Thursday, July 26, 2007


With upcoming protests at AGBAD, it is high time that the Deaf community take this serious business of countering what audists are doing. It is long overdue and it has been over 127 years of oppression by AG Bell and his regime.

It is important to stand up for what we believe in. It is a new generation of Deaf who are more politically canny. It is a result of 1988 Deaf President Now movement. With recent incident at Gallaudet University, it emboldens many Deaf leaders to do more and bring forth the issues that have been pushed to the back burners for generations.

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This man has been feared by the Deaf community since the 1880's. He is labeled as PUBLIC ENEMY #1 for the past 127 years for the crimes against the Deaf humanity. He tried to use eugenics to wipe off the Deaf race. He even went to great lengths to the Congress to ban deaf from marrying another deaf. He tried to separate deaf from teaching and only let hearing people take care of deaf. He had a deaf wife and a deaf mother. What kind of man was he?

An audist? An oppressor? Selfish? You decide!

This is a good time that the Deaf Bilingual Coalition will act to counter the misinformation perpetuated by AGBAD. It is true that it makes no sense to use ASL to enrich the cognitive development of non-deaf, hearing babies while NOT allowing the same for deaf babies-for whom ASL is a natural language and it is their birthright!!!

Being Deaf since birth myself, I prefer ASL over oralism. Oralism is a false facade for audism! Be sure to read the book, "The Mask of Benevolence:Disabling the Deaf Community" written by Harlan Lane. It reeks of audism and abuses.

So it is time to push Bell off his high horse! He gotta go!

Good bye, Mr. Bell!!!!