Monday, June 1, 2009


In my response to AFA about AG Bell's Integrity????, AG BELL lost his integrity when he stole Meucci's telephone invention. He lied and he cheated. He wrote articles and letters condemning deaf community and ASL. He always argued with Edward Miner Gallaudet about choice of communication mode.

It was Victorian times that influenced Bell to think above women. His mother and his wife were deaf. He probably was not comfortable with them. He was not Deaf enough to be in their shoes and understand the communication process.

George Veditz had many meetings with AG Bell. Veditz tried to coax Bell to change his ways and respect the Deaf more.

See this letter from George Veditz to Bell in December 1909. That is 100 years ago -

From one lie to another lie threading through the pages of history from 1870s to now show how Bell and his cronies are perpetuating audism through diversions and brainwashing.

The telephone was in fact a discrimination against deaf employees. There has been no record that AG Bell was willing to provide access to visual needs. George Veditz could have seen the future already when he wrote to Bell, "I wonder if you could be induced to turn your attention to a sort of television that will do for the eye what the telephone does for the ear." It is a chilling prophecy laid out by George Veditz. He said that about 95 years ago! Today we have videophones and it is a blessing!

In conclusion, keep on exposing AG Bell and show the world what a hypocrite AG Bell is! Deaf lives have been ruined by his lies and oppression for the last 129 years!

Keep up the good work! Go AFA Go!