Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Questioning hearing people's integrity and professionalism in deaf programs....

Remembering Marcella's stand against odds in improving deaf services, this picture was when she helped a St. Louis organization start advocacy too.

After doing some research with some agencies serving the Deaf around the country, I came to realize that there are often more hearing people in agencies and programs serving the deaf and hard of hearing community.

I am avid fan of the late Marcella Meyer who ran GLAD in the golden days. I looked up to her and I love her witty comments and how she thought what Deaf can do.

She taught me important lessons about having the right to exist and work with hearing people. She hailed from Kansas City, Missouri and came to California to establish the programs that exist today. She taught the deaf community to empower themselves.

If you have not been to GLAD, you have missed something of an opportunity. There are other good organizations too.

What I am focused on is deaf advocacy.

Now I am questioning hearing people's integrity and professionalism in deaf programs......

I am noticing how the hearing people have higher comfort zone than the deaf people in some parts of the country.

Why are some deaf agencies run by hearing people?

To name a few, they are out there right under your nose.

Why do you allow hearing people to run deaf programs?

Are they being honest?

What is their integrity?

According to dictionary, adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty......

Come to think about the past 130 years of audism?

Were those hearing people running deaf programs being honest?

Maybe for their skills?

Maybe for their selfishness?

Who knows?

The truth will prevail in this matter.

This is just something to think about and hopefully the employment among the Deaf will fare better.

The hearing people have plenty of jobs outside the deaf community and we are still wanting more interpreters. Plenty of work in that arena!

Now can Deaf help themselves more?

Thank you for hearing me out! Pardon the pun!

Paul =)