Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please remove T. Alan Hurwitz from the list of finalists

Paul Kiel in front of CID protesting about audism practices. Celebrating for Audism Free America (April 2009)

My fellows in Deaf Advocacy:

I do not see any reason for T. Alan Hurwitz to be the finalist for the presidency of Gallaudet University. I rather he stay at NTID. He has audism links.

His sister-in-law runs CID. It is audism place. I have tried for years to tell Alan that CID needed to change to meet the true needs of deaf children. I have tried to ask the alumni association to consider following Gallaudet University's standards in including deaf people in decision making process as well as in deaf education.

I divorced myself from CID and CIDAA a long time ago back in 1980 when I found out about audism through Deaf Heritage written by Jack Gannon. I have tried for many years since 1980 to advocate for the changes.

When Gallaudet had Deaf President Now in 1988, I recommended the same changes apply to CID. I was persistent to the point of being threatened with a lawsuit. Some people were pissed off at me for reminding about audism and how the policies were audism related.

I still continue to this day to remind my friends that I will NOT tolerate any audism at that school or anywhere. So it means until Alan listens to the deaf community. Then he may have chance at the next round.

I did fax to him at hotel few times in the past reunion when he was in St. Louis about reminding him that CID business is not done until we address audism issues.

With recent matter at NTID regarding AG Bell plaque - I was told by my source that it is hanging in Speech/Hearing Department at NTID. I was unable to verify that so I will keep at it.

My apologies to Alan for my stand against audism! I prefer someone with no links to audism to run Gallaudet University!

Thank you,

Paul Kiel
September 3, 2009

** This is my personal opinion and I am entitled to speak out in combating audism at every nook and cranny.