Monday, July 9, 2007

Correction to March 27, 2007 PSA - SHOW ME DEAF FILM FESTIVAL

Greetings to Film lovers!

I would like to correct my comments of March 27, 2007 about the festival being the first of its kind in the Midwest. The first of its kind in Midwest "title" goes to Deaf Cinema and CIMI of Chicago. I do apologize to Joshua Flanders and CIMI as well as Deaf Cinema.

I want to indicate that the festival is first of its kind in the metropolitan area and Missouri.

Like Dear Abby, I take ten wet lashes from a noodle. =)

Paul J. Kiel
SMDFF Coordinator

SMDFF Announcement:

Watch for updates at!

*Hotel at $79.00 per night

*Shuttle service from hotel to GSLAD

*GSLAD had over 625 people during Family Night with National Black Deaf Advocates last week! It was fun!

*Delicious Meals by our Deaf Chef

*Exciting films are on the way and names will be announced soon!

*The prices are effective for short time so hurry and order tickets before they go up!


***July 9, 2007 --- DI/PSA