Sunday, May 31, 2009


Marcella Meyer, then Executive Director, GLAD was giving a donation to help RTR and Paul Kiel, then President of RTR (Round Table of Representatives) thanked her for her inspiration and leadership during the Deaf Awareness Week and RTR's 20th Anniversary (April 1987)

Thank you, Marcella M. Meyer for your leadership. I have learned a lot from you while growing up and learning the ropes in managing a deaf service agency. I appreciated knowing you and meeting you as we crossed our paths around the country. I have always looked up to you as I learned from you how to run an agency and how to deal with people who oppressed us. Of course, there was a nickname around the circles. You were known as the Dragon Lady**. It was interesting as you hailed from Kansas City, Missouri. You came to Los Angeles with your guts and determination.

GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.) was born and nurtured under your leadership and the many supporters around the country. We all stood behind you in great times and tough times. I remember visiting your office and asking you to come to St. Louis to help improve the system. You agreed to come to St. Louis without any hesitation. I was delighted and you were the best one for my hometown, St. Louis. We did learn a lot from you during the few days you were in town.

You did inspire the Missouri Deaf community to start the Relay Missouri services so it was an inspiration as we learned from your agency's past handling of relay calls. Not only that, we did improve our advocacy from your workshops.

I have read about you in newspapers and magazines. I have learned how you get people moving and getting the job done. You have done very well! I must say it is true because I was there and I saw how you did it! Good job, Marcella!

There was a famous quote you have repeated often times - "You can take me out of Missouri, but you cannot take Missouri out of me!" I thought of hiring you to help St. Louis agency, but you preferred to stay in California. Oh, well! California was lucky to have you!

May you rest in peace and we will remember you always! We will miss you!

So long, Marcella!


Paul J. Kiel
St. Louis, MO

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**Dragon Lady - In ASL version, it is that she spoke with fire and smoke. She got everyone to stand up. She was influential in changing policies that affect the deaf communities. She helped reduce audism in many areas with the help of supporters.

P.S. Marcella, I know you are gonna be glad to see Gloria Early, your good friend. Save me seat for chatting, drinking and eating someday at other side with you and Gloria! Enjoy it!