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Many exciting events on September 27 - 30 2007

*Gary Brooks is the keynote speaker!

*Watch 9/11 Fear in Silence: THE FORGOTTEN UNDERDOGS made by Ann Marie (JADE) Bryan of NYC

*Watch Keith Wann do his comedy in ASL! He brings the house down! Everyone falls off chairs laughing!

*Watch Key to the Stars made by Pierre-Louis Levacher of France.

*Other films are rolling in - as of today, July 29, 2007 - Paper Plane, Equillibrum, Deafs vs. Audists and others...

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* Hotel special $79.00 per night - use SMDFF as code for discount!

*Come and support the deaf filmmakers!

Friday, July 27, 2007


It is time to end Bell Regime!

Happy days are here again for the Deaf community when we are free of audism and oppression!

Let's march forward to dismantle the Bell Regime!


In this drawing, I have listed the shackles of audism. For the past 127 years, they have been used over and over to punish poor deaf children. This practice has been going on behind the doors and they have threatened children to be quiet and behave accordingly to the audists.

The list of abuses have been known among the community for years. This practice needs to be stopped! Some may still exist today through different means.

1. This is whip ( or leather belt). It has been used to punish deaf children when they refused to talk.

2. This is handcuffs. It is imaginary way to warn kids if they keep signing. They are forced to put their hands under their butts when sitting. They force poor deaf children to talk withOUT using hands or gestures.

3. This is duct tape. They use it on deaf children when they scream, don't follow them what they say, even they use it to tie the children's hands together to stop them from signing.

4. This is a wooden ruler. They use it to slam on palms of children for refusing to behave and not listening. (I was the victim of wooden ruler beatings)

5. This is a bucket of soap They use soap to clean mouths if you talk back or refuse to cooperate.

6. This is leash and collar. They use it to keep children from running away.

7. This is picture of infamous AG Bell. This is how he perpetuates crimes against deaf humanity.

8. This is a list of rules established by AG Bell regime.

Instructions read....1. Spank child if signing....2. soap in mouth...3..cuff to chair

9. This is the abusive tool they use to make deaf children talk in speech lessons.

10. AHA was for American Hearing Association with missing S for Speech. That's another regime of terror.

11. This poor deaf child had been abused by teacher using wooden ruler on his throbbing red hands.

12. This is in case deaf children got hurt and they send them home with notes with lies about what happened.

This is a way of abuse tolerated among audists in hampering the Deaf community for the past 127 years!

It is time to revolt! Fight back! Get back our dignity that we lost at 1880's infamous Milan conference where they banned ASL from classrooms.



According to Brian Riley's news service in e-mail, there has been protests going on at AGBAD. I am pleased to know that there is peaceful protests. I am saddened to know how hearing people turned into animals and mistreat us.

See Mark Drolsbaugh's comments in Riley's Report at www.gallyprotest.org or contact him at brian@gallyprotest.org to get his updates on the protest.

"I didn't want this to escalate so I motioned for my kids to leave with me. The guard kept mumbling so I repeated I was deaf and asked him to to write down what he was saying. At this point he started talking on his phone. I said this was discrimination and he continued ignoring me and babbling into his phone. As I left on the down escalator, I passed the Marriott manager and I told her point blank "This is discrimination. My kids and I just wanted some brochures we got kicked out because I'm deaf." She just glared at me."

This shows how typical audists are... they are always rude when they do not understand our proud deaf culture.

Wake up and it is time to give respect!


What does NTID have to do with AGBAD? Well, for the past decades, AGBAD people have been running NTID behind the scenes starting with Dr. William Castle and Dr. Robert Frisina. They got millions of dollars through fundraising and used the influence. Mostly on third floor (in the past -- )was focused on audiology and speech. I used to call it the Forbidden Zone as that was what audists love. I did go through their programs when being student. I have to roll my eyes and wonder why they spent so much money on something that AG Bell perpetuates in his evil mission against the Deaf community.

If you can get a pencil and go through the names and make connections along the way, you can thread them all together with common demonitator....it is AGBAD influence.

Remember during the Gallaudet Protest last year, there were several AGBAD people on the board. That's the tip of iceberg.....

So in all, Hurwitz, the current top honcho at NTID has been with that group. His sister in law runs oral school in St. Louis Again the connections are running back and forth to several people. There is a conspiracy behind the scenes that they are trying to maintain the control. It is the money that talks! That is evil.

I do like Hurwitz, but I do not agree to his handling of issues.

So the bottom line it is AG Bell still running audism from his grave! We need to break the ties and put our proud Deaf culture back on the track. Stop 127 years of lies and abuses!

They need to know that oralism does NOT work with babies. It is ASL that works wonders for babies! It helps stimulate the scholarship that Dr. Robert Frisina asked me many years ago at lunch. (1975). He asked me how I got this kind of scholarship that others were lacking. ASL is the answer. My grandmother and some relatives used gestures that helped me understood, but I was oppressed for many years by the AG Bell regime.

It is time to FIGHT BACK!


SHOW ME DEAF COMMUNITY IS IN FAVOR OF THAT PICTURE! THIS SHOULD BE THE BEST PICTURE OF 2007! May the future generations remember this day and her artwork! Kudos to Mo!

I love Mo's drawing about the deaf and hearing babies! It shows volumes! I am sure hearing people will realize more and more how oppressive the AG Bell regime had been for the last 127 years!

I have been receiving texts about the protests at AGBAD. It is nice with today's technology in helping us network with our friends in maintaining our needs.

Keep on protesting! It is time to dismantle the lies that AG Bell regime had been perpetuating!

The truth prevails!

Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)


Thursday, July 26, 2007


With upcoming protests at AGBAD, it is high time that the Deaf community take this serious business of countering what audists are doing. It is long overdue and it has been over 127 years of oppression by AG Bell and his regime.

It is important to stand up for what we believe in. It is a new generation of Deaf who are more politically canny. It is a result of 1988 Deaf President Now movement. With recent incident at Gallaudet University, it emboldens many Deaf leaders to do more and bring forth the issues that have been pushed to the back burners for generations.

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This man has been feared by the Deaf community since the 1880's. He is labeled as PUBLIC ENEMY #1 for the past 127 years for the crimes against the Deaf humanity. He tried to use eugenics to wipe off the Deaf race. He even went to great lengths to the Congress to ban deaf from marrying another deaf. He tried to separate deaf from teaching and only let hearing people take care of deaf. He had a deaf wife and a deaf mother. What kind of man was he?

An audist? An oppressor? Selfish? You decide!

This is a good time that the Deaf Bilingual Coalition will act to counter the misinformation perpetuated by AGBAD. It is true that it makes no sense to use ASL to enrich the cognitive development of non-deaf, hearing babies while NOT allowing the same for deaf babies-for whom ASL is a natural language and it is their birthright!!!

Being Deaf since birth myself, I prefer ASL over oralism. Oralism is a false facade for audism! Be sure to read the book, "The Mask of Benevolence:Disabling the Deaf Community" written by Harlan Lane. It reeks of audism and abuses.

So it is time to push Bell off his high horse! He gotta go!

Good bye, Mr. Bell!!!!


Saturday, July 14, 2007


Show Me Deaf Film Festival is pleased to announce that Keith Wann will perform on Saturday night, September 29, 2007. The entertainment program will include Keith Wann, the American Sign Language performing artist who has been captivating and entertaining Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing audiences for years. He has travelled the nation amusing audiences with his controlled chaos and pandemonium explosions on stage.

He is known as one of the funniest Sign-Language comics in America!

Come and enjoy a night of storytelling and CODA-DEAF ASL Culture! Laugh with Keith as he takes you on a hilarious "visual" journey to describe his childhood, ASL student interactions and interpreting experiences. Come and learn about the Deaf and Hearing Worlds and how they often clash with the help of a mischievous hearing child of deaf adults.

This is what the program is about..."WATCHING TWO WORLDS COLLIDE!" Keith will take you on humorous and almost shocking look at both worlds

Tickets for Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 7:30 can be purchased through SMDFF. Those with combo tickets for the festival get free ticket to watch the show.

Those not participating at SMDFF can buy separate tickets for the show.

No videocameras allowed!

The show will be at GSLAD.

More information on the way!

Buy tickets now!

Go to www.deafimages.tv to get updates and order tickets!

Seating is limited for the show!

July 14, 2007 - SMDFF PSA


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Come and watch this "Key to the Stars" at SMDFF!

Some videos and films entries are coming for Show Me Deaf Film Festival! There is one that grabbed my attention at Tampa's 1st International Deaf Film Festival in 2004. CIMI/Deaf Cinema and I are working on to have it shown at SMDFF this fall.

Key to the Stars (La Clef des Etoiles) was made by Pierre-Louis Levacher of France. So now Show Me Deaf Film Festival is going international by having some European films. Some are coming this way. We are excited!

That film, Key to the Stars is a magical and exciting story about a sensitive young Deaf girl who befriends a new signing imaginary friend. It is French signing and voice with English subtitles.

Come and see it at Show Me Deaf Film Festival!

Be sure to order tickets!

Come back for updates at SMDFF

Gary Brooks is coming! He is our keynote speaker for SMDFF!

A new addition!

There is entertainer being chosen for Saturday night entertainment! (September 29, 2007)

Guess who?

The one who makes people laugh and fall off chairs!

That one is able to get most people falling off chairs!

Who is that?

Guess who?


Monday, July 9, 2007

Correction to March 27, 2007 PSA - SHOW ME DEAF FILM FESTIVAL

Greetings to Film lovers!

I would like to correct my comments of March 27, 2007 about the festival being the first of its kind in the Midwest. The first of its kind in Midwest "title" goes to Deaf Cinema and CIMI of Chicago. I do apologize to Joshua Flanders and CIMI as well as Deaf Cinema.

I want to indicate that the festival is first of its kind in the metropolitan area and Missouri.

Like Dear Abby, I take ten wet lashes from a noodle. =)

Paul J. Kiel
SMDFF Coordinator

SMDFF Announcement:

Watch for updates at http://www.deafimages.tv!

*Hotel at $79.00 per night

*Shuttle service from hotel to GSLAD

*GSLAD had over 625 people during Family Night with National Black Deaf Advocates last week! It was fun!

*Delicious Meals by our Deaf Chef

*Exciting films are on the way and names will be announced soon!

*The prices are effective for short time so hurry and order tickets before they go up!


***July 9, 2007 --- DI/PSA