Friday, May 18, 2012

Illusions of Equality: Deaf and Pavlov Dogs Brainwashing

Illusions of Equality:  Deaf and Pavlov Dogs Brainwashing

After reading Patti Durr's blog about "What Veditz said to NAD near the end of his life!" May 17, 2012 - Link here: ,  it gave me more insights into George Veditz that I did not concentrate enough in the past.

The more I sat alone at  home and I thought about Veditz in my head and dreams.   I did dream about sitting next to George Veditz and I asked him some questions as if to interview him.  

Was it a dream or my intention to look deeper into George's writings of that era where they experienced oppression?

I try to understand him by reading historical accounts of his experiences in the 19th century.
Well,  I love history and psychology that affects people down the history.   It is hard to figure where the time started in the beginning.   Of course, there has been oppression through some centuries.

In my dream, I asked George why those people are oppressing us.  He looked down and said that it was a power trip.    In his writing, he said certain words like suggesting that we draw a line in the sand.

For 132 years, that line has been muddled by those hearing people who do not respect the Deaf Community.   In his writing to NAD, "1880, the year that saw the birth of the infamous Milan Resolution, that paved the way for foisting upon the deaf everywhere a loathed method, hypotrical in its claims, unnatural in its application, and mind-deadening and soul-killing in its ultimate results."  From Patti's blog/Deaf-Mutes Journal - Thursday, June 1, 1933.  (for more info -

He did stress that "Every bit of knowledge that reaches the mind through the eye is conveyed through some kind of sign-language, whether it be this typed page, or a book, or a penciled pad, or a fingerspelled communication. or a moving throng in our streets or a landscape or an approaching or passing auto."

Of course, George is correct about how we digest information through our eyes.  The mind works fine and great when we are allowed the use of sign language.

Yet, the oral programs using AVT or so-called deaf education (under dictatorship)... I was raised in oral program and was "poster boy" for United Way ( old United Fund ).  I was paraded around town demonstrating how I can talk.  How I used my sense of humor  - the old school principal cracked when I made a joke at a coal plant.   I said that this is where ladies love it -- turn coal into diamond?....*sigh*  how naive was I?  The old school principal wrote that in notes and my mother saved it and put in my personal diary.

Now being psychology buff here, I love how things influence people in lives.  I worry about mental health among deaf community. I have been to many cities around the country.  I have seen enough deaf people falling through cracks.  I have sat down and "listened" for hours on end to sad stories spun out of many deaf individuals that I have met on the road for more than 40 years.

I do not have silver bullet or answer to every crisis I witnessed.  I do remember the details and how we can alleviate the problems. Some situations were a deaf lady  who was controlled by aunt,  a group of deaf people who was "manipulated" by  hearing pastor/priest.  (two times and different locations),  how police mistreat deaf in many many places,  how families mistreat a deaf individual in homes or places,and there are more... 

I know about Pavlov dogs - a Russian physiologist  - Ivan Petrovich Pavlov - he did experiments on animals and children.  He was wondering about dogs and their behavior with food.

Those hearing people since September 11, 1880 are using methods similar to Pavlov.  They condition deaf children to behave according to many oral programs.  You can see how they manipulate the deaf children and their parents to a T.  They bend their backs to control deaf children in their oral deaf education programs.

I was raised in a strict environment where sign language was NOT allowed.  I was punished if I tried to use sign language.  I was "brainwashed" to behave to "respect" them.  They would "shake" you and make you mind more.  When I saw other deaf children,  they would claim that they were low-function.  They told me that I am better off using my voice and put my hands down.

I looked at them and asked myself if they were being honest with me or not.  I knew from day one that they were dishonest.  I do not care if they were my friends.  They manipulated me to a full extent where I decided to draw a line.  I deprogrammed myself away from oral programs and disavow any support for them.

Whenever I tried to use my hands,  they would get upset.  When I did not use my voice,  they would scream at me to use my voice.  When I tried to question more about why they are so high strung about using voice, they would tell me to get lost and go play with other children.

I enjoy sign language more and I do not have to follow their audistic system anymore.

Like he mentioned in another letter in 1909 to Alexander Graham Bell -  

We should have liked to convince you – pardon the expression – of the ‘error of your ways,’ and bring you into concord with the aims of the vast majority of the deaf.

It is a proof that the deaf community had NO respect for Alexander Graham Bell.  He is the creator of brainwashing methods to control deaf children from furthering their goals in life.  Yet those medical and hearing people continue to kiss the grounds that Bell walked on in the past and present.  It is time to condemn them!

George Veditz in his sign language video made in 1913 mentioned about those hearing people,

"A new race of pharaohs that knew not Joseph, is now seizing control in many of our American schools. They do not understand sign because they themselves cannot sign. They proclaim that signs are worthless, of no help to the deaf. Enemies of sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the deaf."

Here is a link to watch his video he made to deaf community in 1913.  It is about 100 years now and his message is true.

It is high time for NAD to pull up its socks and get busy on activism!

Thank you!

Paul Kiel
May 18, 2012