Thursday, June 18, 2009


I felt like having a good old fashioned milkshake on a hot sweltering day in St. Louis! I grew up with Velvet Freeze and always loved the taste of milkshake. There are not one place that can match the taste! No matter except Parkmoor (now shuttered) served the best milkshake.

After mowing the yards and running errands, I felt like having something like a good old fashioned milkshake. I knew of a place thanks to my friend. I went to Velvet Freeze on West Florissant and ordered a large chocolate milkshake with old fashioned oatmeal cookies. It was heaven taking spoonfuls of milkshake down my throat quenching my thirst. It felt cool and makes me get goose pimples.

Every bite takes me down the memory lane to late 1950's. I recall first bite in 1959 as a young boy with heated winds blowing in my face while taking spoonfuls. Today, as an old man at age 57 with white hair, wrinkles and overweight, every bite takes me back to my boyish age of 7 when I had first bite of old fashioned milkshake. It is like taking a trip back in time and remember the good old summer of 1959. I remembered my boyish face and a crewcut (of course brown hair) and the 1950s cars going up and down the street. How nostalgic it was! I enjoyed reminscencing those days.

Oh, it is back to 2009 and reality! Time to get going! Back to real world and it will be sad one of these days if Velvet Freeze disappears.. I thought it disappeared in early 1980s as there used to be several Velvet Freeze places - one on Southwest, one on Watson, one on Gravois, one on Big Bend..and others... It was a vanishing breed.

Hope Velvet Freeze sticks around! Can't forget good old fashioned chocolate milkshake and old fashioned oatmeal cookies during hot summers! Yum! Yum!