Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Will 130 years of oral lies end?

1. Is it time for oral schools to cease and desist their illegal practices?
2. Is it time for oral schools to incorporate ASL in classrooms and elsewhere on the campus?
3. Is it time to fire oral teachers to enable deaf teachers to work with deaf children?
4. Is it time to kick out the board members and replace them with deaf board members to reach 51% management control?
5. Is it time to shut down Alexander Graham Bell Association for their lies the past 130 years?
6. Is it time to expose the fraud membership of 62% medical profession?
7. Is it time to label those organization who refuse to support deaf causes and only support oral education responsible for deaf blood? ( They are indirectly and directly responsible for the large number of mental health problems of deaf and many deaf died due to oral school abuses.)
8. Is it time to ask the Speech and Hearing Association to respect our request for changes in their program to incorporate the use of ASL in all programs?
9. Is it time for parents of deaf children to know the truth?
10. Is it time to act on the list of suggestions to change to complement with the ICED and WFD goals?

This is up for critical thinking and see how much action the audists will do. Are they going to resist and continue the bad habits of oppressing and framing the deaf in negative manner? I believe it is time to act and correct the sins of audism.

Thank you,

Paul Kiel

October 19, 2010