Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It was a beautiful morning on Tuesday, April 21, 2009. I took a 128 mile trip from St. Louis to Jefferson City. The state capitol was situated on the bank of the Missouri River. It was a nice day as the sun was shining. You can see this picture I took while walking to the capitol. The flowers, plants and trees were ready to bloom. The warm air wafting across the prairies brings back memories of old days in rural areas. I cannot count how many times I have visited the central part of Missouri. It all started when my deaf brother started school back in 1964. I would say more than 45 years of going back and forth to eiher parts of Missouri such as Fulton, Columbia, Jefferson City, Lake of Ozark, etc. It is fun and relaxing drive on HIghway 70 to Route 54 South. All that matters to me is the nice drive. By George, the small towns I remember have grown bigger and the miles and miles of farms are disappearing into communities. I miss seeing the farm animals and the miles and miles of corn plants. They are vanishing.

Of course the capitol grounds were brimming with people and tourists that day. It was hard to find parking. I am not getting any younger and I had to park almost more than 7 blocks away. I was grumbling, but I moved on. It was a beautiful day so it was worthwhile walking to the capitol.

Good Lawd! There was confusion as I was not sure where to go. I had to page my friends to find out where we were supposed to be at. I found out that i had to be on the third floor of the Rotunda of the State Capitol. I did not mind. I was not sure where deaf people were. I got lost and there was crowd of people. Of course, they were non-deaf.

So I went to do some work for video relay service and I was amused about how crowded the floor was. There were all kinds of people from all walks of life mingling about. I was envious of a woman who had a cute dog. I wanted to dognap that dog. You can see this picture.

Geez whiz! I tried to persuade the St. Charles Humane Society to let me adopt that cute dog. I wanted to take him home! They were kind enough to let me hold him for while and have picture taken. Oh! Geez! I raise pomeranians so I wanted more. LOL! It made the day. There were other animals on display and I was so focused on that darling dog! Drats! I failed to persuade them to let me adopt him. They said it was their mascot.

So I went back to booth to recruit more people to look into new line of videophones. I waited for more people to come when i ran into Senator Bray.
She was interesting person and she was at a meeting I had last year with Department of Mental Health. I was debating about how DMH ignored our needs. She was interested and she was trying to get things rolling. I did leave my trust in her and see what results will happen the next year. I was honored to have picture taken with her.Senator Joan Bray, 24th District, Democrat - more information can be seen at her website at http://www.senate.mo.gov/09info/members/mem24.htm

Then I saw some deaf leaders there and I was unable to figure where they went to. I lost the packet when I tried to put on table. By the time, I needed it, It vanished. Oh well.

The navy bean soup with corn bread and cake for dessert were delicious. The restaurant asssociation were kind to pass out the food to exhibitors and legislative staff. Yummy! Good food! I love that! I want that receipe!

Oh well! then nothing much happened so we folded. I went to meeting at local restaurant. It was fun group as we enjoyed learning and preparing the task of empowering Missouri.

Then I waved everyone good bye and took a trip back to St. Louis with a smile on nice day and quiet drive home.