Sunday, August 16, 2009

AUDISM: 1880 - 2010 - a film documentary


Release Date: First week of September 2010 (St. Louis, MO)

Genre: Documentary

Tagline: A historical documentary of 130 years of abuses and negligence

Plot: A documentary of deaf experiences from the resolutions made in 1880 to today's issues of audism

Director/Producer Paul Kiel is weaving the stories from the humble beginnings of deaf culture with his personal experiences being deaf in hearing world. A longtime advocate for the deaf rights, Kiel presents a wide array of facts and stories collected from many deaf people who took the time to tell stories. AUDISM: 1880 - 2010 is not about problems of deafness but rather a truth about how deaf people can think and act. "We need to educate those with pathological views to change their views to positive views. This film will also educate others that we can function like them except to hear. We humbly ask for equal access to communications," said Kiel.