Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrating Deaf Victories

Ruthie Jordan, Audism Free America and Paul Kiel, Deaf Rally 2012 organizer showed the new poster that John Egbert from DBC will hang at EHDI conference and we have three posters to carry in the march in the morning.

Tonight's program, "Celebrating Deaf Victories" was exciting and learning experience for everyone. Many icons of the Deaf community were on hand to share stories and motivate one another for having rallies to promote interest in truth. Show the world that we have stories to share and expose the fraud and abuses conducted by those hearing people who thinks they have the answers.

There are 45 pictures of that exciting event on Facebook. You can copy and paste this link to see more about what developed that night.

**BREAKING NEWS! Karl White the Eugenicist did walk out of the meeting from AFA representatives. They tried to reason with him to reduce audism and abuses. I let AFA give more details about that meeting. Keep your eyes peeled for AFA reports.