Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some hearing people are greatest liars...

from a recent news source:
" ( a hearing woman ) the associate professor of otolaryngology at Duke University Medical Center, who said children who receive cochlear implants "are mainstreamed in school. They do beautifully. These kids won't need sign language."

Someone is spinning lies!

After 40 years of working with deaf clients in variety of social services, I have seen mainstreamed students suffer at the hands (pardon the pun) of hearing people. This woman from Duke University claims that deaf children mainstreamed in school do beautifully and do not need sign language. She is twisting the truth.

That means boldly and loudly that she may be telling lies.

There is no such thing as doing beautifully in mainstreamed programs.

I can vouch for what I have seen at a local mainstream program where my friends work there as teachers. They have seen enough to wonder why the system is so barbaric. We have seen children with cochlear implants being dropped off by parents. Then they take off the devices and throw them in the backpacks. Then they feel "normal" with other deaf peers in classrooms. Then at the end of the day, they grudgingly put devices back on in time for their parents to pick them up after school.

What does that imply? It shows how bossy parents were! That is the fault of AG Bell and his cronies!

There is unusually high number of deaf students with mental health problems as a result of failed policies.

The kids do need sign language. LIke George Veditz said, sign language is God's noble gift to the deaf community.

It is even ridiculous to force deaf children to be like hearing children.

Some Hearing people are just plain selfish and too self centered to care about the real needs of deaf people including deaf children. This is why they are called audists.

Why sweep truth and facts under the carpet?

If you can study history, then you can write down the time line from the beginning to today.

The common denominator of the history is audism at all levels.

Flip through pages of history books, notes, stories, legends, etc to get into deeper understanding of deaf culture.

Laurent Clerc was the father of ASL and he helped many deaf people gain employment through schools, communities and life.

Look what AG Bell and his cronies have done since 1880!

What have they done? Flip through history by reading all news accounts and do more research into the past.

You will find audism was reeking everywhere.

Guess who started it?

Yes, your buddy, Alexander Graham Bell had been pushing hard to remove deaf from the face of Earth.

Do you support his sins? Do you want to further his goals of elimination of deaf from the human race?

So whatever you do in the name of Alexander Graham Bell, you are greatest liar!

You know in your heart about your selfish amibtions and how ignorant you are in trying to control deaf people.

You are simply ruining the Deaf lives!

Look at this picture above that I found on internet.

A happy childhood for those who love sign language. So it has to be pre 1880 resolutions that ruined our lives.

It is time to draw the line in the sand and tell those selfish hearing people that their days are numbered!

Monday, August 24, 2009

~ ~ Thou shall not curse the deaf...

Hello readers and friends who are helping cut down audism in deaf communities:

Please tell the hearing people wherever you are that they have been ignoring this verse...

"Thou shall not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shall fear thy God; I am the Lord"
Leviticus 19:14 King James Version

This was my response to Jim's DEEP Thoughts: (you can visit his blog at

""This is a very good and diplomatic article. I am glad that you looked into this matter of audism.

I have to say for more than 40 years that diplomacy does not work in fighting against audism.

We simply need laws with more teeth and state commissions for the deaf as well as advocacy groups to combat audism.

It is frustrating trying to tell truth when "money talks" in sinful ways. Cochlear implant companies have destroyed many Deaf lives in the last 25 years and they continue to sweep them under the rug.

I do not believe that science can resolve in restoring hearing or making a deaf person hearing.

It is merely an expensive amplification device.

Despite all the lectures, research, and printed media, the companies continue to harvest the deaf community for unwilling, uneducated and passive deaf individuals.

The peer pressures and the system of cognitive control are the culprits of audism.

Mark my words! Those hearing people will face the maker at the end and be reminded of these words He put in the good book.

"Leviticus 19:14 - Thou shall not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shall fear your God: I am the LORD."

It is simple and those hearing people have ignored this verse since 1880.

We have to continue combating audism!

Thank you for bringing this subject up!

Have a good one!


Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Missouri""

Sunday, August 23, 2009


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why is there apathy in Deaf communities?

Why is there apathy in Deaf communities?

Apathy is "absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. It can be lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting." (from


lack of strategic planning?

lack of leadership training?

lack of motivational programs?

lack of incentives to move things forward?

lack of knowledge in combating audism?

lack of trust in peer groups?

lack of planning ways and means to ensure the deaf culture's life?


It is time to put down our swords and knives and sit down at a round table.

We can bring issues to the table and resolve them with intelligence.

We can apply plan of work principles.

We can demonstrate plan of action and evaluate our accomplishments.

This is where we need to turn 360 degrees and move on!


The deaf community can thrive!

The deaf community gains equal communications.

The respect is improved among peers and associates.

So long, my old friend, Terry Ann (Thompson) Brignole!

A copy of newspaper of Terry demonstrating the use of teletype. ( I believe it was Model 15 ) - in 1972. Thank you, Blake Newman for sharing the copy.

Finding out that my old friend, Terry Ann (Thompson) Brignole had departed this life. I shed some tears because it brought me back to the old days.

We were small children and we were in car pool attending oral school program. We used to ride mornings and afternoons back and forth for sometime. We were normal children having fun. We did not know we were deaf. Just being in an environment where it was safe. Her mother and my mother would sit down and share news and drink some coffee.

Then years later she left to go to state school for deaf and I continued on to public schools. We drifted apart for while.

Right out of high school in 1971 she contacted me and wanted some assistance with English with some deaf friends. She asked me to help them. I obliged to do and I realized there was deaf world. I was raised in oral philosophy. I learned sign language late at 17 then added more through the years with numerous friends gatherings. She wanted to see better services.

This picture above was a beginning of deaf advocacy through her mother and the actions of Terry and friends. I remember it like yesterday. We were so young and we were excited about getting a tty. I used to come over Terry's many times cuz we lived in Webster Groves. It was fun bicycling over to see her and chat. Her home was a party place where many deafies through the years came.

She was even prouder when her mother ran St. Louis Hearing and Speech Center. Her mother and father tried their best to see that deaf adults and children have better lives. Her father was a State Representative. Her mother was on state school board for sometime. They led very active lives and still had time for deaf people. They often showed up at deaf functions.

Of course, we had ups and downs when it came to leadership issues and getting advocacy. We worked together in raising funds and set up programs and activities for about a decade at the Center. It was fun and challenging.

I saw her the last time at GSLAD about several weeks ago. After all these years, I realized it would be the last time I see her. I gave her a hug and hold a few moments embrace. I thank her for giving me insight into deaf advocacy.

The bottom line is that she did her time on Earth. She is to be remembered for her good deeds. She has always had a "Thompson" smile!

Paul's Note: She ought to be inducted into Deaf Hall of Fame. In my eyes, she is one of unsung heroes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Deafiasl was on a mission through space and time from 2058. He brings a warning about audism and oppression still existing 50 years from now. Time for advocacy and action!


After talking with a peer about his involvement in oral school program, it dawned me on that word, "Cognitive Control". That is a fact when hearing persons control the minds of deaf students in deaf education and lives. It is mapping out deaf lives on hearing terms. This is what Deafhood advocates are educating about "colonialism". It is same thing. This is how and why the hearing people are striving to control the system.

Cognitive is about the mental processes of perception, memory, judgement, and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and volitional processes.

This is how and why audists are controlling the mental processes of deaf children in their early years.

This is why the mental health problems are higher among oralists and those in mainstreamed programs. When audists are in control, there is no true Deaf identity. It is lost and shattered.

How can you put a broken vase back together to the same originality?

It is time to deprogram them. Stop them from brainwashing poor deaf children. We need to stand up and tell them to stop practicing audism!

For example, all oral programs have hearing people on the board. That does not represent a 51% majority for the deaf community. It is illegal process. It is not even democratic. This is viewed as totalarism.

We need to be proactive and reverse the trend of audism.

AUDISM: 1880 - 2010 - a film documentary


Release Date: First week of September 2010 (St. Louis, MO)

Genre: Documentary

Tagline: A historical documentary of 130 years of abuses and negligence

Plot: A documentary of deaf experiences from the resolutions made in 1880 to today's issues of audism

Director/Producer Paul Kiel is weaving the stories from the humble beginnings of deaf culture with his personal experiences being deaf in hearing world. A longtime advocate for the deaf rights, Kiel presents a wide array of facts and stories collected from many deaf people who took the time to tell stories. AUDISM: 1880 - 2010 is not about problems of deafness but rather a truth about how deaf people can think and act. "We need to educate those with pathological views to change their views to positive views. This film will also educate others that we can function like them except to hear. We humbly ask for equal access to communications," said Kiel.

Friday, August 14, 2009


The proof is in the pudding! DBC did a grand job going to AG Bell Conference in St. Louis. I am please and I wish I had the opportunity to meet the nice two ladies who took the time to go there. This is NOTHING NEW!

It is simply that AG Bell refuses to give deaf visual language because it can put them out of business! This is why the system is so manipulated by AG Bell and his cronies!

See those 8 secrets as per Pisoni's research at the conference. It is nothing new and we knew that and we have tried to tell those audists that they were wasting time and resources on lies!


1. The CI does NOT restore normal sound.

2. It is hard to understand speech in noisy environments.

3. It is hard to locate sounds from a distance using a cochlear implant.

4. It is difficult to talk on a telephone.

5. It is difficult to discriminate and identify different speakers' voices.

6. It is hard to understand unfamiliar voices/dialect perception.

7. It is difficult to distinguish environmental sound recognition.

8. Sensory motors skills are difficult.

Thanks to Pisoni for his presentation and to DBC for sharing with the community!

So now it is a fact that AG Bell is a Public Enemy #1!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


* This shows how greedy and selfish hearing people were and still are to this day! This is why oralism is a false facade. Read each resolution and see how profound it has affected the Deaf community for almost 130 years. We need to reverse those resolutions and put it on the right track. This is audism and how it affected us. It all started on September 11, 1880!

The Eight Resolutions

1. The Convention, considering the incontestable superiority of articulation over signs in restoring the deaf-mute to society and giving him a fuller knowledge of language, declares that the oral method should be preferred to that of signs in education and the instruction of deaf-mutes.

Passed 160 to 4

2. The Convention, considering that the simultaneous use of articulation and signs has the disadvantage of injuring articulation and lip-reading and the precision of ideas, declares that the pure oral method should be preferred.

Passed 150 to 16

3. Considering that a great number of the deaf and dumb are not receiving the benefit of instruction, and that this condition is owing to the impotence of families and of institutions, recommends that governments should take the necessary steps that all the deaf and dumb may be educated.

Passed unanimously.

4. Considering that the teaching of the speaking deaf by the Pure Oral method should resemble as much as possible that of those who hear and speak, declares

a) That the most natural and effectual means by which the speaking deaf may acquire the knowledge of language is the "intuitive" method, viz., that which consists in setting forth, first by speech, and then by writing the objects and the facts which are placed before the eyes of the pupils.

b) That in the first, or maternal, period the deaf-mute ought to be led to the observation of grammatical forms by means of examples and of practical exercises, and that in the second period he ought to be assisted to deduce from these examples the grammatical rules, expressed with the utmost simplicity and clearness.

c) That books, written with words and in forms of language known to the pupil, can be put into his hands at any time.

Motion carried.

5. Considering the want of books sufficiently elementary to help the gradual and progressive development of language, recommends that the teachers of the Oral system should apply themselves to the publication of special works on the subject.

Motion carried.

6. Considering the results obtained by the numerous inquiries made concerning the deaf and dumb of every age and every condition long after they had quit school, who, when interrogated upon various subjects, have answered correctly, with sufficient clearness of articulation, and read the lips of their questioners with the greatest facility, declares

a) That the deaf and dumb taught by the Pure Oral method do not forget after leaving school the knowledge which they have acquired there, but develop it still further by conversation and reading, when have been made so easy for them.

b) That in their conversation with speaking persons they make use exclusively of speech.

c) That speech and lip-reading so far from being lost, are developed by practice.

Motion carried.

7. Considering that the education of the deaf and dumb by speech has peculiar requirements; considering also that the experienced of teachers of deaf-mutes is almost unanimous, declares

a) That the most favourable age for admitting a deaf child into school is from eight to ten years.

b) That the school term ought to be seven years at least; but eight years would be preferable.

c) That no teacher can effectually teach a class of more than ten children on the Pure Oral method.

Motion carried.

8. Considering that the application of the Pure Oral method in institutions where it is not yet in active operation, should be to avoid the certainty of failure prudent, gradual, progressive, recommends

a) That the pupils newly received into the schools should form a class by themselves, where instruction could be given by speech.

b) That these pupils should be absolutely separated from others too far advanced to be instructed by speech, and whose education will be completed by signs.

c) That each year a new speaking class be established, until all the old pupils taught by signs have completed their education.

Motion carried.

(now I found out that ICED will be meeting in Vancouver next year. It is a good time to make them change these antique resolutions that was illegal and wrong!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Just like the old Western, there were snake oil salesmen selling stuff to supposedly cure the ills. There were no regulations or laws to protect the consumers. This is how and why the free marketing is always changing pending the outcome of the consumer satisfication.

Marketing and Sales have changed a lot since the old Western. Since the dawn of mankind, everyone hustles and bustles to survive on $! Bartering or exchanging goods and services are parts of the free enterprise.

Of course, there are con artists out there everyday trying to make a buck the quick way. Some will vanish the next day leaving us to bite the dust. This is why we have consumer protection laws to ensure that we have satisfication in every product we get or buy.

There is probably not enough research or regulation in this current medical program involving the cochlear implanting. It is even FDA approved. It is still experimental. A lot of people have suffered as result of surgeries. There are no guarantees and no promises. FDA has a program called MEDWATCH where you can file complaint against cochlear implant companies. There is no sense in keeping quiet. It is time to tell the public the truth.

You will always be deaf no matter what they did or will do to you. The patients have died or suffered side effects after surgeries. Some will NOT tell truth afterwards. We need more proof and this is why AFA is doing the right thing to request more data on all cochlear implanting programs. We need proof!

It is merely an expensive hearing aid. It is very unfortunate how they cater to unknowingly parents or consumers. You have to spend many hours mapping and counseling. All the money is wasted as it only helps them line their financial portfolios.

A common sense prevails if everyone can live with being deaf. It is not dangerous! It is not life-threatening. It is OK to be deaf. It is not broken.

Of course, everyone who has been implanted are still deaf! They still use sign language interpreters. It is proven how much effort has failed to accomplish any deaf person to be a hearing person. There are no miracles in this. Not one medical procedure can restore hearing.

Despite billions and billions of dollars spent on three tiny bones in the ear, there is STILL no cure!

I have said this since 1996 that it is a medical quackery. I do view the cochlear implanting as a bogus billion dollar industry. It only serves the hearing people by lining their financial portfolios. It all takes accounting to figure where the dollar goes from one hand to another. Of course, like an adage, money talks!

It is pure greed, corruption, and false advertising that helped the bogus billion dollar industry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paul's Commentary:Deafhood Reconstruction or Destruction by E. Lentz

Paul at Greater St. Louis Association of the Deaf (thanks to BB)

Paul's Commentary:Deafhood Reconstruction or Destruction by E. Lentz:

Watching Ella's video, I agree with her about Paddy Ladd's quote: "Deafhood is.... "The total sum of all positive meanings of 'Deaf', past, present and future; all the largest meanings of what Deaf people have been, are, and can be." That is a positive thing to do!

I agree about Paddy Ladd's quote - "Deafhood is a process to decolonize our mind, body, and spirit from colonialism." St. Louis Deaf Community is suffering from plantation mentality. It is a concept of how deaf behave and think under colonialism. We need to deprogram our friends from that area of colonialism.

Definition of Colonialism: The destruction and replacement of indigenous cultures by powerful cultures. (this is a form of plantation mentality going on in St. Louis). With St. Louis's 4 oral programs, they have been oppressing the Deaf community since 1914. They ran a radio program one day we were hosting deaf awareness week years ago. This is a pure example of colonialism.

From Ella Mae Lentz's powerpoint: Colonizing Deaf People:

* Denial of real power over decisions affecting our lives.

Paul's comments: Yes, it happens from birth to grave.

* Denial or replacement of language.

Paul's comments: Yes, they threw out ASL and try to use Oralism for their false facade.

*Denial of identity:

Paul's comments: Yes, It is self-explainatory.

*Denial of association with our people.

Paul's comments: Yes, they have been telling us and parents to stay away from other Deaf people. They labeled them as unworthy and undesireables.

*Denial of consent for unnessary (non life-threatening)medical work.

Paul's comments: Yes, Cochlear Implanting is a bogus billion dollar industry geared to farm out deaf people.

When I said "farm out", I meant it is how audists put up programs or activities to line their financial portfolios. Whether it be doctors, scientists, researchers, counselors, teachers, and other people who have pathological attitudes. They tend to trample on deaf people's rights. This is how and why audism is rampant everywhere.