Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paul's Commentary: KW created a climate of fear at EHDI!!

KW created a climate of fear at EHDI!

He did not respect our freedom of speech and not even respecting the truth about our American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

We are collecting stories of deaf people complaining about the treatment and profiling of them being at EHDI Conference.....what a disrespect!!!!

KW and his troopers even hassled a group of deaf students from a state school for deaf (in other state), harrassed many deaf people, even some hearing people who are close to deaf, and more -- he even jumped on one famous deaf person and ordered him to take Moog poster down -- one deaf educator confronted him and said the poster is telling truth.

Karl White (KW) had the gall to demand that John Egbert (DBC) to take it down or else. You can see this man who witnessed the situation. See this video below.

KW threatened to close his booth if it is not done in 30 seconds. His troopers were all over the hotel grounds harrassing many deaf people -- and did NOT bother to ask hearing people and even those without badges. The troopers were harrassing and warning deaf people trying to visit friends in the commons area.

KW had created intimidating and police state at the hotel with deaf people. That is CLEARLY audism happening!!!! Paternalism was heavy in the air and there was NO culture sensitivity!!!

One of friends called the hotel to find out about hours of bars....they usually closed at midnight - but somewhat we felt that we were "discriminated" when they closed early last night. We were having good time and yet, they made excuses saying pop up event...go figure.

One of his troopers was rude to a daughter of a famous deaf man -- the trooper ordered the poor mother and her baby in stroller out of the building. She was trying to see her dad at his booth, but got booted.

KW was jumping all over and demanding they not show anything negative when it was actually TRUTH and what ASL works for deaf children and adults.

Some deaf visitors were disgusted with his troopers. You know deaf people tend to chat with deaf people across the room or a bit far away from where you stand... we use our eyes to catch communication from each other. The troopers had gall to evict those innocent deaf bystanders.

KW has been alienating a lot of people today. He even commented to a group of attendees that he was worn out from being up late to 11:30 p.m. and blamed on the protestors and their activities late.....BUT the conference attendees caught him saying a LIE!!! They saw the deaf group having drinks and eating meals in the open space area where everyone saw the deaf group. Now everyone knows KW is lying like a dog!

KW has been getting paranoid and demanding some people to stop loaning badges to non-attendees. There is no proof it actually happened?

KW reached another paranoid episode when he went to his room. He saw a red light indicating that he has message on phone. He picked it up and the message said that there was a package waiting for him at the door. He overreacted and called the desk thinking it was a bomb. Then there was a confusion of someone sending a message to a wrong room. There was no bomb at all.

KW has been instilling fears in conference attendees to the point where one deaf person was attacked. He created a climate of fear and raised his own paronia that he is being attacked by deaf all day.

With his disrespect for deaf professionals and this week's conference, we would like him to resign and be "blacklisted" from serving on any groups or committees that affects policies and procedures for the deaf children and adults. He is indeed a dangerous man and he should be BANNED from deaf issues.

KW has crossed the line and it is time to make a formal complaint against him by contacting various agencies and groups.

AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

CDC - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

HRSA - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

NCHAM - National Center for Hearing Assessment & Management at Utah State University (Sponsor of the EHDI conference)

USU - Utah State University (he works there and we need to report to his supervisors of his behavior.)

NAD - National Association of the Deaf ( ask NAD to represent us in making formal complaint. )

DOJ - Department of Justice ( file a formal complaint for investigation into his oppressive behavior.)

MCHR - Missouri Commission for Human Rights ( file a formal complaint for investigation into his oppressive behavior.)

MCDHH - Missouri Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. ( file a formal complaint for investigation into his oppressive behavior.)

More information will be available soon to list contacts and mailing addresses.

It is time to stop him in tracks! He is NOT qualified to handle deaf matters!

Disclaimer: I am reporting events as it happened. I want to thank a friend for the use of video of my friend who witnessed the situation. I want to thank some friends for some advices as I prepared this story.