Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Greetings to the folks in blog and vlog land:

As a result of new interest in AFA (Audism Free America), I have decided to enlighten this matter with local schools that practice audism for decades. We have tried to request changes and put them on the right track. Yet, it is the hearing people who continue to be selfish, stubborn and disrespectful.

Today, we viisited the schools and marked them according to AFA's mission. So today was perfect with nice weather and good time to review and visit those schools who are not up to the par with the deaf community.

As part of AFA's mission, this is an example of audistic program run by Central Institute For the Deaf. They do not have 51% deaf on board, they do not have many deaf staff and they promote oralism. Now they are promoting cochlear implanting. Why do they keep sending children to Missouri School For the Deaf? Something is wrong!

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf practices audism since 1934. It was set up by Sisters of St. Joseph in 1837 using sign language. The school is under catholic church and the board does not have 51% deaf on the board, no deaf staff and spreads lies about its programs. They have used barbaric methods to punish children not following oralism.

The Moog Center is another example of on-going audism in St. Louis area. St. Louis may be the audism capital of the world. Jean Moog had reputation of ignoring reporter's question when asked about a new postage stamp saying "ILY". She has history of looking down on deaf adults. She runs the program here and in few cities.

Here is yet another example of on-going audism practiced in St. Louis. This place rejected a deaf child who preferred to use ASL. This program only accept oral babies and children from oral program. This is where they interact with hearing children. Yet, they do NOT allow ASL. This is infringement on the rights of deaf children.

With the continuing audism and abuses, they are responsible for the mental health problems of many deaf people from coast to coast. All kinds of problems point back to those oral schools who continue to ignore the facts and truth.

It is recognized according to many organizations such as NAD, MoAD, DBC, AFA and the following groups who are now gearing up to support the change.

It is fully agreed that oralism is recognized as child abuse.

It is a fact that oralism systematically deprives Deaf children of a fully accessible language and socialization.

It is a fact that oralism benefits the professionals and harms the child and families.

It is a common knowledge that oralism comes in various disguises and has a "vicious cycle" that CAN BE broken.

It is time for us to be collective and vigilant.

As for Jean Moog, she was disrespectful to a deaf person who was well known. His initials was C. V. He was famous deaf poet and he stopped by to visit that school (CID). While he was observing the class, Ms. Moog was rude and asked if the deaf students wanted to be like him that he cannot talk. This is a pure example of audism.

There are many stories about what happened at those schools. You can interview and ask many former students of those schools. They have stories to tell about the abuses that happened. Yet, the hearing people continue to sweep those under the carpet.

There is one story about a principal from St. Joseph who continued to abuse deaf children for more than 50 years. When it came out to public, they gave her a retirement party to hush up. This is an example of audism of how they wanted to cover up. That principal should have been thrown in slammer.

There is another story about a mean teacher from oral school. She tended to slam ruler on deaf children. I was a victim. I hated her to this day. She is now dead and no one even her family did not come to funeral.

There are more stories about those evil teachers who abused poor deaf children since AG Bell started it and how the teachers voted to remove sign language from classrooms on September 11, 1880. That day is in infamy and a burning reminder of the abuses that continue to this day.

It is time to turn tables and put the audists out of business now! AFA (Audism Free America) is the answer to our issues in our town.

Just like Eileen Schowalter (Forrestal) mentioned in her thesis in 1970, St. Louis Deaf Community is suffering from the nutshell syndrome.

For information on AFA, go to http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2009/03/welcome-to-afa-and-mission.html


Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Missouri

March 31, 2009


Friday, March 27, 2009



Free poster: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_492BzH2WrkY/Sct1OPGZbjI/AAAAAAAAABM/gYfYan6ROG4/s1600-h/AFABluelogofinal.jpg

You are invited to join us on Friday, April 3, 2009 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at GSLAD.

I am asking every leader, friends, interpreters and deaf community at large to join me in applauding Audism Free America and its mission. Please use free poster/postcard to promote the new organization. We need you to bring forth the acitivity.

For more information on AFA, it is available at http://www.audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/

Its mission statement is available at http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_492BzH2WrkY/Sct0yEElOQI/AAAAAAAAABE/aOXm4EX9pmg/s1600-h/AFAMission.jpg

Let's get together and discuss friendly ideas and suggestions to consider an affiliate group of Audism Free America (AFA).

Let's get together and make blue ribbons. Bring your scissors and ribbons. We can cut them and make them an offical blue ribbon. This is also to honor Paddy in his quest to educate the world on audism.

The group discussion is open to public. Drinks and Refreshments will be available for the evening.

There is an upcoming workshop coordinated by MoAD and under the leadership of MoAd's second vice president, Judy Benfield. More information will be forthcoming from her and MoAD. It is schedule for this fall. You can see it at www.showmemoad.org.

The last workshop, "In Search of Deafhood" Workshop was great and interesting. We would love to have you come back for more. It is an opportunity to learn and grow togehter. We are interested in taking care of our needs and programs. We know what deaf community needs. It starts with you and your participation in community endeavors through organizations that fulfill our goals .

in all, I am promoting for AFA's mission and goals. I hope you can join me in this new endeavor. This will be a healthy discourse and brainstorming session for us to help each other combat audism in our community.

Your support for AFA will be greatly appreciated. There will be groups going to Washington, D.C. to educate the groups from Volta Review. So in honor, we are showing our support to them by having discussion group that evening. AFA is pleased with our growing support. See you there!


Paul J. Kiel
a tireless Deaf Advocate


"Audism spreads while good Deaf people do nothing!" by Paul Kiel

---March 27, 2009--------

Saturday, March 14, 2009


According to DMH's website, Director Keith Schafer (pictured above) mentioned that if there are any abuses and neglect, we are to report any to DMH or by calling the Department's Consumer Affairs Office toll free at 1-800-364-9687.

We do need to have someone to investigate DMH administration for its failure to meet the needs of deaf patients. There are ongoing abuses and neglect of deaf patients under DMH.

Hearing patients have no problem and are capable of getting services anywhere from the telephone book to the advertised programs and services available in the community. They are getting first class services and programs while we are getting nothing! Seriously NOTHING! ZILCH! NADA! ZERO!

Where are the services for deaf patients? Nothing again and again.

There is a deaf woman stuck in the hospital somewhere in Missouri. I believe the program is under the auspices of DMH. There has not been real deaf support services for that poor patient who has been stuck there for more than 10 months. I believe she is being held against her will.

This calls for investigation. She had turned from a young lady at 32 to the aged lady at 80.

It is time now to sound the alarm as we cannot wait anymore. She is not the only one being abused. There are more deaf patients throughout the state who have fallen through cracks. The hearing people continue to abuse the system. It is for real. We have scores of witnesses who have stories to tell.

Do you want to go through the same thing that the poor deaf lady is going through? How do you feel when a nurse comes in your room and looks you down? The nurse says that you are a good girl/boy and touches your hair as if you are 10 year old. How would you feel? That patient has been excluded from exercises, programs and discussions. She has withdrawn from living and very isolated in her own world.

The website by DMH for deaf program receives an F for its lousy make up and lack of real support for our needs.

It shows how audistic they are.

You can see that website at http://www.dmh.missouri.gov/diroffice/depdir/deafsvcs/DeafServices1.htm

The video was not working when I tried to check it out. The message was lacking.

We need to clarify what kind of mental health care needs for our deaf patients. It is to include mental illness, mental retardation and substance abuse. We need to have a system of identification, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of individuals. We need services on inpatient and outpatient basis. We need trained counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other mental health care professionals.

So what are they doing really at this time of serious problems affecting deaf patients? How do they sleep at night and they are taking tax dollars into their pockets doing nothing about it. They are just window dressing all over again and again. There is a growing census of frustration and anger geared towards DMH. The deaf advisory groups under DMH are just token for their egos and selfish advantages.

Not too long ago, I was heavily involved with DMH meetings. I was told promises by DMH.

1. DMH agreed to hire a deaf person to lead the deaf program. They LIED! * They hired a hearing person against our wishes.

2. DMH agreed to send out advertisements for the position. They LIED! *Search of internet and materials did not show any indication of their action to announce job opening.

3. DMH agreed to wait until September 30, 2008 to hire someone. They LIED! *They already hired a hearing person in mid-August (about six weeks before deadline).

At the last meeting, I noticed in Keith Schafer's eyes that he has not been telling the truth about the promises.

We had spent many months and years meeting with his staff. We have spent hours and hours formulating ideas and suggestions for programs. We had several deaf and hearing professionals with accreditation to help formulate programs for deaf. We have covered every nook and cranny in getting programs ready.

We have dealt with a lot of resistance from DMH. DMH is changing the face of the deaf program against our wishes. It is spelled as abuse and neglect. They are ignoring our recommendations so it is time to fight back and demand what we need in mental health services. Time is now because they are eliminating the information we provided and decided on their own the way they see fit to handle deaf patients. The deaf program is in danger and we need to stop them in the tracks now!

It is time to call 1-800-364-9687 and report DMH's abuses of deaf program.