Monday, September 27, 2010

DMH is playing dirty tricks again with window dressing!

DMH is playing dirty tricks again with window dressing!

DMH is playing dirty tricks again with window dressing. Just recently there was information that Stephanie Winslow had departed the Office of Deaf and Multicultural Services. She was NOT even qualified in the first place to run the deaf program. Before anyone jumps with a joy, there is something that may harm the deaf community. Is Keith Schafer at it again? He is playing chess with the deaf community again and again. He let Stephanie go so that she may or may not have to face the attorneys in deposition or questioning her involvement in deaf program.

You may be aware that Missouri deaf citizens has taken DMH ( Missouri Department of Mental Health ) to the federal court some months ago. It looks like the wheels of justice is slowly turning. Is Keith letting his staff go to avoid the legal process to work? This shows dishonesty and disregard on his part to move people around to avoid the lawsuit. I question his tactics in this matter. He needs to be fired! He was to retire sometime ago, but he came back. We, the Deaf Missourians do not want him in the position as he harms the deaf community with his selfish motives. He lied to us about hiring a deaf person to do the job. Instead, he picked a hearing interpreter to fill in that post.

The same goes for Lynn Carter, the former supervisor for Stephanie. She is no longer on the list as per the website. There is a new supervisor named Jan Heckmeyer who has NO background in mental health. She mostly did accounting and it is not appropriate for someone like that to fill in the real needs of mental health situations.

I personally think the lawsuit should include the following people such as Missouri Department of Mental Health Commissioners and the Governor. It means they are the party and they are still keeping Keith Schaefer the man who is ruining our lives with his selfish motives. The names should be included in the lawsuit are - Patricia J. Bolster, M.D., Kathy A. Carter, David L. Vlach, M.D., Joann Leykam, Dennis Tesreau, and Neva G. Thurston. The governor, Jay Nixon, should fire all the commissioners and Keith Schafer.


Here is the picture of him for playing darts! It is fun to throw darts in his face as to help ease our anger at that selfish man!