Monday, November 22, 2010

Remembering Kennedy Assassination 47 Years Later

Remembering Kennedy Assassination 47 years later, I am. It was a sad day and how it happened.

After lunch, we were returning to classroom. Then we were told to go to another room to watch that black and white television. Of course, it was 1963 - color television was starting and rare. We watched the box that was television ( probably from 1958 ) and learned about President Kennedy being assassinated. The teacher would explain orally what happened and we were shocked. There was no captioning in those days and it was not even available in 1963. Not even tty! Not even pagers! No internet! I was only 11 years old at that time and I was kind of upset that a nice man was shot.

Reflecting on that warm day of November 22, 1963, I remembered returning to classroom and we stood up and prayed for the Kennedy Family. It was short and sweet. We discussed what happened and who did it. We did not have that answer.

As the days went on, more information came out. Then the assassin was shot. Then the conspiracy theories spun for the next 47 years to this day. No one knows for sure. No matter how many reports, how many investigations came out...the answer is still unknown.

Now with the recent memoir by former Secret Service agents, I am scratching my head. I humbly do not know anymore who is telling the truth.

If we have a time machine, we could go back and stop the Kennedys from going through that area. Wonder what the history be like if JFK lived longer. It is unusual how series of assassinations happened - 1963 - JFK - 1968 MLK - 1968 - RFK.......Still they are spinning conspiracy theories to this day.

Wonder who is behind it all?