Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, it is a wake up call! It happens to me. I am always wired 24/7/365 to the network I associate with. I have to respond many times while driving. I try to tell them to wait and let me pull off the road. Sometimes NOT! I go ahead and respond. OOOOOPS! I have had near accidents and near misses on highways, streets and roads.

I am lucky to be fine so far. It is NOT highly recommended that we can do texting while driving. It only takes few seconds to be killed or hurt in accidents. Yes, only a few seconds. Our brains cannot respond fast enough while texting. Our thought processes slow down when doing multi-tasking.

So I agree with the new nationwide ban! It is precious life we have and it is high time to consider having a new texting etiquette (sp?) If you are texting me, BE PREPARED to wait longer for me to respond! I will not let you put me in danger just because you want me to respond. Hell! You gotta wait!

Life is too precious to be hurt or killed over silly texting!

To date 14 states and Washington, D.C. have laws barring texting while driving!

"When compared to dialing, talking, listening or reaching for an electronic device, texting posed the greatest accident risk, the study found, attributing it to the almost five seconds the driver’s eyes are off the roadway while texting, said Rich Hanowski, the director of the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at the transportation institute."

Of course, my picture above was taken while sitting in the garage with door open. LOL!!! Common sense prevails! No texting while driving please! I do NOT agree that Deaf drivers can beat that! I know a few who have died while texting! It is NOT worth it! So please pull off the road if you must respond!