Friday, July 27, 2007


In this drawing, I have listed the shackles of audism. For the past 127 years, they have been used over and over to punish poor deaf children. This practice has been going on behind the doors and they have threatened children to be quiet and behave accordingly to the audists.

The list of abuses have been known among the community for years. This practice needs to be stopped! Some may still exist today through different means.

1. This is whip ( or leather belt). It has been used to punish deaf children when they refused to talk.

2. This is handcuffs. It is imaginary way to warn kids if they keep signing. They are forced to put their hands under their butts when sitting. They force poor deaf children to talk withOUT using hands or gestures.

3. This is duct tape. They use it on deaf children when they scream, don't follow them what they say, even they use it to tie the children's hands together to stop them from signing.

4. This is a wooden ruler. They use it to slam on palms of children for refusing to behave and not listening. (I was the victim of wooden ruler beatings)

5. This is a bucket of soap They use soap to clean mouths if you talk back or refuse to cooperate.

6. This is leash and collar. They use it to keep children from running away.

7. This is picture of infamous AG Bell. This is how he perpetuates crimes against deaf humanity.

8. This is a list of rules established by AG Bell regime.

Instructions read....1. Spank child if signing....2. soap in mouth...3..cuff to chair

9. This is the abusive tool they use to make deaf children talk in speech lessons.

10. AHA was for American Hearing Association with missing S for Speech. That's another regime of terror.

11. This poor deaf child had been abused by teacher using wooden ruler on his throbbing red hands.

12. This is in case deaf children got hurt and they send them home with notes with lies about what happened.

This is a way of abuse tolerated among audists in hampering the Deaf community for the past 127 years!

It is time to revolt! Fight back! Get back our dignity that we lost at 1880's infamous Milan conference where they banned ASL from classrooms.