Saturday, June 13, 2009


Give or take! A deaf person will be committed to hospitalization for mental health issues. What are the statistics? It is untold and underreported everywhere from the sea to the shining sea. Are there support services for deaf patients? What programs are working for deaf needing mental health services?

This picture above is a puzzle being put together but some pieces are missing.

Yes, some pieces are missing.

It is interesting how defensive people are these days. The parents need to know that the devices are not successful for deaf lives. American Sign Language is the key to communication. It is ok to be oral and use any devices. It seems that everyone focused too much on wrong choices. It harms the deaf individual to a greater extent that the damage is permanent and not reversable.

Why can't we let the deaf child be a deaf child? No one will be able to convert the deaf child to be the hearing child that everyone had dreamt and wanted. The real world is that the child will ALWAYS be deaf.

I have been to both sides of the spectrum (oralism and signing). The mental health is better when using ASL.

I notice oral deaf people have higher mental health problems than the deaf people using sign language. Give or take a number. I have noticed in the last 40 plus years of deaf advocacy that the numbers are higher when the oralists stuck to one side. The next generation of mental health problems will be cochlear implant users. It is the tip of iceberg waiting to happen the next 5 to 10 years.

There were no flexibility and no understanding of their peers. This causes them to suffer mental health.

This mental health issue is reaching new heights as it is very controversial of how and why the professionals are approaching the issue of mental health.

Mental health defines as a state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life.

This is where the deaf community are focusing on the lack of support services for the well being of a deaf individual. The majority of mental health programs are failing to meet the needs of the deaf community at an alarming rate.

The deaf person needs to have emotional and psychological well being to be able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities as deaf person, function in a society that respects a deaf person and the well being and provide supportive services to allow the deaf to meet the ordinary demands of everyday life.

It is sorely lacking emotionally and psychologically for a deaf person today to be able to use cognitive and emotional capabilities.

The culprit is audism being rampant in every fabric of the community. The parents are too busy following the wrong advices provided by the medical professionals as well as the schools that are paid by cochlear implant companies. There are profits that the audists are laughing their way to the banks. Money talks! This is how and why many hearing people are greedy and gullible to the whims of snake oil men.

Cochlear implant is merely an expensive hearing aid.

It is time now to stop the lies and allow the deaf people to be deaf themselves!

Unfortunately, we cannot fix the stupid!

We will simply move on and give support to those organizations educating the public about our proud deaf culture and how we are benefitting from various options we have on our hand.

Like the saying goes, the necessity is the mother of invention. Look at many deaf people the past several hundred of years have contributed to our society. Who invented light bulb? Who founded Girl Scouts? Who invented the shorthand? Who invented morse code? Who invented the movies? and many more!!!

Geez whiz! The deaf would not need mental health services if those hearing people had not abused us! We need to stand up and tell them off!

It is time to help our deaf friends who need mental health services! We need to remind the medical profession that we are entitled to same services that hearing people are enjoying. We do not need their patronization, paternalism, audism, oppression and lies.

We are capable of doing things and they need to stop being audists!