Wednesday, December 19, 2012

              Aunt Lizzie, I miss you!  OXOXOX

Aunt Lizzie

A grand old lady cheered me up whenever I came to see her at her small apartment.  I always looked forward to Sunday dinners with her.  She was a small frame woman with many years shown on her face.  

The last time I hugged her and saw her, she was 94 years old in 1969.   She had hearing problems and she had to keep saying "huh" often trying to understand whoever is talking to her. I was young kid growing up with her and she was my grandmother's aunt.  Then she was my great-great Aunt Lizzie, but I called her Aunt Lizzie.  She was fun and humorous person. We would make faces and gesture as if we know what we are talking about.  She would crack me up and I would roll on floor laughing.

She would be smoking Chesterfields and sip some brandy in her living room.  I often would sit on floor near her to ask her questions about the old days and how she grew up during hard times.  She was a nurse at the old St. Louis City Hospital.

She would write down notes and tell me some interesting stories. I wish I can remember the details.  She even told me how she had to ride horses and carriages, do things by hand,  work like slave to feed family, etc before we got those modern equipment to take care of stuff.  She had to haul big pots from second floor to first floor to outside back where outhouse was.

She would make some wisecracks with anyone in her apartment.  I would never forget how she lectured my grandmother's brother and I was fascinated about how she felt about his leaving home and not visiting her for more than 50 years.  I was standing with my mouth open...they had not seen each other for more than 50 years. I was curious as to why it happened...Lizzie said it was between him and her.  I respected that.

At her funeral, I looked at her and she looked at peace.   I was teasing her one time that she could be 100 and I would catch up with her.  She laughed and told me how she felt being that old.  She missed her family, relatives and many friends.   She felt alone and she simply wanted to go home to those people she missed in her long life.  

Just before her casket was lowered into the grave,  I took the cross off ( a tradition with funerals ) and hang it on my wall.  It is still hanging for the last 43 years.

I miss you, Aunt Lizzie!  You have a special place in my heart all these years and I remember the fun times.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Paul's Commentary: NAD 2012

Paul's Commentary: NAD 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ASL Bicentennial Celebration 1816-2016

Just in about 4 more years and 28 more days for us to celebrate Laurent Clerc's arrival in Hartford, CT. He arrived with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet on August 22, 1816. It is time to consider ASL Bicentennial Celebration 1816-2016! Who wants to join in and make it a memorable event from sea to shining sea! We can host events in every State. Something to think about!  Any groups want to collaborate?  Let me know!  Make it a national event!  The clock is counting...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Illusions of Equality: Deaf and Pavlov Dogs Brainwashing

Illusions of Equality:  Deaf and Pavlov Dogs Brainwashing

After reading Patti Durr's blog about "What Veditz said to NAD near the end of his life!" May 17, 2012 - Link here: ,  it gave me more insights into George Veditz that I did not concentrate enough in the past.

The more I sat alone at  home and I thought about Veditz in my head and dreams.   I did dream about sitting next to George Veditz and I asked him some questions as if to interview him.  

Was it a dream or my intention to look deeper into George's writings of that era where they experienced oppression?

I try to understand him by reading historical accounts of his experiences in the 19th century.
Well,  I love history and psychology that affects people down the history.   It is hard to figure where the time started in the beginning.   Of course, there has been oppression through some centuries.

In my dream, I asked George why those people are oppressing us.  He looked down and said that it was a power trip.    In his writing, he said certain words like suggesting that we draw a line in the sand.

For 132 years, that line has been muddled by those hearing people who do not respect the Deaf Community.   In his writing to NAD, "1880, the year that saw the birth of the infamous Milan Resolution, that paved the way for foisting upon the deaf everywhere a loathed method, hypotrical in its claims, unnatural in its application, and mind-deadening and soul-killing in its ultimate results."  From Patti's blog/Deaf-Mutes Journal - Thursday, June 1, 1933.  (for more info -

He did stress that "Every bit of knowledge that reaches the mind through the eye is conveyed through some kind of sign-language, whether it be this typed page, or a book, or a penciled pad, or a fingerspelled communication. or a moving throng in our streets or a landscape or an approaching or passing auto."

Of course, George is correct about how we digest information through our eyes.  The mind works fine and great when we are allowed the use of sign language.

Yet, the oral programs using AVT or so-called deaf education (under dictatorship)... I was raised in oral program and was "poster boy" for United Way ( old United Fund ).  I was paraded around town demonstrating how I can talk.  How I used my sense of humor  - the old school principal cracked when I made a joke at a coal plant.   I said that this is where ladies love it -- turn coal into diamond?....*sigh*  how naive was I?  The old school principal wrote that in notes and my mother saved it and put in my personal diary.

Now being psychology buff here, I love how things influence people in lives.  I worry about mental health among deaf community. I have been to many cities around the country.  I have seen enough deaf people falling through cracks.  I have sat down and "listened" for hours on end to sad stories spun out of many deaf individuals that I have met on the road for more than 40 years.

I do not have silver bullet or answer to every crisis I witnessed.  I do remember the details and how we can alleviate the problems. Some situations were a deaf lady  who was controlled by aunt,  a group of deaf people who was "manipulated" by  hearing pastor/priest.  (two times and different locations),  how police mistreat deaf in many many places,  how families mistreat a deaf individual in homes or places,and there are more... 

I know about Pavlov dogs - a Russian physiologist  - Ivan Petrovich Pavlov - he did experiments on animals and children.  He was wondering about dogs and their behavior with food.

Those hearing people since September 11, 1880 are using methods similar to Pavlov.  They condition deaf children to behave according to many oral programs.  You can see how they manipulate the deaf children and their parents to a T.  They bend their backs to control deaf children in their oral deaf education programs.

I was raised in a strict environment where sign language was NOT allowed.  I was punished if I tried to use sign language.  I was "brainwashed" to behave to "respect" them.  They would "shake" you and make you mind more.  When I saw other deaf children,  they would claim that they were low-function.  They told me that I am better off using my voice and put my hands down.

I looked at them and asked myself if they were being honest with me or not.  I knew from day one that they were dishonest.  I do not care if they were my friends.  They manipulated me to a full extent where I decided to draw a line.  I deprogrammed myself away from oral programs and disavow any support for them.

Whenever I tried to use my hands,  they would get upset.  When I did not use my voice,  they would scream at me to use my voice.  When I tried to question more about why they are so high strung about using voice, they would tell me to get lost and go play with other children.

I enjoy sign language more and I do not have to follow their audistic system anymore.

Like he mentioned in another letter in 1909 to Alexander Graham Bell -  

We should have liked to convince you – pardon the expression – of the ‘error of your ways,’ and bring you into concord with the aims of the vast majority of the deaf.

It is a proof that the deaf community had NO respect for Alexander Graham Bell.  He is the creator of brainwashing methods to control deaf children from furthering their goals in life.  Yet those medical and hearing people continue to kiss the grounds that Bell walked on in the past and present.  It is time to condemn them!

George Veditz in his sign language video made in 1913 mentioned about those hearing people,

"A new race of pharaohs that knew not Joseph, is now seizing control in many of our American schools. They do not understand sign because they themselves cannot sign. They proclaim that signs are worthless, of no help to the deaf. Enemies of sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the deaf."

Here is a link to watch his video he made to deaf community in 1913.  It is about 100 years now and his message is true.

It is high time for NAD to pull up its socks and get busy on activism!

Thank you!

Paul Kiel
May 18, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is truth?

It is real facts about something. The things are true when it comes to real Deaf education.

Since September 11, 1880 those hearing 
people lied about oralism.  We have 
suffered 132 years of audism and 

NAD needs to do more activism to stem 
the 2nd wave of oralism!  NAD was
founded same year to stop audism and 
lies perpetuated by Alexander Graham Bell.

NAD can be anti-corruption crusader in
proving truth!

Please be more crusader for truth!

Be Bold, Free and Truthful!

It is time for ACTIVISM!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Historical Documentation of Deaf Activism with AFA, DHF and DBC at EHDI Conference 2012

Historical Documentation of Deaf Activism with AFA, DHF and DBC at EHDI Conference 2012

What George Veditz and his group did the last 100 years and now we are doing this in this second 100 years!

Onward we go!

AFA Rally Part 1 at EHDI Conference 2012

AFA at CID and Moog

AFA and EHDI Meeting 2012

AFA/DBC/DHF Presentation at GSLAD - Part 1 - Celebrating Deaf Victories

AFA Rally at GSLAD and Vigil

AFA/DBC/DHF Presentation at GSLAD - Part 2 - Taking a Stand

EHDI Conference 2012 - AFA Rally (Sun - Tues)

AFA Vigil at St. Joseph's and Solidarity

Shawn Elfrink and I want to thank Audism Free America, Deaf Bilingual Coalition, Deafhood Foundation, National Association of the Deaf, and many other supporters/volunteers for the rally in St. Louis. We do appreciate it and it has been a learning experience for everyone to get into activism.

Here is clarification of what activism is:

It is what we are doing to emphasize direct vigorous action especially in opposition of audism practices.

Audism spreads while good Deaf people do nothing!


Paul Kiel and Shawn Elfrink
Deaf Rally 2012 Organizers

March 30, 2012

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

Monday, March 12, 2012

Paul's Commentary: A Lesson Learned at EHDI!

I agree with others about how things need to be done. I did learn a lot about EHDI the past few years. It was encouraging to see more Deaf leaders getting involved in or out of EHDI. Not 50% but yes, legally 51% – this gives deaf consumers of education and services more say in policies and procedures affecting us all.

Unfortunately, this year we saw some red flags caused by none other than Karl White the last year. Enough evidence is LOUD and CLEAR in several states. We need to nip it in the bud. We did not realize we were coming to heads with him.

Audism Free America was trying to balance the needs for the Deaf Community with EHDI. That guy REFUSED to budge any further after listening to the list of demands. So the group did walk out KNOWING it is waste of time dealing with the guy who had this attitude of “my way or the highway”.

I also observed his paternalistic behavior towards deaf people at the hotel. He had army of rent cops to handle his requests here or there. The real police did nothing but respected our rights of making presence known. We respected the rules such as staying off the cordoned area and where lines are drawn such as food court and other areas of hotel (commons).

Some of us had rooms at same hotel so we did mingle here or there. We did socialize in the lobby and bars.

That so-called leader of EHDI did alienate and intimidated several deaf leaders at the conference. It was easy to notice and be alert to his further actions from Saturday to Tuesday. There are stories coming out of the St. Louis Union Station about the air being thick of paternalism and profiling.

Several of my friends witnessed what happened at DBC booth and it was oppression LOUD and CLEAR! We were simply talking about Mrs. Moog's message to the world. It was packed with LIES!. One Deaf educator tried to tell Karl White and the security guy that John Egbert was telling the TRUTH! Only that angry man demanded it be taken down or else! (He threatened to shut down DBC booth - it reeks of audism LOUD and CLEAR!)

Guess the days of being nice, polite and respectful are being numbered. It is time to raise the sabre! It is time to tighten so many loose screws in deaf education as well as deaf human services.

We need new laws with more teeth to protect our American Sign Language and Deaf culture. I recommend reading those books: FORBIDDEN SIGNS: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language by Douglas C. Baynton and The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community by Harlan Lane. This is where we are ready to draw lines with those hearing people who are abusing the system.

Let me quote Desmond Tutu’s quote:

“To be neutral in a situation of injustice is to have chosen sides already. It is to support the status quo.”

So onward we go to combat audism! What we did at oral schools and children’s hospital. We were peaceful and loving. We simply opened deaf children’s eyes by exposing ASL to them. It is disgusting how they oppress them from the beautiful American Sign Language. We simply distributed information here or there.

Why hide the truth? We simply are lighting up the dark corners of audism by exposing the wrongs. You know it, too and why be silent?

Why hide the truth? We simply are lighting up the dark corners of audism by exposing the wrongs. You know it, too and why be silent?

I look forward to more rallies at future events. If I had to do it all over again, I will do it! No more or less! It was a lesson learned at EHDI! I thank the Man upstairs for His guidance.


Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Mo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time to take down the Mask of Benevolence!

After reading "FORBIDDEN SIGNS: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language" by Douglas C. Baynton and "The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community" By Harlan Lane, it gives me more conviction to continue being the deaf rights activist and deaf advocate. It is very important to STAND up to those audists.

After recent experiences at EHDI, it is imperative that we continue to campaign against those hearing peopple who are abusing the deaf community. The current events show their disregard to the real needs of the deaf community. Those hearing people conintue, I stress, continue to abuse the deaf education.

It is time to stop being nice and polite! A recent experience of paternalism and oppression at EHDI is enough to get busy for next rally and make those demands be met! AFA (Audism Free America) will continue reminding everyone that it is still necessary to continue the battle for truth, understanding, compassion and protection of American Sign Language and our proud Deaf culture.

Onward we go!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thanks for making Deaf Rally 2012 successful!

St. Louis Deaf Community,

We want to thank everyone for making Deaf Rally 2012 a successful event.

I am attaching a thank you note.

We are carrying a truthful message to the world.

We simply want to reduce audism in our hometown of St. Louis as well as in other places.

We are experiencing a 2nd wave of Oralism - please see Baynton's book "Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language." I also recommend reading Harlan Lane's book, "Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community."

Lately, there has been more hearing people manipulating the deaf education system to the point that they are twisting truth to profit on innocent children and adults. There are stories about unpleasant experiences endured by those people who fell through cracks.

The recent EHDI conference gave us the opportunity to unmask the face of St. Louis.

It is time to make changes and improve the deaf education programs for the benefit of deaf children.

It is time to allow deaf children to use sign language. They are sending a powerful message. It said, "A.G. Bell, tear down this wall!" Why deny the right to deaf babies? It is ironic how they allow hearing babies to sign. Get this drift?

Lastly, let me please quote Desmond Tutu's quote:

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

If you like to have a group together to discuss what we can do to reduce audism, please let me know and I will be happy to explain more about it.


Paul J. Kiel

Deaf Rally 2012 Organizer

Deaf Rally 2012 on Facebook


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paul's Commentary: KW created a climate of fear at EHDI!!

KW created a climate of fear at EHDI!

He did not respect our freedom of speech and not even respecting the truth about our American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

We are collecting stories of deaf people complaining about the treatment and profiling of them being at EHDI Conference.....what a disrespect!!!!

KW and his troopers even hassled a group of deaf students from a state school for deaf (in other state), harrassed many deaf people, even some hearing people who are close to deaf, and more -- he even jumped on one famous deaf person and ordered him to take Moog poster down -- one deaf educator confronted him and said the poster is telling truth.

Karl White (KW) had the gall to demand that John Egbert (DBC) to take it down or else. You can see this man who witnessed the situation. See this video below.

KW threatened to close his booth if it is not done in 30 seconds. His troopers were all over the hotel grounds harrassing many deaf people -- and did NOT bother to ask hearing people and even those without badges. The troopers were harrassing and warning deaf people trying to visit friends in the commons area.

KW had created intimidating and police state at the hotel with deaf people. That is CLEARLY audism happening!!!! Paternalism was heavy in the air and there was NO culture sensitivity!!!

One of friends called the hotel to find out about hours of bars....they usually closed at midnight - but somewhat we felt that we were "discriminated" when they closed early last night. We were having good time and yet, they made excuses saying pop up event...go figure.

One of his troopers was rude to a daughter of a famous deaf man -- the trooper ordered the poor mother and her baby in stroller out of the building. She was trying to see her dad at his booth, but got booted.

KW was jumping all over and demanding they not show anything negative when it was actually TRUTH and what ASL works for deaf children and adults.

Some deaf visitors were disgusted with his troopers. You know deaf people tend to chat with deaf people across the room or a bit far away from where you stand... we use our eyes to catch communication from each other. The troopers had gall to evict those innocent deaf bystanders.

KW has been alienating a lot of people today. He even commented to a group of attendees that he was worn out from being up late to 11:30 p.m. and blamed on the protestors and their activities late.....BUT the conference attendees caught him saying a LIE!!! They saw the deaf group having drinks and eating meals in the open space area where everyone saw the deaf group. Now everyone knows KW is lying like a dog!

KW has been getting paranoid and demanding some people to stop loaning badges to non-attendees. There is no proof it actually happened?

KW reached another paranoid episode when he went to his room. He saw a red light indicating that he has message on phone. He picked it up and the message said that there was a package waiting for him at the door. He overreacted and called the desk thinking it was a bomb. Then there was a confusion of someone sending a message to a wrong room. There was no bomb at all.

KW has been instilling fears in conference attendees to the point where one deaf person was attacked. He created a climate of fear and raised his own paronia that he is being attacked by deaf all day.

With his disrespect for deaf professionals and this week's conference, we would like him to resign and be "blacklisted" from serving on any groups or committees that affects policies and procedures for the deaf children and adults. He is indeed a dangerous man and he should be BANNED from deaf issues.

KW has crossed the line and it is time to make a formal complaint against him by contacting various agencies and groups.

AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

CDC - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

HRSA - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

NCHAM - National Center for Hearing Assessment & Management at Utah State University (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

USU - Utah State University (he works there and we need to report to his supervisors of his behavior.)

NAD - National Association of the Deaf ( ask NAD to represent us in making formal complaint. )

DOJ - Department of Justice ( file a formal complaint for investigation into his oppressive behavior.)

MCHR - Missouri Commission for Human Rights ( file a formal complaint for investigation into his oppressive behavior.)

MCDHH - Missouri Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. ( file a formal complaint for investigation into his oppressive behavior.)

More information will be available soon to list contacts and mailing addresses.

It is time to stop him in tracks! He is NOT qualified to handle deaf matters!

Disclaimer: I am reporting events as it happened. I want to thank a friend for the use of video of my friend who witnessed the situation. I want to thank some friends for some advices as I prepared this story.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Paul's Commentary: Karl White, the Deaf Oppressor

This vlog is an expression of my own and my experience witnessing the events that happened yesterday at EHDI conference in St. Louis, Missouri at Marriott Union Station. There were intense moments when Karl White stonewalled us. The proof is in pudding by witnessing the videos I am presenting as evidence of his disregard for our proud Deaf culture.

I view him as the Deaf Oppressor.

What is oppression?
Oppression is the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.[1] It can also be defined as an act or instance of oppressing, the state of being oppressed, and the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, and anxiety.

Paul's Commentary: Karl White the Deaf Oppressor:

If you can take the time to look at all the videos, you will see how dangerous he is leading the cause to eradicte deafness from this face of earth. He is behaving like Alexander Graham Bell when he tried to tell the United States Congress about elimination of deafness from the face of Earth.

The Intense Moments between EHDI and the deaf group:

He is spearheading the drive to force many families to use cochlear implants. My personal question is: Is he profiteering from all the hoopla he is causing? Please understand that I am just interpreting his actions lately according to his papers and his attitude towards the Deaf community. The videos I am providing are a living proof.

*Disclaimer: This vlog/comments are my own. I do not represent any organization or group in making this commentary. It comes from my heart. I cried all night after witnessing the situation unfolded at the EHDI Conference. I have given him a nickname: "Darth Vader". He is acting like him. That makes us feel like rebels united together to this kind of oppression.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrating Deaf Victories

Ruthie Jordan, Audism Free America and Paul Kiel, Deaf Rally 2012 organizer showed the new poster that John Egbert from DBC will hang at EHDI conference and we have three posters to carry in the march in the morning.

Tonight's program, "Celebrating Deaf Victories" was exciting and learning experience for everyone. Many icons of the Deaf community were on hand to share stories and motivate one another for having rallies to promote interest in truth. Show the world that we have stories to share and expose the fraud and abuses conducted by those hearing people who thinks they have the answers.

There are 45 pictures of that exciting event on Facebook. You can copy and paste this link to see more about what developed that night.

**BREAKING NEWS! Karl White the Eugenicist did walk out of the meeting from AFA representatives. They tried to reason with him to reduce audism and abuses. I let AFA give more details about that meeting. Keep your eyes peeled for AFA reports.

Candlelight Vigil at old St. Joseph's in St. Louis

After Celebrating Deaf Victories program at deaf club, the group travelled to the old St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf where abuses went on for more than 50 years and the fact that same school started in 1837 as sign language program school. It was switched to oralism in 1934.

The former students of St. Joseph's recounted their terrible experiences at the old school. Then the group lit the candles and said prayers.

We give thanks to Freedom School that now owns the school for letting us use their property to hold a candlelight vigil!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

For updates on Deaf Rally 2012 @thedeafwire

For updates on Deaf Rally 2012 in St. Louis during EHDI conference. It will pass on information about AFA, DBC, DHF, NAD and other deaf activism groups.

go to and sign up to join and follow @thedeafwire.


Thursday, March 1, 2012



How about having a candelight vigil in your hometowns across the America? WE need to show these peeps at EHDI that we are SERIOUS about turning the tide! We will hold the candlelight vigil with AFA, DBC and DHF at 9:30 p.m. (Central time) in St. Louis, Missouri Saturday night, March 3!

Washington D.C. is doing it.

What about you?

*waving hands up in air* will you please light a candle and follow us at your time zone?

West coast 7:30 p.m.
Mountain 8:30 p.m
Central 9:30 p.m.
East 10:30 p.m.

Post your pictures on FB at Deaf Rally 2012 to show the world we mean it!
Take pictures of every candlelight vigil for Saturday, March 3, 2012 at designated time zones you are in.

This will help make my day! I simply want to send the message to the hearing people that they cannot screw or mess up our Deaf lives anymore!

Time to take a STAND!

Thank you,
Paul Kiel

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: A true reflection of our Deaf world

Switched At Birth was great tonight! A more exciting drama next week! Continue to watch! Geez! The stories are reflection of our frustrations in daily life. It was played out so well and so good that it may have educated the hearing people our needs of communication.

The program is indeed powerful and it shows true reflections of our daily frustrations in the hearing world.

Watch next week where Emmett shows his anger ( a common emotional experience when hearing people offend us )

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Join us at the Deaf Rally 2012 in St. Louis!

Our Deaf activists and advocates,

You know that in history during Revolutionary War, Paul Revere galloped through the night warning about the British invading. That was April 18, 1775 ( I think ) Now today, February 3, 2012, I am e-mailing to everyone to please think about coming to St. Louis to band together to show those people at EHDI Conference at Union Station Downtown St. Louis on Sunday, March 4, Monday, March 5 and Tuesday March 6. There are people from various organizations coming to help us have a peaceful rally to show them that we preserve our sign language and culture. The power is in numbers.

So come and be ally! We need you to show up. We welcome every Deaf from Indiana to come and show EHDI how you feel about audism happening at ISD and the community.

Don't get mad! Get EVEN! Show them! STAND UP for your rights!

I am welcoming you to St. Louis, Missouri so let's get the ball rolling for next month's showdown on EHDI!

Join us in marching down Market Street in front of St. Louis Union Station in Deaf Rally 2012 march!

Let's march in our parade on Sunday, March 3! Come snow! Come cold! Come rain! Come sunshine! We will march from St. Louis City Hall to St. Louis Union Station. It is 20 minutes walk. We meet around noon at corner of Tucker and Market (northeast of City Hall building) There will be a sign "DEAF RALLY 2012 meets here. As soon as everyone gets together, we will walk down to St. Louis Union Station building. We will use sidewalk and have a leisure walk carrying signs and balloons. We can chat and be cheerful, but remindful of what transpired in Indianapolis and around the world. We need to send POWERFUL message to the world that it is time to stop. Where does it stop?

We need to start with EHDI because that is where they are hovering around babies like vultures. We need to stop them in tracks and align the information sharing and system to include deaf culture and sign language.

Onward we go! See you in St. Louis on Saturday, March 3 at the deaf club (GSLAD) More info to follow!

E-mail to me at to let me know if you are coming so we can work out details you may need. Hotel and motel accomodations are your responsibility. We can help you where it is at and more information you need - just hit me up and I will refer you.

Thank you for coming to St. Louis!

The home of St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Blues

Come and visit the deaf club at GSLAD - - Use GPS to find it at 2190 Creve Coeur Mill Road, Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043.

It is time to raise our fists and demand solidarity!

Yours truly,

Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Missouri

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We Want You To Stop Audism!



As I looked over information coming out of Indiana about how HB1367 came into play. It is obvious that St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (Indianapolis) are using political tactics to get their way. Then now Hear Indiana as well as AGBAD are doing the same thing. It is snowballing to the point where they spread disinformation to the state legislators at the State House.

I watched the video this morning and I saw that some legislators were perplexed and confused from both sides. It shows that St. Joseph Institute has not been honest with the public information. The same goes for all oral programs around the country. It is an act of terrorism. We are experiencing domestic terrorism from those audists.

They use money and power to influence the politicians as well as the community.

It is time to act up and turn the tables back to them. Let's work together to turn off the money spigot! We need deaf leaders from sea to shining sea in USA to do something about it. It is time to work together to end audism. We need to ACT UP and MAKE NOISES!

It is time to turn the spigot to shut off the funding to oral programs.

They use money to terrorize and oppress the Deaf Community.

We need to write letters/e-mail to government officials, foundations, community groups, donors and the media.

The public's donations to oral programs further their terrorism acts against Deaf Community and American Sign Language.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Kovacs,Daniels and Noe Inducted in Audist Hall of Shame!

It is with disappointing note that these three people are HELL BENT on changing the way of our Deaf lives. They refused to listen to the Deaf community. They have peppered the HB1367 with pack of lies and dishonest facts. It is a battle now between Deaf and Hearing.

Those hearing people are selfish and disrespectful. They are inducted into AUDIST HALL OF FAME tonight - January 30, 2012.
They have conspired to attack the Deaf Community. They are terrorists in our eyes.

Please VOTE them out of their offices, organizations and anything. They cannot be trusted again.

Sunday, January 29, 2012



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Open Letter about not supporting HB1367

Dear Hear Indiana, AGBAD, Rep. Noe, Governor Daniels and those who are selfish and not listening to us,

I would like to share my personal story about how oralism affected me. It was depressing and frustrating putting up with hearing people fighting over the choices of communication.

I have taken other languages such as Latin and French as well as some Spanish. I have not seen anyone fighting over how those languages should be used. Only debate is the accent and the grammar.

Yet, you and AGBAD continue to put ASL in the negative spotlight. Come one! Will you please quit playing games with us?

Your actions prove that you are corrupting and antogonizing our Deaf lives with your hidden agenda and motivation to satisfy your own selves.

I have been oralist and asl user. I have been to both sides of fence - oralist and signer….I wish oral school never existed. I have been exposed to abuses and ignorances. I have grown up naively thinking asl is bad.

That was what some teachers told me. ASL is for stupid people. ASL is low class. Don’t do it. It is better to use your voice and speak.

Years of practice yields more bullshit! I am trying to “deprogram” myself away from audism and be more advocate for ASL and proud Deaf culture. I may be angry at them for abusing me, but I have learned to move on.

I was slammed on both hands with a wooden ruler by an angry oral teacher!!! Geez whiz! What is their frigging problem? They were so manipulative and selfish! So damn arrogant about their actions and how they wanted to control deaf children. It is an abuse!

This is going on for 132 years! Can we stamp out audism? It is imperative that we take action to reverse the trend!


Paul Kiel
January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Police abuse Emmett on Switched at Birth is a proof!

On a recent Switched At Birth show, Emmett was arrested by police. The police brutality on that show is an exact exmple of what is going on around the country. It remains very high at 99.5%.

There is not enough deaf activism to remedy the situation. There is always a turnover at police department. The morale is not always great there and the funding is scarce to make the time to pay attention to the real needs of the deaf community. Only a few success stories between deaf and police is not enough to turn the tide of police brutality.

This video was made few years ago based on collection of stories around the country:

This video was made by Amy Cohen Efron, "Deaf World as Eye See it":

**Thanks to ABC Family for making it happen. It is a proof in the pudding that it occurs all over the country. We need to use this as a teaching tool to put the police at bay and avoid any future confrontations like you see in the video by ABC. We need to train them to respect the Deaf and make things easier. We need a standardized system to help the police avoid lawsuits and problems stemming from ignorance and lack of respect.


With recent developments, those evil people at Indiana Statehouse and in the Indianapolis community are plotting evil deeds against Indiana School For the Deaf. Those selfish people including Governor Mitch Daniels and Rep. Noe are plotting to screw up the successful plans that ISD and the deaf community spent so many years working on it.

The evil empire by AGBAD has plotted to overthrow ISD and take out the outreach program and become a politcal ball game between some evil hearing people and deaf people. Governor Daniels is corrupting Indiana School For the Deaf by placing two anti-ASL people there. They are from Hear Indiana who partners with AGBAD.

It shows how disrespectful those people are towards the deaf community!


See this video down there and we should arrest them for infringing on our constitutional and human rights!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Preservation of Sign Language: George W. Veditz's Letter - 1913 Video 3 of 3

The Preservation of Sign Language: George W. Veditz's Letter - 1913 Video 3 of 3

The Preservation of Sign Language: ISD and HearIndiana Video 2 of 3

The Preservation of Sign Language:ISD and HearIndiana Video 2 of 3

The Preservation of Sign Language: EHDI in St. Louis Video 1 of 3

The Preservation of Sign Language: EHDI in ST. Louis Video 1 of 3