Sunday, June 14, 2009


Knowing today (June 14, 2009) is the Flag Day! It is time to remember the Old Glory and its humble beginnings. Betsy Ross made the flag and the rest was the history.

Many times, I gaze upon the Old Glory to say the pledge and at many events, I stand up to go with the national anthem. I am bothered sometimes when it says, "Liberty and Justice for all". Does it ring true in the deaf community? I believe not yet. It takes more effort to even the keel.

We need to do that by reminding our legislators from city to the state as well as the federal that we are entitled to equal communication access as well as protection of our rights to enjoy American Sign Language and our proud Deaf culture.

I hope this can be resolved in this lifetime as I want to be able to enjoy saying "Liberty and Justice for all" without any reminders that the audists are still abusing the deaf community.

Liberty and Justice for all??? Is it???