Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The war against audism is not over yet!

Paul Kiel designed the t-shirt for the purpose of educating the public on stamping out audism! Let's have STAMP OUT AUDISM DAY on September 11, 2010!

Despite the recent developments, the war against audism is not over yet! I do appreciate the recent developments. I do not see the real beef yet! Yeah! Show me the beef!

I want more to combat audism. It is rampant everywhere! It is time to move attention onto the hearing people who are unwittingly and unknowingly that they are contributing to the problems of audism - it is in hospitals, schools, courts, employment, social lives, community projects and more!

"If we can give a "playbook" for each deaf individual, we can win the war in our fight against audism. We cannot afford to be "reactive" -- we have to be proactive - it means strategic planning for the years ahead and install our dreams, wishes and hopes in our today's deaf youth. It means investing our wisdom and rsources in th em - it begins by taking the time to volunteer to help today's youth. Can you do it?

I am borrowing from NSC (NTID Student Congress' motto) "Today's motivation is tomorrow's fulfillment!"

Let's wage the war on audism!

It is time to STAMP OUT AUDISM!

For more information on STAMP OUT AUDISM, please visit www.deafimages.tv -if you click on the title above, it will lead you to the website. Thank you for your support!