Tuesday, June 16, 2009



I am beginning to notice a trend these days about deaf getting cochlear implanted for wrong reasons. Is it part of "Keeping up with the Jones" syndrome?

Often times, the society can be materialistic, competitive, and unhappy. The neighbors tend to compete up by having their lawns manicured, new sporty cars in garages, and the materialistic stuff. It is like keeping up with Jones. The Jones may have their lawn taken care of by professional landscapers. The next door neighbors may follow suit.

Was it normal? I guess not.. it is the urgency in each person that competes for the best or somewhat heading for unhealthy psychological consequences.

The last 25 years have shown a lot of failures among the deaf persons who tried to use cochlear implants. There is NOT enough data to clarify the fuzzy and gray areas. The medical profession as well as others in the field of cochlear implanting have been painting fuzzy pictures twisted with lies and lack of evidences.

According to sources on internet, blogs and medical information, the cochlear implanting have several negative factors. Now more deaf bloggers are getting fed up with Aunt Matilda's story about her surgery according to Dianrez! She hit the nail right on the head! We are getting tired of those surgical stuff. We have heard it over and over for the last 25 years.

The negative factors are :

It is still experimental.

It is not a necessary one.

It is merely an expensive hearing aid.

It is only an amplifier with mechanical sounds. (no natural sounds)

It is not safe equipment as several babies and adults lost their lives.

It does NOT cure deafness.

It is proven that only those who lost hearing later in life may benefit from it.

It is not the answer for others who were born deaf or profound deaf.

It is still not safe surgery as the risks are very high.

So wake up and smell the coffee!

You will always be deaf!

It is time to move on and get busy for deaf advocacy!