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Happy Halloween from SHOW ME DEAF COMMUNITY!

This is a wicked nun of Transylvania. She has tendency to make people disappear if they cross her. Watch out for her! Happy Halloween!

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Reflection: Deaf Forensics and why? ( Part 1 of 2 )


From Joey's ASL Vlog:Deaf Think Tank in the Bay Area (ASL Vlog)
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5. Paul Kiel | August 13th, 2006 at 9:42 pm

There are million kinds of people. There are happy people. There are sad people. There are not depressed people. There are depressed people. There are honest ones. There are dishonest ones. There are talkers. There are doers. There are supporters. There are enemies. There are gossipers. There are non-gossipers. The list would go on and on of all kinds of people.

The bottom line is brotherhood. We can work together and get over the differences. We are all human being!

Please focus energy on educating the public our rights and revoke the 1880 Milan resolution! ASL is to be put back in classrooms around the globe!

ASL is the answer and the dignitiy of deaf will be back in business.

Naysayers and doomsayers need to study “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?” It is interesting story and how it affects us all.

We can adapt to the changes and move on!

IF not, the door is right there! =^)

I have been in many Deaf clubs from sea to shining sea. It is a kind of shrine for the deaf community. We need one and we need a sense of belonging in our culture.

We need to reflect on our proud Deaf heritage as well as culture.

We need a place where we can let our hairs down and chat like a human being. We need to play games. We need to socialize. We need to party. We need to empower ourselves. We need education. We need meetings. We need advocacy. We need support from every Deaf human being on this globe. We need beliefs in our culture as to what the truth is among ASL users.

When I was student at NTID, I always pushed for some kind of think tank group… what could be called Deaf Forensics….*sigh* it was an uphill battle with Dr. William Castle about how the education system should be….we fought for bible studies and other courses that would help develop “scholarship” (think think think think)… Dr. Robert Frisina asked me how can the deaf develop mental prowess of thinking in comprehension and chronological. It is important to tap on intellectual properties of life such as wisdom, biblical, humanitarian and guidance. LIke my father said, “Common Sense”…to make this long note short, I am in favor of think tank. We need a body of deaf individuals to set the course for the deaf legacy in America. Like Margaret Mead said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This is an example of why we need a think tank. If we had one 126 years ago, audism will not be in place such as oppression and tokenism.

Thank you for eyeing me out!


( This note was copied from my response to Joey Baer back in 2006. I will make a vlog about it and elaborate more on what I see in deaf clubs and how they can benefit from Deaf Forensics. )

**Definition of Forensic: belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate, argumentative, rhetorical, relating to or dealing with application of scientific knowledge to legal problems. ( from Merriam-Webster Dictionary )

October 29, 2010


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here and in the past, present and future are the personal opinions of the original author. This v/blog site a.k.a. SHOW ME DEAF COMMUNITY by Paul J Kiel is published by and reflects the personal views of Paul J Kiel in his individual capacity. He selects stories and opinions to share with the community for advocacy and empowerment purposes. He supports the views of Laurent Clerc, George Veditz, Robert MacGregor, Frederick Schreiber and many Deaf leaders since the dawn of mankind.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer of 1969: My 17th year as a teenager

Summer of 1969: My 17th year as a teenager:

Of course, I had trouble identifying myself and I was in the midst of changing times during 1969 with the Vietnam war and the stress of being in public high school as sophomore without support services. It was 1969 and I was 17 years old. I spent many hours traveling around the midwest in my 1964 Chevrolet Impala.

I would often escape from family and friends to go down to Gamaliel, Arkansas. I stayed at maternal grandparents. I spent many hours in the woods thinking and thinking. I was 17 and the craziness going on. My grandparents were busy tending around the property and going fishing. They would often drag me to go fishing even at night. They called it night fishing. They would hang the lantern on one side of the boat. We would sit quietly into the wee hours of morning.

I did enjoy the serenity of night fishing and all the mystery of surrounding area such as the glow of light beaming into the darkness. The water was green and some fish swimming around underneath the boat attracted to the light of lantern. I did sometime sneak off and go fishing alone. You can see the proof in the pudding in the picture above. =)

It was July 1969 when my family and grandparents watched the moon landing. It was on black and white television screen that my eyes were glued on the screen seeing the historic landing. Grandma Ruth made frozen chocolate fudge and we all ate some fudge with milk. It was fun night.

I can remember the breeze at nights when we take windows down and enjoy the gentle breeze. It was refreshing to smell Arkansas air. All the trees around the property and very natural.

During the stay in Gamaliel, I spent many hours thinking and did some watercolors. I did not realize they were in my box in basement that I did not open for about 27 years. I am glad to have them and will have them framed. They will grace the wall in my office.

I will save the rest for later.

Now here are the pictures as I drew them at age of 17 during the summer of 1969.

I walked down the country road and saw a house. I made it up and did the water color.

It was when I was visioning about my grandmother and how she would be alone in future if my grandfather passed on. I was envisioning where she might live. I was 17 and innocent. =) She would often tell me about her old days like her picture on the wall and all the stuff of comfort for her needs. I loved her and she was a sweet grandmother despite my bristleness about her old fashioned values clashing with my 1969 values. She would often walk the floor whenever I drive into town (Mountain Home (across Lake Norfolk with a ferry). She was afraid I would hurt myself. I rolled my eyes many times. I would wail, "Grandma! I can drive and I am fine! Quit worrying!"

Then I was thinking back to 1900's after reviewing grandparent's albums and made an idea about how a woman wore and acted in that era. I drew that out of boredom. It was raining outside so I decided to do it on the porch with the view of lake. It was nice and cool out on the screened in porch. I remember viewing Pike's Head or something across the lake. It was serene and it gave me the will to water paint this one.

I was out on the lake one summer day and was drawing the picture of the family house. It was different as I was trying to visualize the way I would like to see happen when the time comes. I was 17 and naive! of course! But I did my darndest best to draw from the environment while on choppy waters. Luckily, some water did splashed on my drawings, but I managed to save it.

It was when I was thinking of a wizard making a rainbow. Another naive act of me? he he! That's it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Will 130 years of oral lies end?

1. Is it time for oral schools to cease and desist their illegal practices?
2. Is it time for oral schools to incorporate ASL in classrooms and elsewhere on the campus?
3. Is it time to fire oral teachers to enable deaf teachers to work with deaf children?
4. Is it time to kick out the board members and replace them with deaf board members to reach 51% management control?
5. Is it time to shut down Alexander Graham Bell Association for their lies the past 130 years?
6. Is it time to expose the fraud membership of 62% medical profession?
7. Is it time to label those organization who refuse to support deaf causes and only support oral education responsible for deaf blood? ( They are indirectly and directly responsible for the large number of mental health problems of deaf and many deaf died due to oral school abuses.)
8. Is it time to ask the Speech and Hearing Association to respect our request for changes in their program to incorporate the use of ASL in all programs?
9. Is it time for parents of deaf children to know the truth?
10. Is it time to act on the list of suggestions to change to complement with the ICED and WFD goals?

This is up for critical thinking and see how much action the audists will do. Are they going to resist and continue the bad habits of oppressing and framing the deaf in negative manner? I believe it is time to act and correct the sins of audism.

Thank you,

Paul Kiel

October 19, 2010


Friday, October 15, 2010


Due to recent inquiries and concerns, I am bringing this DEAFWARN project to the front burner. I will look into producing more placards to help every Deaf driver be safe and be able to "communicate" to the police. I put it on back burner because there was slow demand and I was focused on schooling and other projects.

Now I am considering re-activiating this DEAFWARN project.

More to come soon!