Friday, July 30, 2010


As I said in earier posting, that the war on audism is not over yet! I am asking everyone to stop and think about those oral programs that benefited from 130 years of oppression. We need to have them modify the programs to go back to pre-1880 deaf education programs.

Every action since September 11, 1880 were illegal.

With the recent developments, it will take another 130 years to undo the damages that audists have caused.

We need to get the ball rolling and get action done on remedying the wrongs of audism.

We will not be around in 130 years to witness the freedom of audism.

The freedom begins now!

Like Ruthie of Audism Free America says, "Let Freedom Roll!"

Thanks to ICED for turning it around after 130 years of abuses!

We need to keep it rolling further and wider!

The war on audism continues!

Thank you!