Tuesday, September 22, 2009


According to the notes on researching for the upcoming film, I have noticed the methods laid out by AG Bell and his cronies.

They use and still use a systematic approach to deaf education and social lives. It is also called plantation mentality. This is another form of audism.

According to Dr. Harlan Lane's book, The Mask of Benevolence, audism is the hearing way of dominating, restructuring and exercising authority over the deaf.

This has proven time and time again when a deaf college student wrote her thesis about St. Louis and its services - it was called "the Nutshell Syndrome". There were a lot of hearing people making decision for deaf consumers where it affected the difficulties in handling the real needs of deaf consumers.

Brainwashing is a psychological way of reforming thought processes. It gave social influence that change people's attitudes. There were powers of compliances, persuasion and education. Education is viewed as "propaganda method" that brings influences to social behaviors.

"Do it" attitude is overused in making deaf children follow rules and behave the hearing way. This is a severe form of social influence to incorporate thinking without that person's consent and often against his or her will.

Likewise the Pavlov's dogs program (also brainwashing animals), the hearing people with audistic attitude are the ones who manipulate the deaf education.

The concept of brainwashing is when the agent (the brainwasher/teachers, counselors, parents, doctors, and audists ) has a complete control over the target (deaf children/brainwashees) so that the patterns depend on the will of the agent.

The method of brainwashing can vary at different programs around the country. They lack the real oversight committee to be comprised of 51% deaf people.

Deaf people are the true authoritians on deaf issues and policies affecting the deaf individuals from birth to grave. The manipulation by hearing people have hindered the goals of the deaf community for many years. This is why the leaders and advocates are working hard to reverse the trends of audism.

There are many times the hearing people tend to push deaf people one way to their way. It is either their way or the highway. This puts a lot of pressure on deaf individual seeking acceptance. What is the real beef in oppressing the true lives of the Deaf individuals? Brainwashing is another form they are using to deal with today's generation.

It is time to deprogram them using deaf advocacy and empowerment.


John Moore, Director of Deaf Mental Health Services (Columbus, Ohio) was the notable speaker at the Deaf Empowerment program. Kim Davis, the Workshop Coordinator for MCDHH looked on.

Nearly a year ago on October 11, 2008, we had a meeting. We had officials from DMH there. After John Moore finished the presentation and discussion, we opened up for more discussions about lack of mental health services in Missouri.

Most of the discussion focused on DMH (Missouri Department of Mental Health) and its failures to meet the real needs of the Deaf Community.

During our discussions, we found out that $539,000.00 had been appropriated for interpreting services alone.

We made recommendation that they halve the budget and hire four deaf mental health professionals. The deaf consumers would benefit greatly from having deaf mental health professionals.

Today is September 22, 2009! Nothing had developed and they have IGNORED our suggestions.

They even lied to us about hiring a replacement after Barry Critchfield left. I was on the committee and I saw with my own eyes that they would hire a deaf person to fill in that position.

Instead they hired an interpreter.

It is a BIG joke to the deaf community!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The workshop schedule:

Friday evening, October 2, 2009 - Leadership Training by Libby Pollard

6:30 p.m. to 9;30 p.m.

Saturday - all day , October 3, 2009 - Parliamentary Procedures Training by Libby Pollard.

Libby is a licensed Deaf parliamentarian. The workshop is conducted in American Sign Language.

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. - Lunch will be sold.

Morning will be general discussion about parliamentary procedures and afternoon will be role playing and using mock meetings to play out the roles of each officer position.

The Leadership Training and Parliamentary Procedures Training will be presented at GSLAD in St. Louis, Missouri. GSLAD has hired Libby Pollard to come to help the deaf community learn to do a better job of leading organizations. The other organizations are invited to join GSLAD in the learning process of improving running the meetings and build a better relations among the community.

The following organizations are welcome to join GSLAD in this endeavor:

Missouri Association of the Deaf
St. Louis Chapter of Missouri Association of the Deaf and other chapters in Missouri
RTR/DCC - St. Louis Metropolitan Round Table of Representatives/Deaf Community Center
St. Louis Bell Club

and other organizations that serve the deaf and hard of hearing are welcome, too. There are about 70 organizations.

Any questions, feel free to email to Paul Kiel, the workshop coordinator at myfavalworld@aol.com

Seats are limited.

Refreshments will be served Friday evening.

Box lunch will be sold for $6.00

Cash bar will be open both nights.

The workshop is at

2190 Creve Coeur Mill Road
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043

Seats are limited.

First Come - First Served.

Special needs need to be arranged by September 30th.

The deadline to accept registration is September 30th.

Thank you!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Paul telling the St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter about how audistic CID was during CID Protests that brought Jean Moog down. She was fired. All the hoopla at CID. I tried to ask for replacement of hearing teachers with deaf teachers, have 51% deaf on the board, and incorporate the use of ASL in classrooms.

From St. Louis Post Dispatch, April 21, 1996 - Letters to Editor:

Changing Times at Deaf Institute:

It is time for changes at CID (Central Institute For the Deaf). Too much money is spent on researching when it is cheaper to have basic programs for the deaf.

It is time to reverse the Milan Conference of 1880 where A.G. Bell succeeded in banning the use of sign language in classrooms. It has proven to be a total failure, as stated by the President's Commission on the Education of the Deaf of 1988. It will save time and money using total communication.

Having pure oralism philosophy is not helping thousands of deaf children around the country. And cochlear implanting of deaf children should be stopped until they reach mature age of reasoning and responsibility.

Oral deaf people have higher mental health problems than the deaf who have accepted American Sign Language. Why do we have to struggle to get as much as 30 percent on lipreading, and it takes 70 percent of guesswork to complete the communication process?

American Sign Language is a solution to our needs.

It is time to stamp out audism. Audism, as stated in Dr. Harlan Lane's book, "The Mask of Benevolence," is the corporate institution for dealing with deaf people.

In short, audism is the hearing way of dominating, restructuring and exercising authority over the deaf.

As George Veditz, the deaf advocate, said in 1880, "Sign Language is the noblest gift God has given to the deaf!" Why deprive deaf children of the right to use the natural language of the deaf?

Paul J. Kiel
St. Louis

Friday, September 4, 2009

Seeking stories from your experiences of audism...

Looking for individuals who have experienced audism in schools, homes, employment and life. Please limit to three minutes of a story with introduction, body and conclusion formats.

For more information, please contact by e-mail at myfavaslworld@aol.com.

The production is progressing and the timetable runs from October 2009 to August 2010.

The deadline to submit your stories is September 30, 2009.

Thank you,

Paul Kiel

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please remove T. Alan Hurwitz from the list of finalists

Paul Kiel in front of CID protesting about audism practices. Celebrating for Audism Free America (April 2009)

My fellows in Deaf Advocacy:

I do not see any reason for T. Alan Hurwitz to be the finalist for the presidency of Gallaudet University. I rather he stay at NTID. He has audism links.

His sister-in-law runs CID. It is audism place. I have tried for years to tell Alan that CID needed to change to meet the true needs of deaf children. I have tried to ask the alumni association to consider following Gallaudet University's standards in including deaf people in decision making process as well as in deaf education.

I divorced myself from CID and CIDAA a long time ago back in 1980 when I found out about audism through Deaf Heritage written by Jack Gannon. I have tried for many years since 1980 to advocate for the changes.

When Gallaudet had Deaf President Now in 1988, I recommended the same changes apply to CID. I was persistent to the point of being threatened with a lawsuit. Some people were pissed off at me for reminding about audism and how the policies were audism related.

I still continue to this day to remind my friends that I will NOT tolerate any audism at that school or anywhere. So it means until Alan listens to the deaf community. Then he may have chance at the next round.

I did fax to him at hotel few times in the past reunion when he was in St. Louis about reminding him that CID business is not done until we address audism issues.

With recent matter at NTID regarding AG Bell plaque - I was told by my source that it is hanging in Speech/Hearing Department at NTID. I was unable to verify that so I will keep at it.

My apologies to Alan for my stand against audism! I prefer someone with no links to audism to run Gallaudet University!

Thank you,

Paul Kiel
September 3, 2009

** This is my personal opinion and I am entitled to speak out in combating audism at every nook and cranny.

Paul Kiel's Commentary about Gallaudet's 4 Finalists...

A video commentary about Gallaudet's 4 Finalists.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Analysis of DMH at present

With recent developments going on at DMH, it continues to do more window dressings.

There is no meat in the program despite its so-called efforts to appease the deaf community by throwing in a few treats.

Likewise Nero fiddled while Rome burned in 64 A.D., this is similar to what Keith Schafer, the top honcho at Missouri Department of Mental Health, is doing - still fiddling while the Missouri Deaf community suffers.

Reflection of a year ago

About a year ago on September 11, 2008, Ella Eakins made a good presentation.

Her pointers were:

a. For the past five months, we have all been sitting together at the table to discuss what needs to be done.

b. We identified problems and barriers.

c. We wrote out a plan for the future and figured out how much money it will take to make that plan work.

d. Ella took out the stack of papers compiled since 1998.

e. Ella showed the paperwork done by groups for the past 10 to 15 years. There were town meetings, focus groups and cultural competence groups.

f. We have received reports, memos and budgets.

g. DMH kept asking, "Tell us what Deaf people need"

h. Again and again we showed DMH what works in South Carolina and Alabama.

i. DMH kept saying, "Let's set up a committee to talk about what Deaf people need."

j. The plan in South Carolina and Alabama appears the same as we drafted.

k. We have told DMH what deaf people needed.

1. Direct Care Services in Larger Communities or Regions;

2. Video Intervention;

3. Alcohol and Drug Treatment

l. We need inpatient care for people with serious mental illness.

m. We need professionals that are ASL-Fluent trained.

n. We need counseling, education and other mental health support services provided in a visual form that we can understand.

o. We need therapists and case managers as well as outpatient services.

p. Our deaf citizens are sitting in jails, hospitals, living on streets and lacking support services.

q. Some deaf citizens are fighting for their lives.

r. Some deaf children are horribly abused and neglected. Parents are in anquish and families are breaking up.

She also showed a chart of a circle of activities made in a loop. Going around and around.. .nothing happened.

1. Crisis
2 Media Attention
3. Guilt
4. Form a committee
5. Set up a focus group
6. Hold Town Hall meetings
7. Summarize list of barriers to Deaf Services
8. Submit Budget Request
9. Deny Budget Request
10. Window Dressing

It is in a loop over and over without any concrete results or solutions.


DMH (Missouri Department of Mental Health) had indicated that it spends $539,000.00 a year on interpreting services alone for the deaf and hard of hearing. This proved that they were mishandling the funds the wrong way. They failed to allocate the money for deaf professionasl who were available and ready to work with deaf clients needing mental health services.

They ignored our request to have them hire 4 deaf professionals. The cost of hiring deaf professionals can average $40,000 per professional. Take that and multiply by 4 and it equals $160,000.00. That would be roughly $200,000.00 (including benefits up to $10,000 each) per year and the rest of funds may be used for hiring interpreters. We prefer that they hire deaf professionals using that money.

They have chosen to use sign language interpreters again and again the past few years. I am not surprised about what happens in 2010! They continue to lie to us about what they are doing.

The deaf members of committee had worked hard to get the results and the DMH continue to "oppress" the progress.

The interpreters need to help us by refusing to work for DMH and force them to hire deaf professionals. One way or another, we need to show them we mean business. It will be helpful if those interpreters can turn down the assignments to force DMH to do something different.

No, it is some interpreters accepting assignments in "conflict" with code of ethics.

Also, it shows DMH reeks of audism when they refuse to hire any deaf professionals. They have only focused on interpreters only the past few years. What is their excuse? They continue to ignore deaf community requests.

DMH Commissioners ignored our requests.

I have written letters to Commissioners that oversee DMH. I requested replacements of Keith Schafer and Stephanie Winslow. They "refused" to do it. Now it is time to request again that the DMH Commissioners replace the three following people - Keith Schafer, Director of DMH, Lynn Carter, Deputy Director of DMH and Stephanie Winslow, the Deaf Program Coordinator.

Or perhaps replace the whole DMH Commission as they continue to ignore our requests. They lied to us last September when they agreed to do it. Nothing happened.

The following people need to be reminded that they are not doing their jobs when we do NOT have any services for deaf in mental health care. Sarcastically, they have this message on the website http://www.dmh.mo.gov/diroffice/commission/commission.htm which read,"The Commission, by law, must include an advocate of community mental health services, a physician who is an expert in the treatment of mental illness, a physician concerned with developmental disabilities, a member with business expertise, an advocate of substance abuse treatment, a citizen who represents the interests of consumers of psychiatric services, and a citizen who represents the interests of consumers of developmental disabilities services.

Tell those members that we do need deaf representation on the commission. Let's E-mail the Commissioners at MHCommission@dmh.mo.gov.

The present commissioners according to the website are:

Beth Viviano, Patricia Bolster, Kathy Carter, David Vlach, Joan Leykam and Dennis Tesreau

They have NO experience in deaf culture and even not using sign language. This is why we are suffering.

The Mental Health Commission, composed of seven members, appoints the director of the Department of Mental Health with confirmation by the state Senate. Commissioners are appointed to four-year terms by the Governor, again with the confirmation of the Senate. The commissioners serve as principle policy advisors to the department director.

DAC - Deaf Advisory Committee appears to be a tokenism for DMH as they did not listen to the suggestions of deaf leaders on DMH.

Even one person kept asking for names of so-called professionals to help deaf patients, the list was given but it was not the kind of list we needed for deaf patients. The list included an office more than 500 miles from here. The list did not show any true deaf professionals. DMH continues to outsource the services.

The BIG picture is that DMH continues to favor spending ONLY on INTERPRETERS!

My past experiences with DMH

I used to work with the past administrators of Deaf program at DMH. It was cordial and not problematic.

It became problematic when the first administrator decided to leave when DMH refused to honor the request by Deaf community to set up a 10 bed facility for deaf patients. They went out to shut down several deaf programs in the state without any reasonable accomodations or back up plans to help deaf patients. They simply slammed the door in deaf people's faces.

Then the second administrator of deaf program tried to follow the same steps as the first administrator. I was on the committee to help him reach the goals. DMH continue to block any progress or plans we envisioned for deaf patients.

Then in plans for looking for third administrator, we asked for the following requests. Keith agreed with us at that time.

Keith "promised" us that we will hire deaf person.
Keith "promised" to put out employment notice to hire one in all deaf media publications.
Keith "promised" to enable the program to continue.
Keith "promised" to work with us in reaching the goals that we envisioned.

All the promises have been broken.

Keith did NOT hire a deaf person - instead he hired an interpreter to fill in a mental health position. He even hired the interpreter before the job announcement expired. I was told that he hired someone before the deadline date of September 30, 2008. He did NOT wait for us to have opportunity to do more in terms of searching for more deaf individuals. The past activity of meeting with prospective candidates were controlled by Keith. He did NOT listen to the committee. He ignored their pleas in not hiring the individual that Keith wanted.

Keith did not submit job listings to media outlets such as Gallaudet University, NTID, CSUN, Signews and the other media sources.

Keith did not continue the program we wanted.

Keith continues to break his promises.

Why does Keith Schafer continue to ignore the real needs of Deaf community?

Keith Schafer is hearing impaired himself. He wears hearing aid. Why can't he understand the deaf culture? He used to set up the deaf program after a deaf man committed suicide in Kansas City in mid 1990s. (If I recall). He came back to help DMH out of his retirement recently. I think it is time for him to retire as his services are NOT helping the Deaf community at all.


1. Write letters to DMH Commissioners seeking removal of Keith Schafer, Lynn Carter and Stephanie Winslow.

2. Request that DAC (Deaf Advisory Committee) take an active role in replacing Stephanie Winslow with a more qualified deaf professional to handle the needs of mental health services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

3. Implement the programs as envisioned by the deaf committee.

4. Install a Deaf member of DMH Commissioners to help balance the needs of deaf patients.

5. Develop sensitivity training for all DMH personnel from top to bottom to teach them about our deaf culture.

The Conclusion

I had been quiet for the past few months as I decided to step back out and look at the big picture. It is very unfortunate how DMH plays politics with life and death of our deaf peers.

To this day, we are still NOT getting anything from DMH.

No case manager? No treatment plans? No qualified staff that are trained in ASL and Deaf Culture? Deaf Missourians are still NOT getting mental health services for the past year.

It is that the Missouri laws forbidding anyone to hire interpreter from out of state. I understood that DMH was planning to use VI (video interpreting). If they consider contracting with out of state interpreting services. It is in clear violation of Missouri Law as it requires that they have Missouri credentials to do the job. Please keep your eyes out on the upcoming legal proceedings in Jefferson City. They probably want to get around the law to do that.

We need to have a registry of qualified mental health professionals who are deaf, asl trained and deaf cultured. We will welcome any hearing professionals who are fluent in ASL We do not need the fake list that contained names of so so people. The last list showed people from KC, VR, MSD, etc. That's not true mental health professionals.

We want the real meat so where is the beef?

At the last check, there are several deaf people suffering from lack of mental health services...

one lady needing help at a mental ward, but the staff continue to ignore her requests, keep drugging her into senseless and not listening to advocate's pleas to modify the care....

one man needing communication has his hands tied to bed as the nurse refused to accept advocate's advise to hire interpreters to communicate and that nurse continue to refuse to listen to advocates... the poor man is suffering and his hands are still tied to bed at this time of writing...

some deaf families are going through difficult times due to bad economy, loss of jobs, marital problems, child care issues, money management lacking and they keep falling through cracks...

there are some deaf adults contemplating suicide and there are no preventive measures to help them....

There are no support programs to enable them to help themselves....

Keith continues to fiddle while the Missouri Deaf Community burns!

WHO's definition of mental health

According to World Health Organization (WHO), it defines mental health as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community."

Cultural differences, subjective assessments, and competing professional theories all affect how "mental health" is defined.

In the Deaf World, we view hearing people as audists - they do not respect our deaf culture - they make wrong assessments as trying to eradicate deaf from societial associations, and they practice oppression by defining who deaf people are according to hearing terms.


The words are mine. I am saying it from my heart. I have spent over 30 years in mental health programs and services. I have been in mental health programs a few times. I know what it is like to needing mental health services. My concerns are valid as I have seen and known enough people who have committed suicide. I used to consider suicide when I was younger twice. I am still here today as I want to help deaf consumers receive proper mental health care. It is hard enough how the hearing people continue to oppress deaf people in mental health.

September 1, 2009


Last Saturday, August 29, 2009 was a special day for St. Louis, Missouri. It was STL Deafestival 2009! It was coordinated by RTR/DCC group. The committee worked hard for several years to make that day a special one. With over 1,000 deaf people coming, it made the day successful one! It was loaded with fun and good times! Kudos to RTR/DCC.

For more information on RTR/DCC - go to rtr-stl.org or stldeafestival.org

A smiling attendee is going inside Kirkwood Community Center to see the Deafestival.

It was great to see Ken Davis and Michi from Deaf Newspaper at the festival!

The room is turning into a can of sardines with so many people.

Fred the Bird from St. Louis Cardinals and Paul Kiel gave thumbs up!

Steve Korb and his wonderful show of birds - a fantastic show!

Whooooo! Oooops! The owl is giving us dirty looks!

Magic Morgan and his wonderful show of magic!

The crowd was waiting for the next show... SHOWTIME!

Roger Vass and Lisa McBee gave performances. They are fun to watch!

That was the wonderful committee working hard for past few years to make this day a success one. Thanks to you, the visitors for making it happen!

CJ Jones Live doing funny performance with audience members. He brought down the house!

CJ Jones giving details about how he was raised and how he loved to do performances. KUDOS to CJ Jones!

Well, it ain't over! Come back in 2013! We will do it again! Watch http://www.stldeafestival.org or rtr-stl.org for updates!