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Reflection: Deaf Forensics and why? ( Part 1 of 2 )


From Joey's ASL Vlog:Deaf Think Tank in the Bay Area (ASL Vlog)
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5. Paul Kiel | August 13th, 2006 at 9:42 pm

There are million kinds of people. There are happy people. There are sad people. There are not depressed people. There are depressed people. There are honest ones. There are dishonest ones. There are talkers. There are doers. There are supporters. There are enemies. There are gossipers. There are non-gossipers. The list would go on and on of all kinds of people.

The bottom line is brotherhood. We can work together and get over the differences. We are all human being!

Please focus energy on educating the public our rights and revoke the 1880 Milan resolution! ASL is to be put back in classrooms around the globe!

ASL is the answer and the dignitiy of deaf will be back in business.

Naysayers and doomsayers need to study “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?” It is interesting story and how it affects us all.

We can adapt to the changes and move on!

IF not, the door is right there! =^)

I have been in many Deaf clubs from sea to shining sea. It is a kind of shrine for the deaf community. We need one and we need a sense of belonging in our culture.

We need to reflect on our proud Deaf heritage as well as culture.

We need a place where we can let our hairs down and chat like a human being. We need to play games. We need to socialize. We need to party. We need to empower ourselves. We need education. We need meetings. We need advocacy. We need support from every Deaf human being on this globe. We need beliefs in our culture as to what the truth is among ASL users.

When I was student at NTID, I always pushed for some kind of think tank group… what could be called Deaf Forensics….*sigh* it was an uphill battle with Dr. William Castle about how the education system should be….we fought for bible studies and other courses that would help develop “scholarship” (think think think think)… Dr. Robert Frisina asked me how can the deaf develop mental prowess of thinking in comprehension and chronological. It is important to tap on intellectual properties of life such as wisdom, biblical, humanitarian and guidance. LIke my father said, “Common Sense”…to make this long note short, I am in favor of think tank. We need a body of deaf individuals to set the course for the deaf legacy in America. Like Margaret Mead said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This is an example of why we need a think tank. If we had one 126 years ago, audism will not be in place such as oppression and tokenism.

Thank you for eyeing me out!


( This note was copied from my response to Joey Baer back in 2006. I will make a vlog about it and elaborate more on what I see in deaf clubs and how they can benefit from Deaf Forensics. )

**Definition of Forensic: belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate, argumentative, rhetorical, relating to or dealing with application of scientific knowledge to legal problems. ( from Merriam-Webster Dictionary )

October 29, 2010


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