Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My trip to KY DeaFestival 2010 at Horse Cave, KY

I took a trip to Louisville to spend the weekend there. I took a trip down to Horse Cave, KY to attend the DeaFestival event. It was fun seeing old friends and making new friends. I got to see more entertainers there. Nice selection of events and programs to watch. Pinky was there. Peter Cook was there. Roger Vass was there. CJ was there. Robert DeMayo was there. and many more.

Then I went back to Louisville for the evening. I enjoyed the trip and stopped off to explore French Lick in Indiana. A friend was showing me the architecture of the old hotel. I was fascinated by its odd design and the layout. It made me want to write a mytery novel about that place. Should I? *grinning*

A Friendly reminder - Louisville, KY is the site of NAD Conference in 2012 as well as DeaFestival 2012. I am eager to go there and I want to reserve a hotel now! Can't wait to visit the bluegrass country again!