Sunday, July 5, 2009



Knowing IDL for long time, I was excited to take the train trip to a wonderful city of Chicago. IDL is International Deaf Leather. I took the train at the crack of dawn. Here is a proof in the pudding below.

A view of dawn from Amtrak train facing east around 5 a.m. running to Chicago. It is always enjoyable to watch the sun rise mornings and it is a new day each time!

My hotel room window facing Lake Michigan and Chicago River at Sheraton Chicago. Fireworks were shown in that area.

I took Amtrak up to the Windy City. I have been commuting to Chicago for long time and I love it. Chicago is my second home away from home. It has interesting architecture designs around downtown and the surrounding parts. I often wish St. Louis has the same character, but it is not.

Upon arriving in Chicago, I enjoyed the International Deaf Leather (IDL) and WCRAD's hosting the RAD. WCRAD is Windy City Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. RAD is the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. WCRAD did grand job in hosting with its excellent entertainment, good food and good times. Watch for updates on its website at!

My main focus is on IDL as this is why I enjoy leather. For more information on IDL, it can be seen at More information will be from there about the events they had and the next one will be in Las Vegas in 2010 as well as in 2011 when it celebrates its 20th anniversary at RAD in Denver, Colorado. Visit their websites to keep abreast of exciting events!

International Deaf Leather is maturing every year and is supported by many deaf leaders who have helped IDL reach its being. Kudos to those following people - Billy Raby (retired President ) and his board - Phillip Rubin for producing the exciting event with his volunteers and the community support "LET'S START A 2ND GREAT CHICAGO FIRE". It was fantastic production from the start to finish. More information about it can be seen at upcoming update at

West view of Downtown Chicago from Sheraton Chicago

Paul with Haydee and Maria, international interpreters for the deaf

They did wonderful production of Chicago's Greatest 2nd Fire. It was true about Miss O'Leary and her cow started the fire in 1871. Now IDL started the second one the past few days! You missed it! They are to be commended for good job well done! The contestants and the actors did grand job!

Matt and Paul on the stage after he won Mr. RAD

I am pleased and proud to see Matt Lieberman reach the new heights in the Deaf Community. I have known him for long time and shared entertainment experiences with him. He did a grand job in his performances on the stage. He is well known around the world. With his new title as Mr. RAD, he will be a role model for deaf communities worldwide. There are invitations pouring in for him to travel the country and around the world. His schedule for next 2 years is fast filling up. Better hurry and ask RAD for his appointment to appear at your social events! Contact through

Marc and Paul at IDL

I enjoyed knowing Marc a.k.a. Sir "Y". He was the 2008 International Mr. Deaf Leather title holder. He served as the International Deaf Leather Representative between IDL and Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. He held past titles of Mr. Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf 2003-2005 and Mr. Atlantic Deaf Leather 2005. He judged leather contests over the last several years: recently, he was a judge for Mr. Maryland Leather 2009 and Mr. Iowa Leather 2009, He is a currently a freelance deaf and blind interpreter at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. He is an active volunteer for the Deaf/Blind community.

Terry, the 2009 International Mr. Deaf Leather.

Our hearty congratulations to Terry for winning the title! He will also be busy promoting IDL!

Vance and Paul at IDL

Here is nice guy who is an adult video entertainer. He is shown in some videos a.k.a. "Calvin". Yes, he is deaf. Say hi to him next time you see him!

It is often funny how much time had gone fast from the beginning to the end. I went through series of workshops and programs. They were all great and everyone had a grand time. I enjoyed Libby Pollard's presentation about healthy meetings. Be sure to watch her future presentations on leadership and parliamentary.

I came home with happy memories and I am looking forward to the next events in Las Vegas, NV in 2010 and Denver, Colorado in 2011. I enjoyed the July 4th celebrations the past weekend.