Friday, January 20, 2012

Police abuse Emmett on Switched at Birth is a proof!

On a recent Switched At Birth show, Emmett was arrested by police. The police brutality on that show is an exact exmple of what is going on around the country. It remains very high at 99.5%.

There is not enough deaf activism to remedy the situation. There is always a turnover at police department. The morale is not always great there and the funding is scarce to make the time to pay attention to the real needs of the deaf community. Only a few success stories between deaf and police is not enough to turn the tide of police brutality.

This video was made few years ago based on collection of stories around the country:

This video was made by Amy Cohen Efron, "Deaf World as Eye See it":

**Thanks to ABC Family for making it happen. It is a proof in the pudding that it occurs all over the country. We need to use this as a teaching tool to put the police at bay and avoid any future confrontations like you see in the video by ABC. We need to train them to respect the Deaf and make things easier. We need a standardized system to help the police avoid lawsuits and problems stemming from ignorance and lack of respect.