Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, it is a wake up call! It happens to me. I am always wired 24/7/365 to the network I associate with. I have to respond many times while driving. I try to tell them to wait and let me pull off the road. Sometimes NOT! I go ahead and respond. OOOOOPS! I have had near accidents and near misses on highways, streets and roads.

I am lucky to be fine so far. It is NOT highly recommended that we can do texting while driving. It only takes few seconds to be killed or hurt in accidents. Yes, only a few seconds. Our brains cannot respond fast enough while texting. Our thought processes slow down when doing multi-tasking.

So I agree with the new nationwide ban! It is precious life we have and it is high time to consider having a new texting etiquette (sp?) If you are texting me, BE PREPARED to wait longer for me to respond! I will not let you put me in danger just because you want me to respond. Hell! You gotta wait!

Life is too precious to be hurt or killed over silly texting!

To date 14 states and Washington, D.C. have laws barring texting while driving!

"When compared to dialing, talking, listening or reaching for an electronic device, texting posed the greatest accident risk, the study found, attributing it to the almost five seconds the driver’s eyes are off the roadway while texting, said Rich Hanowski, the director of the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at the transportation institute."

Of course, my picture above was taken while sitting in the garage with door open. LOL!!! Common sense prevails! No texting while driving please! I do NOT agree that Deaf drivers can beat that! I know a few who have died while texting! It is NOT worth it! So please pull off the road if you must respond!


Sunday, July 26, 2009



It is time to apply the brakes on the cycle of pain, abuse and depression.

Audism has played its role on the state of mental health on the majority of the deaf community globally.

It can be a harder thing to apply the brakes and the cycle has been going on for the most 130 years.

It has been perpetuated too long and too wrong in many retrospects.

With the recent AG Bell conference in St. Louis attended by as many as 500 attendees, it again shows a large number of medical professionals.

At the last discussion months ago, it was declared that more than 62% of AG Bell membership are involved in the medical or medical related field.

It is a dangerous step for both hearing and deaf communities.

It does not help the state of mental health among the deaf consumers of social and commuity services.

The true identity of a deaf individual has been trampled on, dissected at all costs, manipulated by selfish professionals and deaf peers, and the cycle is still continuing to this day in practice of audism.

We need to identify the cause of the problems of audism.

We need to study the actions and influences caused by the hearing community affecting the deaf community.

Knowing the facts and causes may help break the cycle.

We need to review what choices and actions can be used to alleviate the needs of the deaf community.

We need to redesign and reframe our deaf community goals.

We need to overhaul our social and personal needs in the hearing community.

We need to revamp our community and strategic planning.

We need to do more public relations to focus the spotlight on our deaf community needs.

We need to develop new plans of action among the deaf communities globally.

We need to set up a model of program to ensure that the cycle of audism can be broken and be kept to a minimum.

We need to set up new rules that enable us to break the cycle of audism.

We need the new rules that we can live by and stick with it.

We need to address the issues when the established and agreed rules are broken.

We need to evaluate our priorities and develop confidence in our steps to thwart any resurgences of audism.

We need to remain alert and prepared to confront any old habits that emerge or handle problem individuals who do not respect the deaf community.

We need to develop plan of action to remedy the situation when it arises.

We need to deal with audism now.

Without intervention, the cycle of audism will continue on and on.

Talking and acknowledging what happened can help us heal.

The patterns of audism are repeated over and over.

A pure example of audism is that AG Bell and its cronies are continuing to manipulate the public arena by telling lies about American Sign Language and how they continue to emphasize oralism through various programs.

This shows how pathological and selfish liars they are.

The hardest part is losing friendships over audism issues.

We need to remind our friends that they are perpetuating audism by attending the activities or programs that promote audism.

Isn't it time to break the cycle of audism?


Paul J. Kiel

July 26, 2009

For info, visit


A workshop for organizing for social change - STAMP OUT AUDISM WORKSHOP

Friday, July 24, 2009


With AG Bell Conference going on and how the selfish deaf adults continue to promote audism in the St. Louis Deaf Community, I proudly declare this community a.k.a. St. Louis - the Capital of Audism!

With 4 oral school programs promoting audism and with good Deaf people doing nothing that helps spread audism, it is officially declared.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Paul Stefarek(sp?)is leading a group traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles with the group using their motorcycles. More information about the group can be seen at the link below this story. It is fascinating how they are doing. Those on Route 66 down the way after St. Louis can come out and help them! Give them support and socialize with them! We had a blast! You will, too! They are human beings like us!

The crowd is having a ball. The motorcyclists gave speeches and stories about their experiences on the road. We did enjoy their stories and how they were challenged.

Paul and Howard Virnig. We go back long way at NTID and in Baltimore, MD. We had not seen each other since 1982. There is an upcoming story about deaf housing and how we worked together to try to save the deaf community. Watch for it soon!

Deaf bikers and visitors were socializing on the GSLAD parking lot. The weather was nice.

Harley Davidson fingerspelled.

Dave from Wisconsin proudly displays his Harley.

For updates on their travels to Los Angeles, check it out at

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DMH is using smoke and mirrors to fool us!

DMH is using smoke and mirrors to fool us!

Regarding DMH's recent announcements, I still see the same trick being used over and over. Smoke and Mirrors are being used. Tough to say that as it is obvious that DMH is still denying Deaf Missourians the real meat of services. Using other states is like passing the buck! Harry Truman would be upset to know that DMH is passing the bucks!

I have spoken less and less because nothing will change! With the current administration, it is like hitting the brick wall.

I can understand that the current director has her hands tied as it is her superiors controlling this baloney.

What she did was like pulling rabbit out of the hat! Pronto! It worked, but it is complete an illusion!

I am not EASILY fooled as I am suffering from the repeated baloney over and over!

You guys at DMH need to do something REAL and SERIOUS!


DMH is Missouri's Department of Mental Health.

Monday, July 6, 2009

HOW CAN YOU STAMP OUT AUDISM? A workshop on organizing for social change


A workshop on organizing for social change:

This helps understand the principles of human engineering in providing advocacy and activism.

This workshop will teach deaf community leaders and advocates of deaf programs how to better serve the communities in protecting the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The workshop will cover these areas:

*Direct Action Organizing

We will learn the fundamentals of Direct Action Organizing. We can choose an issue, develop a strategy and design actions to improve the deaf community services in your area.

*Organizing Skills

We will learn about accountability sessions, building and joining coalitions, recruiting, and use the Media. We can develop leadership and community liasons. We can develop partnerships with Community Organization Boards, Religious Organizations, Local Unions, Labor Councils and Trade Councils. There is going to be an interesting subject on tactical investigations.

*Support for Organization

We can review plans for grassroot fundraising, set up administrative systems and provide supervision. We can discuss financial and legal matters affecting the organization. It provides leadership and guidance for future programs.

*Selected Resources

We can review the resources in the community to help to do social change in your community. The workshop will provide hints, practice and feedback to help you present with confidence and style. This is something to benefit for alleviating the problems affecting the Deaf community.

Workshop Schedule: One day workshop:

Direct Action Organizing (one hour)
Organizing Skills (one hour and a half)
Support for Organization (one hour and a half)
Selected Resources (one hour)

Fundraising Opportunity: Win/Win Situation

You can charge admissions and split the revenue with your club and my organization. There is contract that specifies my services and guidelines for the workshop presentation. The requirement is that 50 participants or more be available for the workshop. Be sure the meeting room has access to wireless internet services. Ethernet will be ok. I will need only a table and a chair to do powerpoint presentation about organizing for a social change. I will bring my laptop and you provide LCD. If you do not have LCD, there is additional fee for bringing my LCD. The workshop fees are negotiable.

The workshop is presented in American Sign Language and with the use of powerpoint.

Future Workshops effective between Fall 2009 and Winter 2012**

Chicago, Illinois - August 2009 - TBA
St. Paul, Minnesota - April 2010 - TBA
Los Angeles, California - November 2009 - TBA
San Francisco, California - November 2009 - TBA
Rochester, New York - March 2010 - TBA
Tampa, Florida - November 2009 - TBA
New Orleans, Louisiana - February 2010 - TBA
Birmingham, Alabama - February 2010 - TBA
Memphis, Tennessee - February 2010 - TBA
Westerville, Ohio - October 2009 - TBA
Cleveland, Ohio - October 2009 - TBA
Olathe, Kansas - April 2010 - TBA
Las Vegas, Nevada - July 2010 - TBA
Seattle, Washington - June 2010 - TBA
Portland, Oregon - June 2010 - TBA
Phoenix, Arizona - December 2009 - TBA
Austin, Texas - March 2010 - TBA

Other cities not listed will be announced soon. If you wish to have this workshop in your city, please e-mail to with contact information and the location of a deaf community center, deaf school in your state or a hotel that the deaf enjoy for the workshop.

**The schedule is subject to change depending on demand and scheduling permitting.

To reserve your seat for workshop, please e-mail to [ Paul ]

About the Presenter

Paul J. Kiel is a proud advocate and a daring activist for social changes in deaf communities. He got started in activism when he joined forces with friends against the Vietnam War. He also joined in the first Earth Day in 1970 to promote the recycling and save the Mother Earth. He began deaf advocacy when some friends asked for assistance in communications in 1969. At the tender age of 17, he committed to a lifetime of deaf advocacy. He has earned diploma in Business Technology from NTID/RIT in 1978 and got Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with minor in Mass Communications in 2004. He owns and operates Deaf Images as a digital video production company and a public relations firm to handle public relations for non-profit organizations. He has served in many organizations as well as doing deaf advocacy for more than 40 years. He has written several letters to newspaper editors about lack of services for the deaf and hard of hearing as well as combating audism. He is preparing to be a licensed parliamentarian. More information about him can be seen on the website: and select "Who is Paul?" button. He advocates for deaf culture through his blogs/vlogs at

All Rights Reserved@2009-2012 - Deaf Images/Paul J Kiel

July 6, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009



Knowing IDL for long time, I was excited to take the train trip to a wonderful city of Chicago. IDL is International Deaf Leather. I took the train at the crack of dawn. Here is a proof in the pudding below.

A view of dawn from Amtrak train facing east around 5 a.m. running to Chicago. It is always enjoyable to watch the sun rise mornings and it is a new day each time!

My hotel room window facing Lake Michigan and Chicago River at Sheraton Chicago. Fireworks were shown in that area.

I took Amtrak up to the Windy City. I have been commuting to Chicago for long time and I love it. Chicago is my second home away from home. It has interesting architecture designs around downtown and the surrounding parts. I often wish St. Louis has the same character, but it is not.

Upon arriving in Chicago, I enjoyed the International Deaf Leather (IDL) and WCRAD's hosting the RAD. WCRAD is Windy City Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. RAD is the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. WCRAD did grand job in hosting with its excellent entertainment, good food and good times. Watch for updates on its website at!

My main focus is on IDL as this is why I enjoy leather. For more information on IDL, it can be seen at More information will be from there about the events they had and the next one will be in Las Vegas in 2010 as well as in 2011 when it celebrates its 20th anniversary at RAD in Denver, Colorado. Visit their websites to keep abreast of exciting events!

International Deaf Leather is maturing every year and is supported by many deaf leaders who have helped IDL reach its being. Kudos to those following people - Billy Raby (retired President ) and his board - Phillip Rubin for producing the exciting event with his volunteers and the community support "LET'S START A 2ND GREAT CHICAGO FIRE". It was fantastic production from the start to finish. More information about it can be seen at upcoming update at

West view of Downtown Chicago from Sheraton Chicago

Paul with Haydee and Maria, international interpreters for the deaf

They did wonderful production of Chicago's Greatest 2nd Fire. It was true about Miss O'Leary and her cow started the fire in 1871. Now IDL started the second one the past few days! You missed it! They are to be commended for good job well done! The contestants and the actors did grand job!

Matt and Paul on the stage after he won Mr. RAD

I am pleased and proud to see Matt Lieberman reach the new heights in the Deaf Community. I have known him for long time and shared entertainment experiences with him. He did a grand job in his performances on the stage. He is well known around the world. With his new title as Mr. RAD, he will be a role model for deaf communities worldwide. There are invitations pouring in for him to travel the country and around the world. His schedule for next 2 years is fast filling up. Better hurry and ask RAD for his appointment to appear at your social events! Contact through

Marc and Paul at IDL

I enjoyed knowing Marc a.k.a. Sir "Y". He was the 2008 International Mr. Deaf Leather title holder. He served as the International Deaf Leather Representative between IDL and Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. He held past titles of Mr. Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf 2003-2005 and Mr. Atlantic Deaf Leather 2005. He judged leather contests over the last several years: recently, he was a judge for Mr. Maryland Leather 2009 and Mr. Iowa Leather 2009, He is a currently a freelance deaf and blind interpreter at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. He is an active volunteer for the Deaf/Blind community.

Terry, the 2009 International Mr. Deaf Leather.

Our hearty congratulations to Terry for winning the title! He will also be busy promoting IDL!

Vance and Paul at IDL

Here is nice guy who is an adult video entertainer. He is shown in some videos a.k.a. "Calvin". Yes, he is deaf. Say hi to him next time you see him!

It is often funny how much time had gone fast from the beginning to the end. I went through series of workshops and programs. They were all great and everyone had a grand time. I enjoyed Libby Pollard's presentation about healthy meetings. Be sure to watch her future presentations on leadership and parliamentary.

I came home with happy memories and I am looking forward to the next events in Las Vegas, NV in 2010 and Denver, Colorado in 2011. I enjoyed the July 4th celebrations the past weekend.