Friday, July 27, 2007


According to Brian Riley's news service in e-mail, there has been protests going on at AGBAD. I am pleased to know that there is peaceful protests. I am saddened to know how hearing people turned into animals and mistreat us.

See Mark Drolsbaugh's comments in Riley's Report at or contact him at to get his updates on the protest.

"I didn't want this to escalate so I motioned for my kids to leave with me. The guard kept mumbling so I repeated I was deaf and asked him to to write down what he was saying. At this point he started talking on his phone. I said this was discrimination and he continued ignoring me and babbling into his phone. As I left on the down escalator, I passed the Marriott manager and I told her point blank "This is discrimination. My kids and I just wanted some brochures we got kicked out because I'm deaf." She just glared at me."

This shows how typical audists are... they are always rude when they do not understand our proud deaf culture.

Wake up and it is time to give respect!