Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Just like the old Western, there were snake oil salesmen selling stuff to supposedly cure the ills. There were no regulations or laws to protect the consumers. This is how and why the free marketing is always changing pending the outcome of the consumer satisfication.

Marketing and Sales have changed a lot since the old Western. Since the dawn of mankind, everyone hustles and bustles to survive on $! Bartering or exchanging goods and services are parts of the free enterprise.

Of course, there are con artists out there everyday trying to make a buck the quick way. Some will vanish the next day leaving us to bite the dust. This is why we have consumer protection laws to ensure that we have satisfication in every product we get or buy.

There is probably not enough research or regulation in this current medical program involving the cochlear implanting. It is even FDA approved. It is still experimental. A lot of people have suffered as result of surgeries. There are no guarantees and no promises. FDA has a program called MEDWATCH where you can file complaint against cochlear implant companies. There is no sense in keeping quiet. It is time to tell the public the truth.

You will always be deaf no matter what they did or will do to you. The patients have died or suffered side effects after surgeries. Some will NOT tell truth afterwards. We need more proof and this is why AFA is doing the right thing to request more data on all cochlear implanting programs. We need proof!

It is merely an expensive hearing aid. It is very unfortunate how they cater to unknowingly parents or consumers. You have to spend many hours mapping and counseling. All the money is wasted as it only helps them line their financial portfolios.

A common sense prevails if everyone can live with being deaf. It is not dangerous! It is not life-threatening. It is OK to be deaf. It is not broken.

Of course, everyone who has been implanted are still deaf! They still use sign language interpreters. It is proven how much effort has failed to accomplish any deaf person to be a hearing person. There are no miracles in this. Not one medical procedure can restore hearing.

Despite billions and billions of dollars spent on three tiny bones in the ear, there is STILL no cure!

I have said this since 1996 that it is a medical quackery. I do view the cochlear implanting as a bogus billion dollar industry. It only serves the hearing people by lining their financial portfolios. It all takes accounting to figure where the dollar goes from one hand to another. Of course, like an adage, money talks!

It is pure greed, corruption, and false advertising that helped the bogus billion dollar industry.