The tools of Audism...

This commentary is about what audists used as tools of audism to intimidate deaf children and adults in the 19th and 20th century. It might be happening in the 21st century. It stresses on the need of better leadership, better advocacy and better education to improve the needs of deaf community.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Audism: Clerc and Veditz did experience it...

I have been reading "WHEN THE MIND HEARS by Harlan Lane. I see that Laurent Clerc made some comments about how hearing people behaved towards the deaf people in his day. It shows that hearing people have tendency to "control" deaf people for centuries.

Laurent Clerc made those comments about how hearing people behaved:

"I know what is going on. Important people , distinguished gentlemen, are repudiating the cause to which I have devoted my life. Endowed with the sacred trust of my people's welfare, they seek, without consulting us, to prevent our worship, marriage, and procreation, to stultify our education, and to banish our mother tongue simply because our way and our language are different from theirs."

"Meanwhile-language must come once again to my aid. It has always been my weapon to fight evil, my vessel to fill minds thirsting for knowledge, my lure to solicit relief. It must serve me grandly one last time and cast such a brilliant light on the history of present injustices that their perpetrators will cringe and their victims rally."

"I am impelled by the present threat to the well-being, dignity and freedom of my people to tell our story, one that I have lived almost from its beginning: how we gathered in France and in other European lands and then in America; how our language spread throughout Europe and crossed the Atlantic; the great struggle to create schools for us, in which it was my lot to play a leading role. It is a story of builders: of an abbe' rejected by the Church who established the education of an entire class rejected by society; of a deaf shepherd who achieved international acclaim by personifying what such an outcast class can achieve through education; of a frail New England pastor who channeled the love of a little deaf girl into a mighty force that has created a first college in the world for that class. It is also a tale of destroyers: of a zealous physician who put mock science ahead of true humanity; of a haughty nobleman who imposed his will on the deaf, knowing, he believed, what was best for them but knowing, in fact, none of them; of a professional reformer who sought to recast entire classes of society in his own image."

Also George Veditz did experience with AG Bell when he refused to donate to NAD.

Watch my video about Clerc's and Veditz's comments -



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Missouri DMH is inducted in Deaf Hall of Shame!

Since the Deaf Community filed lawsuit against Missouri Department of Mental Health some months ago, DMH has turned deafer, dumber and stupider than before! They have done NOTHING to this date. Here is an incident that makes them open for more lawsuits.

During a recent e-mail discussion, I got this reply from DMH Office -

"I am unavailable to reply to emails at this time. The Office of Deaf and
MutilCultural Mental Health Services do not provide individual assistance to
access to mental health services.

If there is a life threatening emergency, call 911.

"If you are seeking mental health services, please consult the following links
for help with locating and contacting providers of DMH psychiatric or substance
abuse treatment or services for people with developmental disabilities:

For mental health or psychiatric crisis or to request services, individuals
can use TTY, video relay or voice to call the ACI CRISIS LINE for your local

For individuals who require treatment for alcohol or drug use, you can
review a directory of providers with contact information

For persons with a developmental disability. please contact the appropriate
DD Regional Office as identified on the map at"

I checked out all links they provided.

230 offices around Missouri for hearing people! Wowee! That's a lot!

no tty or vp listings at all

all are fax and voice numbers -

It shows how callous they are towards the Deaf Community.

Now it is time to induct Missouri Department of Mental Health into the Deaf
Hall of Shame!

Shame on DMH!

My trip to KY DeaFestival 2010 at Horse Cave, KY

I took a trip to Louisville to spend the weekend there. I took a trip down to Horse Cave, KY to attend the DeaFestival event. It was fun seeing old friends and making new friends. I got to see more entertainers there. Nice selection of events and programs to watch. Pinky was there. Peter Cook was there. Roger Vass was there. CJ was there. Robert DeMayo was there. and many more.

Then I went back to Louisville for the evening. I enjoyed the trip and stopped off to explore French Lick in Indiana. A friend was showing me the architecture of the old hotel. I was fascinated by its odd design and the layout. It made me want to write a mytery novel about that place. Should I? *grinning*

A Friendly reminder - Louisville, KY is the site of NAD Conference in 2012 as well as DeaFestival 2012. I am eager to go there and I want to reserve a hotel now! Can't wait to visit the bluegrass country again!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Please read George Veditz's lips!

View externally

All the debate about using voice, please read George Veditz's lips throughout the less than 15 minutes of his presentation.

This is PURE ASL!

ASL in its divine right is the language we cherish!

Thanks to Gallaudet University Archives for the use of the video.

Please take your (spoken) voice elsewhere!

So it happens? ASL Advocates are right...The Gallaudet Campus is a sacred ground for American Sign Language since its founding It has no place for audism, oralism and anything pertaining to false facades of oralism.

With the recent debate on using voice to communicate with the deaf community, it can be joke one way or another. I remembered speaking to deaf audience without signing and using my voice. It did not work out as my voice may not be perfect. Interpreters may have misinterpreted... I never hear my own voice so who cares. Whether it be good or bad, I do not mind. If my hearing peers can understand me, that is great. If they were not sure, they should have spoken up sooner. They should not have let the issue remain unsolved. Communication is a two way street!

So back to Gallaudet Campus, it is a sacred ground since the 1860's...many deaf leaders have passed through the halls of Gallaudet including Laurent Clerc, George Veditz, Robert MacGregor and many others. It would be very considerate if anyone on the campus would choose to use sign language first.

Staring at the picture above with Reverend Thomas H. Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell, this is a proof of the beginning of American Sign Language and how he went to bring Laurent Clerc to the new world in 1816.

So I tell anyone who wants to use voice to stop jowling and use sign language please! Let the interpreters be your voice and accept the dignity of the deaf culture to use American Sign Language when communicating to the Deaf community.

and also more credits to Sophia Fowler Gallaudet - the wife of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and mother of Edward Miner Gallaudet. More information about Sophia can be seen at

So considerably please take your (spoken) voice elsewhere!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Questioning hearing people's integrity and professionalism in deaf programs....

Remembering Marcella's stand against odds in improving deaf services, this picture was when she helped a St. Louis organization start advocacy too.

After doing some research with some agencies serving the Deaf around the country, I came to realize that there are often more hearing people in agencies and programs serving the deaf and hard of hearing community.

I am avid fan of the late Marcella Meyer who ran GLAD in the golden days. I looked up to her and I love her witty comments and how she thought what Deaf can do.

She taught me important lessons about having the right to exist and work with hearing people. She hailed from Kansas City, Missouri and came to California to establish the programs that exist today. She taught the deaf community to empower themselves.

If you have not been to GLAD, you have missed something of an opportunity. There are other good organizations too.

What I am focused on is deaf advocacy.

Now I am questioning hearing people's integrity and professionalism in deaf programs......

I am noticing how the hearing people have higher comfort zone than the deaf people in some parts of the country.

Why are some deaf agencies run by hearing people?

To name a few, they are out there right under your nose.

Why do you allow hearing people to run deaf programs?

Are they being honest?

What is their integrity?

According to dictionary, adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty......

Come to think about the past 130 years of audism?

Were those hearing people running deaf programs being honest?

Maybe for their skills?

Maybe for their selfishness?

Who knows?

The truth will prevail in this matter.

This is just something to think about and hopefully the employment among the Deaf will fare better.

The hearing people have plenty of jobs outside the deaf community and we are still wanting more interpreters. Plenty of work in that arena!

Now can Deaf help themselves more?

Thank you for hearing me out! Pardon the pun!

Paul =)


Remembering the old days when looking at Clerc's Children Inc's plans, I was punished for using sign language. Please help vote everyday for the rest of August to make sure we get right information to the public.

Early Identification programs for babies are being manipulated by audists.

Please do not let that happen to them!

Please vote!

Please do not punish children for using sign language!

I was punished for simply expressing communications.

It left me damaged for many years!

I am an old man remembering the pains, frustrations and setbacks due to audism.

Please vote! Please go to the website at VOTE NOW FOR DEAF CHILDREN!

Friday, July 30, 2010


As I said in earier posting, that the war on audism is not over yet! I am asking everyone to stop and think about those oral programs that benefited from 130 years of oppression. We need to have them modify the programs to go back to pre-1880 deaf education programs.

Every action since September 11, 1880 were illegal.

With the recent developments, it will take another 130 years to undo the damages that audists have caused.

We need to get the ball rolling and get action done on remedying the wrongs of audism.

We will not be around in 130 years to witness the freedom of audism.

The freedom begins now!

Like Ruthie of Audism Free America says, "Let Freedom Roll!"

Thanks to ICED for turning it around after 130 years of abuses!

We need to keep it rolling further and wider!

The war on audism continues!

Thank you!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The war against audism is not over yet!

Paul Kiel designed the t-shirt for the purpose of educating the public on stamping out audism! Let's have STAMP OUT AUDISM DAY on September 11, 2010!

Despite the recent developments, the war against audism is not over yet! I do appreciate the recent developments. I do not see the real beef yet! Yeah! Show me the beef!

I want more to combat audism. It is rampant everywhere! It is time to move attention onto the hearing people who are unwittingly and unknowingly that they are contributing to the problems of audism - it is in hospitals, schools, courts, employment, social lives, community projects and more!

"If we can give a "playbook" for each deaf individual, we can win the war in our fight against audism. We cannot afford to be "reactive" -- we have to be proactive - it means strategic planning for the years ahead and install our dreams, wishes and hopes in our today's deaf youth. It means investing our wisdom and rsources in th em - it begins by taking the time to volunteer to help today's youth. Can you do it?

I am borrowing from NSC (NTID Student Congress' motto) "Today's motivation is tomorrow's fulfillment!"

Let's wage the war on audism!

It is time to STAMP OUT AUDISM!

For more information on STAMP OUT AUDISM, please visit -if you click on the title above, it will lead you to the website. Thank you for your support!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AG BELL: The Father of Deaf Eugenics

Alexander Graham "Bell was connected with the eugenics movement in the United States. In his lecture Memoir upon the formation of a deaf variety of the human race presented to the National Academy of Sciences on 13 November 1883 he noted that congenitally deaf parents were more likely to produce deaf children and tentatively suggested that couples where both parties were deaf should not marry.[112] However, it was his hobby of livestock breeding which led to his appointment to biologist David Starr Jordan's Committee on Eugenics, under the auspices of the American Breeders Association. The committee unequivocally extended the principle to man.[113] From 1912 until 1918 he was the chairman of the board of scientific advisers to the Eugenics Record Office associated with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, and regularly attended meetings. In 1921, he was the honorary president of the Second International Congress of Eugenics held under the auspices of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Organisations such as these advocated passing laws (with success in some states) that established the compulsory sterilization of people deemed to be, as Bell called them, a "defective variety of the human race". By the late 1930s, about half the states in the U.S. had eugenics laws, and the California laws were used as a model for eugenics laws in Nazi Germany." (from internet sources)

Hitler benefitted from Bell's research. This shows proof why George Veditz wrote that many deaf people feared AG Bell. Today, any followers of AG Bell or any programs that are related to "eugenics" by any form or association are guilty by association with sick individuals who wanted to remove deaf from the human race. It is a sign of sickness on those hearing people who believe in Bell's dangerous fantasy.

Oral programs have hidden agenda for practicing eugenics. This is how and why many oralists are pawns of audism. Do not forget that 62% of AG Bell membership are in medical profession. Their only mission are very pathological and oppressive.

They spread lies through their manipulation of many innocent deaf babies. There is a reason for us to stop them in their tracks!

It is time to tell truth! Oralism is just a false facade for audism.

It is a form of physical and mental abuse that has gone on and on since September 11, 1880.

It is time to STOP IT!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This story is happening all over the world on how audiologists as well as other so-called hearing professionals who claim to be helping the deaf are TWO-FACED!!!

They lie just like Alexander Graham Bell. They all have been telling LIES since 1880!

They are conspirators of audism!

They are profiteering from deaf babies!

This is a BIG shame!

It is time to STAMP OUT AUDISM!

You need to get off your fannies and stop the madness caused by hearing people!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



It is ages old quote. It was quoted by Sir Francis Bacon in 1597. He quoted it as "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est."

And Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr on October 8, 1952 said, "If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain.

This is what hearing people are trying to dumb the deaf community down by using oral methods. It is a false facade of audism. Those conspirators of audism have no mercy or no excuses. It is a shocking shame how those hearing people are behaving towards deaf community at large. They are treating deaf people as barking dogs tethered on a ten-foot chains.

They are lying through their teeth like dogs when it comes to oralism. They are too stubborn and too selfish to let deaf use American Sign Language. It looks stupid and silly on them when they tell the public not to use ASL. It backfires on them and there will be more to come.

With the political turmoil and the AB2072, it is time to declare war on their stupidity, selfishness and aggorance.

It is time for cognitive restructuring. It is time to educate the public. It is time to air out their dirty laundry.

Now the Audists Hall of Shame is open and those people are inducted into the Hall of Shame for being conspirators in practicing audism.


Alexander Graham Bell was the conspirator of eugenics in trying to remove the deaf from the human race. Adolf Hitler adopted his plans for his ill-fated country. Alexander even asked Congress to let him experiment on deaf people and even recommended sterilizing them to prevent more deaf born.

Tony Mendoza authored the bill AB2072 and is considered conspirator of audism.

Oberkotter Foundation is the conspirator of audism by combating ASL and forcing deaf babies to use AVT and cochlear implants. It is viewed as an "evil empire".

Karl White is a conspirator of audism. He was rude to deaf people at the meeting. He said, "Deaf people do not know what is best for deaf babies" quoted by Karl White of EDHI 6:27 PM Apr 21st 2010.

Central Institute for the Deaf is conspirator of audism.

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf is conspirator of audism.

Jean Moog is conspirator of audism.

Theresa Bulger is conspirator of audism. She made rude comments about a deaf Texas girl who was killed by train.

If you know of anyone who should be in Audists Hall of Shame, let me know!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flashback: Problems of Deaf in Communications

Letters to Editor - St. Louis Post Dispatch - November 22, 1989, Wednesday Edition

Problems of Deaf

I am not happy about the comments made recently by Richard G. Stoker, who now runs the Central Institute for the Deaf, on the sign language issue.

American Sign Language should not be looked down on as a poor alternative in communication. It is not the sign language that narrows the scope of life of deaf people. It is the hearing people who engineered the ongoing problems of deafness. They would not let the deaf people have their own destiny or say in issues related to deafness.

Ninety-eight percent of the graduates of the institute do use and know American Sign Language. Oral communication does not solve the problems of deafness alone. We need to combine sign language with oralism to make total communication more feasible for deaf persons around the world.

While only a few benefit from oralism, the greater need for the majority of the deaf community is total communication, combining oralism and sign language.

We need to continue to advocate the right of the unspoken majority of the deaf community who lack the use of oralism. American Sign Language is a true bridge between deaf and hearing people.

Paul J Kiel
St. Louis

*Updated: 05-29-2010:

I was going through files for some papers. I came across the article from the newspaper. I notice it was 21 years ago and some views have changed. I believe bi-bi approach is better. It is entirely up to each deaf individual to choose what method. Remember that oralism is still a false facade of audism. It was 130 years ago that hearing people domineered the deaf education. It is proven twice in 1965 and 1988 that oral education has failed many deaf children. It is the truth!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"It takes a Deaf village to make a Deaf individual successful!"

"It takes a Deaf village to make a Deaf individual successful!

We need to promote and advocate for social changes. It requires commitment and loyalty to make this process work."

Paul Kiel - 2005

Lately, I have been observing a lot of blogs and vlogs with all kinds of people from all walks of life. It is interesting how the system is audistic due to many different viewpoints. There is already oppression happening in some groups.

It reminds me of having a bucket of crabs. Try watching how crabs fight to get out of the bucket. Try applying this to yourself and your friends and others you think are against you.

It is sad day for the community when no one cares! I see some people laughing in others' faces and put them down with thoughtless and selfish actions. It is a fact of matter that the deaf community has been oppressed for so long. The system needs to be adapted to make it a better life.

It takes a Deaf village to make a D/deaf individual successful. We need to promote and advocate for social changes. It requires commitment and loyalty to make this process work.

Can you do that?

Monday, May 17, 2010

FLASHBACK: Infamous Milan 1880's Resolutions that harm the Deaf!

* This shows how greedy and selfish hearing people were and still are to this day! This is why oralism is a false facade. Read each resolution and see how profound it has affected the Deaf community for almost 130 years. We need to reverse those resolutions and put it on the right track. This is audism and how it affected us. It all started on September 11, 1880!

The Eight Resolutions

1. The Convention, considering the incontestable superiority of articulation over signs in restoring the deaf-mute to society and giving him a fuller knowledge of language, declares that the oral method should be preferred to that of signs in education and the instruction of deaf-mutes.

Passed 160 to 4

2. The Convention, considering that the simultaneous use of articulation and signs has the disadvantage of injuring articulation and lip-reading and the precision of ideas, declares that the pure oral method should be preferred.

Passed 150 to 16

3. Considering that a great number of the deaf and dumb are not receiving the benefit of instruction, and that this condition is owing to the impotence of families and of institutions, recommends that governments should take the necessary steps that all the deaf and dumb may be educated.

Passed unanimously.

4. Considering that the teaching of the speaking deaf by the Pure Oral method should resemble as much as possible that of those who hear and speak, declares

a) That the most natural and effectual means by which the speaking deaf may acquire the knowledge of language is the "intuitive" method, viz., that which consists in setting forth, first by speech, and then by writing the objects and the facts which are placed before the eyes of the pupils.

b) That in the first, or maternal, period the deaf-mute ought to be led to the observation of grammatical forms by means of examples and of practical exercises, and that in the second period he ought to be assisted to deduce from these examples the grammatical rules, expressed with the utmost simplicity and clearness.

c) That books, written with words and in forms of language known to the pupil, can be put into his hands at any time.

Motion carried.

5. Considering the want of books sufficiently elementary to help the gradual and progressive development of language, recommends that the teachers of the Oral system should apply themselves to the publication of special works on the subject.

Motion carried.

6. Considering the results obtained by the numerous inquiries made concerning the deaf and dumb of every age and every condition long after they had quit school, who, when interrogated upon various subjects, have answered correctly, with sufficient clearness of articulation, and read the lips of their questioners with the greatest facility, declares

a) That the deaf and dumb taught by the Pure Oral method do not forget after leaving school the knowledge which they have acquired there, but develop it still further by conversation and reading, when have been made so easy for them.

b) That in their conversation with speaking persons they make use exclusively of speech.

c) That speech and lip-reading so far from being lost, are developed by practice.

Motion carried.

7. Considering that the education of the deaf and dumb by speech has peculiar requirements; considering also that the experienced of teachers of deaf-mutes is almost unanimous, declares

a) That the most favourable age for admitting a deaf child into school is from eight to ten years.

b) That the school term ought to be seven years at least; but eight years would be preferable.

c) That no teacher can effectually teach a class of more than ten children on the Pure Oral method.

Motion carried.

8. Considering that the application of the Pure Oral method in institutions where it is not yet in active operation, should be to avoid the certainty of failure prudent, gradual, progressive, recommends

a) That the pupils newly received into the schools should form a class by themselves, where instruction could be given by speech.

b) That these pupils should be absolutely separated from others too far advanced to be instructed by speech, and whose education will be completed by signs.

c) That each year a new speaking class be established, until all the old pupils taught by signs have completed their education.

Motion carried.

Those audists have undone what Laurent Clerc, Thomas H. Gallaudet, Alice Cogswell and others have put together. The Deaf Community were successful until 1880. They even had the gall to throw deaf teachers from every school in the Union.....What do you think they are? Hearing were barbarians and selfish!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


iReport —

Please review this link to Springfield, Missouri story about lack of support services for deaf and hard of hearing. The same story is all over Missouri. Department of Mental Health has been dragging its feet for years and years in meeting the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We plan to take them to court so we need your help in exposing them. They have ignored our pleas and proposals for better mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing in Missouri.

Your attention to this matter will help Deaf Missourians greatly!

Thank you,

Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Missouri

Monday, April 26, 2010


Note: the film may stop at 9:59 so hit the pause button to stop and go it will move on to pictures at the end.

Today, April 26, 2010, history is made when the deaf group took action with attorneys to sue Missouri Department of Mental Health. More can be seen in this video. There are some pictures of activities leading up to the press conference. Several news services showed up. Channel 5 (NBC) came. Robert Patrick from St. Louis Post Dispatch was present for questioning. You can see him questioning Ella Eakins, MoAD President. A reporter, Angela Riley from Daily Record (lawyers newspaper in St. Louis) and radio stations. A reporter from KMOX (CBS) came, too. I did not get all the names as I was focused on videorecording the historical moments at Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse.

*Upplause* For Missouri Association of the Deaf, the 13 plaintiffs, and many deaf Missourians! Pah! Pah! Pah! Many people who have suffered through the last 30 years are now glad and relieved. We are happy that action is being done!

We all root and move on for deaf advocacy and continue the progress to improve the lives of deaf community!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


September 11, 2010

With September 11, 2010 approaching in a few months, let's gather and resonate around the world!

It was the day the hearing people took our lives away on September 11, 1880.

It is time to go a full (360 degrees) circle on that day and turn around.

It is time to stop audism in its tracks.

It is time to stop 130 years of oppression and audism.

"STAMP OUT AUDISM" an international project is designed to get the same message around the world to educate our hearing peers what we can do except to hear.

The message is "STAMP OUT AUDISM!"

The black or white t-shirts bearing "STAMP OUT AUDISM" with a picture of boot is available for sale to defray expenses for upcoming film and project related expenses. .

For ordering t-shirts for DEAF WORLD REMEMBERANCE DAY can be seen at

Click on here for ordering t-shirts.

Watch this video about upcoming project please!


There is a media kit involving on projects on what to do, how to contact media, list of events to plan for that day, recruiting support for activity planning and coordination of events, gathering resources and having a successful Deaf World Rememberance Day.

To order the media kit, please mail check or money order made out to Paul Kiel. The cost of media kit is $35.00 per event.

Mail the request to:

Paul Kiel
2170 Green Slope Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63136
Attn: DWRD Media Kit

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of media kits. Paypal will be set up in few weeks when we get more orders.

For more information, contact Paul


A true story about the United States House of Representatives formally recognizing someone else other than AG Bell for inventing telephone. Through shady deals, AG Bell "stole" it. Will the history recognize that?

Updated Info: Currently the address is now Any inquiries may go to

Monday, April 12, 2010


This video is about deaf on Earth calling for Eyeth soldiers to bust audism!

Videographer: Paul Kiel

Sunday, April 11, 2010


A Forgotten Video: St. Louis Airport 2001

Host: Gregory McKinnon

VIdeographer: Paul Kiel

Location: St. Louis, Missouri - July/August 2001

This video was produced during summer of 2001. We got information through Deaf Digest about a Deaf traveler unhappy about St. Louis Airport lacking services for Deaf. We decided to look into it. We were at airport few times in July and August 2001. Then it was in final production and released on September 7, 2001.

The world changed on September 11, 2001. (four days later)

Not sure if anything has improved since then. I did write letter to director of airport to express concerns. No one listened! Not sure if it has been followed up!

Oh, heck! With today's technology, ttys are becoming obsolete. Not sure if videophones are in yet.

The open system at airports are forever CLOSED!

HOW CAN YOU STAMP OUT AUDISM? A workshop on organizing for social change


A workshop on organizing for social change:

This helps understand the principles of human engineering in providing advocacy and activism.

This workshop will teach deaf community leaders and advocates of deaf programs how to better serve the communities in protecting the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The workshop will cover these areas:

*Direct Action Organizing

We will learn the fundamentals of Direct Action Organizing. We can choose an issue, develop a strategy and design actions to improve the deaf community services in your area.

*Organizing Skills

We will learn about accountability sessions, building and joining coalitions, recruiting, and use the Media. We can develop leadership and community liasons. We can develop partnerships with Community Organization Boards, Religious Organizations, Local Unions, Labor Councils and Trade Councils. There is going to be an interesting subject on tactical investigations.

*Support for Organization

We can review plans for grassroot fundraising, set up administrative systems and provide supervision. We can discuss financial and legal matters affecting the organization. It provides leadership and guidance for future programs.

*Selected Resources

We can review the resources in the community to help to do social change in your community. The workshop will provide hints, practice and feedback to help you present with confidence and style. This is something to benefit for alleviating the problems affecting the Deaf community.

Workshop Schedule: One day workshop:

Direct Action Organizing (one hour)

Organizing Skills (one hour and a half)

Support for Organization (one hour and a half)

Selected Resources (one hour)

Questions and Answers Session (one hour)

Fundraising Opportunity: Win/Win Situation

You can charge admissions and split the revenue with your club and my organization. There is contract that specifies my services and guidelines for the workshop presentation. The requirement is that 50 participants or more be available for the workshop. Be sure the meeting room has access to wireless internet services. Ethernet will be ok. I will need only a table and a chair to do powerpoint presentation about organizing for a social change. I will bring my laptop and you provide LCD. If you do not have LCD, there is additional fee for bringing my LCD. The workshop fees are negotiable.

The workshop is presented in American Sign Language and with the use of powerpoint.

Future Workshops effective May 2010**

Chicago, Illinois - TBA

St. Paul, Minnesota - TBA

Los Angeles, California - TBA

San Francisco, California - TBA

Rochester, New York - TBA

Tampa, Florida - TBA

New Orleans, Louisiana - TBA

Birmingham, Alabama - TBA

Memphis, Tennessee - TBA

Westerville, Ohio - TBA

Cleveland, Ohio - TBA

Olathe, Kansas - TBA

Las Vegas, Nevada - TBA

Seattle, Washington - TBA

Portland, Oregon - TBA

Phoenix, Arizona - TBA

Austin, Texas - TBA

Other cities not listed will be announced soon. If you wish to have this workshop in your city, please e-mail to with contact information and the location of a deaf community center, deaf school in your state or a hotel that the deaf enjoy for the workshop.

**The schedule is subject to change depending on demand and scheduling permitting.

To reserve your seat for workshop, please e-mail to

About the Presenter

Paul J. Kiel is a proud advocate and a daring activist for social changes in deaf communities. He got started in activism when he joined forces with friends against the Vietnam War. He also joined in the first Earth Day in 1970 to promote the recycling and save the Mother Earth. He began deaf advocacy when some friends asked for assistance in communications in 1969. At the tender age of 17, he committed to a lifetime of deaf advocacy. He has earned diploma in Business Technology from NTID/RIT in 1978 and got Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with minor in Mass Communications in 2004. He owns and operates Deaf Images as a digital video production company and a public relations firm to handle public relations for non-profit organizations. He has served in many organizations as well as doing deaf advocacy for more than 40 years. He has written several letters to newspaper editors about lack of services for the deaf and hard of hearing as well as combating audism. He is preparing to be a licensed parliamentarian. More information about him can be seen on the website: and select "Who is Paul?" button. He advocates for deaf culture through his blogs/vlogs at

All Rights Reserved@2010 - Deaf Images/Paul J Kiel

Friday, March 26, 2010

"When you change what you believe, you change what you do!"

Disclaimer: It is not captioned, but I will have it taken care of as soon as Red Tree Leadership and Deaf Images enter agreement to get license to provide workshops. Paperwork is pending and I am pleased to share the good news!

With the struggling economy, advancing technologies, reduction of government resources and changing dynamics of leadership, it is time to make a change in the 21st century for all deaf organizations from sea to shining sea.

Come to the fun workshop about what we can do to adapt to the new challenges for our deaf organizations!

It is imperative that we know and understand how we can benefit from the changes and the new outlook for future.

The future depends on us! So how we act and do today will benefit tomorrow!

It is a four to five hour presentation with video, powerpoint and group activities.

It is going to be fun learning how we can work together to help one another.

The workshops will be presented at the following cities. The dates and times will be announced in e-mails to those who have registered in each city. The fundraising will be helpful for the program and your club or program. For more information about how your group can benefit from the workshop, e-mail to Paul about it. The required number of attendees per workshop has to be 35 and more. 50 is ideal. Limited seats only! We can add other workshops same weekend if more people come at each workshop.

It is conducted in ASL (American Sign Language) only!

"When you change what you believe, you change what you do!" is what we can learn and work with.

About the presentor:
Paul Kiel is owner/founder of Deaf Images. It is a digital video production and public relations company. He is Deaf Activist, Deaf Author, Deaf Advocate, ASL Teacher, ASL Storyteller and ASL Videographer. He uses mass communication to get message across about our proud deaf culture. He has BA degree in Communication with minor in Mass Communication. He has been actively involved in deaf community as well as leadership, advocacy and training others to combat audism in communities.

E-mail your interest to join this workshop by e-mailing to I am interested in attending this workshop!"

Selected Cities for 2010:

* Chicago, Illinois - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Chicago-Reserve mine please!"

* Louisville, Kentucky - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Louisville-Reserve mine please!"

* Chattanooga, Tennessee - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Chattanooga-Reserve mine please!"

* Atlanta, Georgia - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Atllanta-Reserve mine please!"

* Tampa, Florida - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Tampa-Reserve mine please!"

*West Palm Beach, Florida - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: West Palm Beach - Reserve mine please!"

* Jacksonville, Florida - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Jacksonville (Fl) - Reserve mine please!"

* Charleston, South Carolina - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Charleston - Reserve mine please!"

* Richmond, Virginia - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Richmond - Reserve mine please!"

* Washington, District of Columbia - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Washington (DC) - Reserve mine please!"

* Baltimore, Maryland - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Baltimore - Reserve mine please!"

* Dover, Delaware - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Dover - Reserve mine please!"

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Philadelphia - Reserve mine please!"

* New York City, New York - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: New York City - Reserve mine please!"

* Hartford, Connecticut - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Hartford - Reserve mine please!

* Boston, Massachusetts - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Boston - Reserve mine please!

* Portland, Maine - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Portland (Me) - Reserve mine please!

* New Hampshire - TBA

* Vermont - TBA

* Rochester, New York - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Rochester - Reserve mine please!"

* Buffalo, New York - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Buffalo - Reserve mine please!

* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Pittsburgh - Reserve mine now please!"

* Columbus, Ohio - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Columbus - Reserve mine now please!"

* Indianapolis, Indiana - TBA - Reserve now by clicking here: Indianapolis - Reserve mine now please!"

* Michigan - TBA

* Wisconsin - TBA

* Other states to follow soon!

** If you do not see your town or state not on the list, feel free to contact me. I can fit you in schedule. The workshops are to be conducted at schools for deaf, center for independent living, deaf clubs or hotels. Your town can provide interpreters if you wish to have other modes of communication. The scripts will be provided to interpreters to follow the program. Arrangements for such assistance must be confirmed and planned before the agreed date of event.

**The 2010 and 2011 Schedule is open for booking. Book now and be glad you did it!

All rights reserved - Deaf Images/Paul Kiel 2010.