Tuesday, September 22, 2009


According to the notes on researching for the upcoming film, I have noticed the methods laid out by AG Bell and his cronies.

They use and still use a systematic approach to deaf education and social lives. It is also called plantation mentality. This is another form of audism.

According to Dr. Harlan Lane's book, The Mask of Benevolence, audism is the hearing way of dominating, restructuring and exercising authority over the deaf.

This has proven time and time again when a deaf college student wrote her thesis about St. Louis and its services - it was called "the Nutshell Syndrome". There were a lot of hearing people making decision for deaf consumers where it affected the difficulties in handling the real needs of deaf consumers.

Brainwashing is a psychological way of reforming thought processes. It gave social influence that change people's attitudes. There were powers of compliances, persuasion and education. Education is viewed as "propaganda method" that brings influences to social behaviors.

"Do it" attitude is overused in making deaf children follow rules and behave the hearing way. This is a severe form of social influence to incorporate thinking without that person's consent and often against his or her will.

Likewise the Pavlov's dogs program (also brainwashing animals), the hearing people with audistic attitude are the ones who manipulate the deaf education.

The concept of brainwashing is when the agent (the brainwasher/teachers, counselors, parents, doctors, and audists ) has a complete control over the target (deaf children/brainwashees) so that the patterns depend on the will of the agent.

The method of brainwashing can vary at different programs around the country. They lack the real oversight committee to be comprised of 51% deaf people.

Deaf people are the true authoritians on deaf issues and policies affecting the deaf individuals from birth to grave. The manipulation by hearing people have hindered the goals of the deaf community for many years. This is why the leaders and advocates are working hard to reverse the trends of audism.

There are many times the hearing people tend to push deaf people one way to their way. It is either their way or the highway. This puts a lot of pressure on deaf individual seeking acceptance. What is the real beef in oppressing the true lives of the Deaf individuals? Brainwashing is another form they are using to deal with today's generation.

It is time to deprogram them using deaf advocacy and empowerment.