Sunday, July 26, 2009



It is time to apply the brakes on the cycle of pain, abuse and depression.

Audism has played its role on the state of mental health on the majority of the deaf community globally.

It can be a harder thing to apply the brakes and the cycle has been going on for the most 130 years.

It has been perpetuated too long and too wrong in many retrospects.

With the recent AG Bell conference in St. Louis attended by as many as 500 attendees, it again shows a large number of medical professionals.

At the last discussion months ago, it was declared that more than 62% of AG Bell membership are involved in the medical or medical related field.

It is a dangerous step for both hearing and deaf communities.

It does not help the state of mental health among the deaf consumers of social and commuity services.

The true identity of a deaf individual has been trampled on, dissected at all costs, manipulated by selfish professionals and deaf peers, and the cycle is still continuing to this day in practice of audism.

We need to identify the cause of the problems of audism.

We need to study the actions and influences caused by the hearing community affecting the deaf community.

Knowing the facts and causes may help break the cycle.

We need to review what choices and actions can be used to alleviate the needs of the deaf community.

We need to redesign and reframe our deaf community goals.

We need to overhaul our social and personal needs in the hearing community.

We need to revamp our community and strategic planning.

We need to do more public relations to focus the spotlight on our deaf community needs.

We need to develop new plans of action among the deaf communities globally.

We need to set up a model of program to ensure that the cycle of audism can be broken and be kept to a minimum.

We need to set up new rules that enable us to break the cycle of audism.

We need the new rules that we can live by and stick with it.

We need to address the issues when the established and agreed rules are broken.

We need to evaluate our priorities and develop confidence in our steps to thwart any resurgences of audism.

We need to remain alert and prepared to confront any old habits that emerge or handle problem individuals who do not respect the deaf community.

We need to develop plan of action to remedy the situation when it arises.

We need to deal with audism now.

Without intervention, the cycle of audism will continue on and on.

Talking and acknowledging what happened can help us heal.

The patterns of audism are repeated over and over.

A pure example of audism is that AG Bell and its cronies are continuing to manipulate the public arena by telling lies about American Sign Language and how they continue to emphasize oralism through various programs.

This shows how pathological and selfish liars they are.

The hardest part is losing friendships over audism issues.

We need to remind our friends that they are perpetuating audism by attending the activities or programs that promote audism.

Isn't it time to break the cycle of audism?


Paul J. Kiel

July 26, 2009

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