Thursday, December 9, 2010


Now the news are out that American Sign Language is the rising star in the community!

According to NY Times, that colleges see 16% increase in Study of Sign Language. More information can be seen at this link:

And USAToday mentioned about it being the 4th most studied foreign language. More information can be seen at this link:

Thinking back the last 50 years, I remembered how oppressed the society was towards sign language. I grew up in an oppressed environment where signing was NOT allowed. It was embarrassing to sign in public with rude people staring and making faces. I thought sign language was the answer to communication. It helps understand what is said and be expressed in ways we visually understand. It makes two way street communication. A person sends message and the other person receives it and responds. It is a communication process.

This positive step in the right direction is a blessing and I am delighted that ASL is gaining respect like we had in the 19th century. We thank Laurent Clerc for starting it in 1816. We have come a long way and we can be persistent in our belief of American Sign Language.

We ought to celebrate 200 years of ASL in 2016. It is soon arriving and what will you do about it? I have plans and ideas to herald everyone from sea to shining sea to celebrate 200 years of American Sign Language. Watch for August 19-22, 2016 for ASL BICENTENNIAL 1816-2016. We need to start celebrating on August 22 every year in recognition of the birth of ASL in the new world. This was when Laurent Clerc arrived at Hartford on August 22, 1816. We can witness the boat with Clerc and Gallaudet arriving 200 years later as part of celebration.

I am looking for partners and sponsors for this exciting event in 2016! Here is link for information about being ASL BICENTENNIAL Community Partner.

Thank you,

Paul Kiel

ASL BICENTENNIAL 1816-2016 Coordinator