Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SMDC's Pick for DAW: "You Have to be Deaf to Understand" by Willard J Madsen

SMDC's Pick for DAW:"You Have to be Deaf to Understand

It is time to look around and realize how far we have come in deaf advocacy and how much preserverance we have so far. It is a blessing this week as suggested by WFD (World Federation of Deaf) to use this 4th week in September every year to recognize Deaf Awareness Week. So it is Show Me Deaf Community's pick for Deaf Awareness Week 2010 by showing the poem written by deaf poet.

I believe it is good idea to review this poem by Willard J Madsen.

Please visit this link at You Have to be Deaf to Understand

It is fun to educate the public about our proud deaf culture and heritage.

Let's keep up that tradition!

Let's celebrate our Deaf Awareness Week! It can be anytime throughout the year. Let's celebrate it 52 times? (52 weeks a year)