Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DMH is using smoke and mirrors to fool us!

DMH is using smoke and mirrors to fool us!

Regarding DMH's recent announcements, I still see the same trick being used over and over. Smoke and Mirrors are being used. Tough to say that as it is obvious that DMH is still denying Deaf Missourians the real meat of services. Using other states is like passing the buck! Harry Truman would be upset to know that DMH is passing the bucks!

I have spoken less and less because nothing will change! With the current administration, it is like hitting the brick wall.

I can understand that the current director has her hands tied as it is her superiors controlling this baloney.

What she did was like pulling rabbit out of the hat! Pronto! It worked, but it is complete an illusion!

I am not EASILY fooled as I am suffering from the repeated baloney over and over!

You guys at DMH need to do something REAL and SERIOUS!


DMH is Missouri's Department of Mental Health.