Friday, July 27, 2007


What does NTID have to do with AGBAD? Well, for the past decades, AGBAD people have been running NTID behind the scenes starting with Dr. William Castle and Dr. Robert Frisina. They got millions of dollars through fundraising and used the influence. Mostly on third floor (in the past -- )was focused on audiology and speech. I used to call it the Forbidden Zone as that was what audists love. I did go through their programs when being student. I have to roll my eyes and wonder why they spent so much money on something that AG Bell perpetuates in his evil mission against the Deaf community.

If you can get a pencil and go through the names and make connections along the way, you can thread them all together with common is AGBAD influence.

Remember during the Gallaudet Protest last year, there were several AGBAD people on the board. That's the tip of iceberg.....

So in all, Hurwitz, the current top honcho at NTID has been with that group. His sister in law runs oral school in St. Louis Again the connections are running back and forth to several people. There is a conspiracy behind the scenes that they are trying to maintain the control. It is the money that talks! That is evil.

I do like Hurwitz, but I do not agree to his handling of issues.

So the bottom line it is AG Bell still running audism from his grave! We need to break the ties and put our proud Deaf culture back on the track. Stop 127 years of lies and abuses!

They need to know that oralism does NOT work with babies. It is ASL that works wonders for babies! It helps stimulate the scholarship that Dr. Robert Frisina asked me many years ago at lunch. (1975). He asked me how I got this kind of scholarship that others were lacking. ASL is the answer. My grandmother and some relatives used gestures that helped me understood, but I was oppressed for many years by the AG Bell regime.

It is time to FIGHT BACK!