Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some hearing people are greatest liars...

from a recent news source:
" ( a hearing woman ) the associate professor of otolaryngology at Duke University Medical Center, who said children who receive cochlear implants "are mainstreamed in school. They do beautifully. These kids won't need sign language."

Someone is spinning lies!

After 40 years of working with deaf clients in variety of social services, I have seen mainstreamed students suffer at the hands (pardon the pun) of hearing people. This woman from Duke University claims that deaf children mainstreamed in school do beautifully and do not need sign language. She is twisting the truth.

That means boldly and loudly that she may be telling lies.

There is no such thing as doing beautifully in mainstreamed programs.

I can vouch for what I have seen at a local mainstream program where my friends work there as teachers. They have seen enough to wonder why the system is so barbaric. We have seen children with cochlear implants being dropped off by parents. Then they take off the devices and throw them in the backpacks. Then they feel "normal" with other deaf peers in classrooms. Then at the end of the day, they grudgingly put devices back on in time for their parents to pick them up after school.

What does that imply? It shows how bossy parents were! That is the fault of AG Bell and his cronies!

There is unusually high number of deaf students with mental health problems as a result of failed policies.

The kids do need sign language. LIke George Veditz said, sign language is God's noble gift to the deaf community.

It is even ridiculous to force deaf children to be like hearing children.

Some Hearing people are just plain selfish and too self centered to care about the real needs of deaf people including deaf children. This is why they are called audists.

Why sweep truth and facts under the carpet?

If you can study history, then you can write down the time line from the beginning to today.

The common denominator of the history is audism at all levels.

Flip through pages of history books, notes, stories, legends, etc to get into deeper understanding of deaf culture.

Laurent Clerc was the father of ASL and he helped many deaf people gain employment through schools, communities and life.

Look what AG Bell and his cronies have done since 1880!

What have they done? Flip through history by reading all news accounts and do more research into the past.

You will find audism was reeking everywhere.

Guess who started it?

Yes, your buddy, Alexander Graham Bell had been pushing hard to remove deaf from the face of Earth.

Do you support his sins? Do you want to further his goals of elimination of deaf from the human race?

So whatever you do in the name of Alexander Graham Bell, you are greatest liar!

You know in your heart about your selfish amibtions and how ignorant you are in trying to control deaf people.

You are simply ruining the Deaf lives!

Look at this picture above that I found on internet.

A happy childhood for those who love sign language. So it has to be pre 1880 resolutions that ruined our lives.

It is time to draw the line in the sand and tell those selfish hearing people that their days are numbered!