Wednesday, October 17, 2007


In follow up to several inquiries about Missouri Deaf Community's lost confidence in Missouri Interpreters.

Several incidents the past few months have lead us to lose confidence.

Some interpreters may be rotten apples at the bottom of barrel.

This is to clarify not all interpreters are that way, however they need to kick those bad apples out and set them straight on the right track.

Where is the peer pressure to make them to do the right things?

There was an incident where an interpreter told a deaf advocate to sit down during the meeting when that person tried to make a discussion.

There was an incident where some interpreters had heated arguments with some deaf advocates at a recent meeting.

There is an issue about using NIC. (National Interpreting Certification)

They prefer that NIC, Advanced and Masters all go into Level 5 MICS (Missouri).

We preferred that Masters go to Level 5, Advanced go to Level 4 and NIC go to Level 3.

They got into heated arguments... and showed disrespect to us.

As a compromise, we suggested Masters and Advanced go to Level 5. NIC go to Level 4.

Some are not too happy about it. Some even threatened to use lawyer to settle this matter.

There have been some meetings that they excluded deaf consumers.

Is it in violation of Missouri's Sunshine law?

There will be a meeting soon to review it.

We do question the legitimacy of certification of certain interpreters. Some cannot do the job, yet they are "certified". They cannot even read when we use ASL. We do not need to use our voices to make them understand. They lack perception skills so why are they certified?

I thank many people for responding publicily and privately on this issue. I do agree it is important to bring it out in open and review those matters that are dear to our hearts.

We do need interpreters and at the same time, they need to respect us and respect the ethics that are provided to make them professional.

We do wish there is a sound system where grievances can be heard and have due process taken care of those bad apples.

When the system is corrected, we may have new confidence in Missouri Interpreters.


Paul J. Kiel

A tireless Deaf Advocate

October 17, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

MIssouri Deaf Community Has No Confidence in Missouri Interpreters...

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MIssouri Deaf Community Has No Confidence in Missouri Interpreters...

The ripple effect is expanding in its circles across this state of Missouri.

There is ongoing issue that may pit interpreters against the Missouri Deaf Community.

The winds of change is happening in the air.

Lately, the issue had boiled down to what the hearing people wanted.

It is same old excuse for years and years.

It reeks of audism.

Should we nominate them to the Hall of Shame?

Have they got no shame?

Have they contacted us for review and discussion about issues on interpreting matters?

Why do we need teeth in laws protecting our consumer rights on interpreting?

Do hearing people practice in reality the true partnerships in deaf community?

With the recent updates in interpreter certification, it is deja vu all over again.

The interpreters will steamroll us as well as walk over us to get what they want.

They lack the true understanding of our proud Deaf culture.

Is it greed?

Is it politics?

Is it fair to the Deaf community?

Just because they know how to use sign language, they think they are right in determining the future of interpreting.

It is the consumers who decide the fate of who is qualified in interpreting.

Like a saying goes in business world, the customer is always right!

This is where and how consumer needs protection, respect and satisfication.

The interpreters need to do homework and get on the right track.

If interpreters want to play dirty, then it is up to the deaf community to take them to task for their unprofessionalism, disrespect, abuses and power mongering.

Like Harry Truman said, "the buck stops here!", it is time for everyone to stop passing the buck.

Let's get serious and take them to task for their recent behavior in the public forum.

The attitude and behavior were not acceptable.

This is how and why Missouri Deaf Community has NO confidence in Missouri interpreters!