Tuesday, May 17, 2011


AG Bell is considered a public enemy #1 in the eyes of the deaf communities worldwide!

‎"On April 8th, 1886, Patent Examiner Zenas Fisk Wilber in a sworn affidavit admits receiving $100 from Bell for showing him the original drawing of the telephone transmitter in Gray's caveat." ((From Telephone Gambit)) -

that was how AG Bell stole the invention and stole our deaf lives! He can burn in hell for eternity! The most conniving and snake oil salesman of 19th century!

Bell fooking bribed for $100.00 and Bell amassed fortune based on lies!

He then lied about oralism and AG Bell Association/Volta Review... Everything is a BIG LIE!

In 1884, Bell published a paper “Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race,” in which he warned of a “great calamity” facing the nation: deaf people were forming clubs, socializing with one another and, consequently, marrying other deaf people. The creation of a “deaf race” that yearly would grow larger and more insular was underway. Bell noted that “a special language adapted for the use of such a race” already was in existence, “a language as different from English as French or German or Russian.” Some eugenicists called for legislation outlawing intermarriage by deaf people, but Bell rejected such a ban as impractical. Instead he proposed the following steps: “(1) Determine the causes that promote intermarriages among the deaf and dumb; and (2) remove them. The causes he sought to remove were sign language, deaf teachers, and residential schools. His solution was the creation of special day schools taught by hearing teachers who would enforce a ban on sign language. ((Through Deaf Eyes))

More lies coming from Bell - it is time to rectify the wrongs!

Suffice to say, he was stupid man who feared.. His own mommy and wife were deaf, too. What the fook!

He established barbaric methods to force millions and millions worldwide of poor deaf children through his evil empire a.k.a. oralism.

Shame on AG BELL!

$100.00 in 1886 could amount to $10,000.00 today... it is probable...the truth prevails!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

In Memory of Alan Champion...

There was discussion about having interpreter flag...so I thought it be a perfect time to have interpreter flag made...and go to half-staff in memory of our wonderful interpreters. Of course, it will go up and down eventually.

Thursday, May 5, 2011