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Excerpted from St. Louis Deaf Advocate (Volume XXIX, Number 1, January/February 1996.

FUTURE SHOCK: DEAF HOLOCAUST - An Editorial by Paul Kiel
Holocaust is a destruction of life and is known as a form of genocide. The elimination of deafness is a typical of holocaust. Deaf children locally and nationally are the victims of holocaust being done by the medical profession and the schools that promote cochlear implanting. The deaf children locally are becoming the vanishing breed and the deaf leaders are looking the other way. As of October 1995, 40 percent of deaf children at Central Institute for the Deaf have been implanted while 35 percent of deaf children at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf are also implanted. That makes a total of 75 percent of the total deaf population and that leaves 25 percent of deaf children not being implanted. This is a holocaust being initiated by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell and this came a long way since his vision of eliminating the deaf from human race that started in 1880. Bell as well as other people throughout the history are considered perpetuators of crime against the deaf humanity. Dr. Max Goldstein is considered another perpetuator against the deaf humanity.

CREATER OF DEAF HOLOCAUST : A.G. BELL (condensed version for this blog)

In 1883, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell presented a paper titled "Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race" before the National Academy of Science in New Haven, Connecticut. He did not believe that deaf persons should be allowed to marry each other. He was totally against the idea of having deaf have intermarriages. He was worried about the type of race that the deaf had demonstrated in 1880s. He noted that man was able to modify breeds of animals by careful selection, and he reasoned that it should be possibly similarly to modify the varieties of the human race. He admitted that his statistics were incomplete and hoped that publication of such information would lead to their completion. Bell stated that those who believed as he did that the production of a defective race (deaf) of human beings would be a great calamity to the world. Bell was so concerned about how the deaf functioned in their lifestyles that he stepped up strategies to discourage the deaf from meeting each other. He used oral philosophy as a hidden agenda to accomplish his plan to eliminate the deaf from the face of Earth. He did not approve of the educational system where the deaf work with the deaf in education settings. He succeeded in getting the infamous Milan mandate that stopped the use of sign language in classrooms. He did not approve of the deaf socializing among themselves, having reunions, having social gatherings, forming their own clubs and associations, publishing their own newspapers, holding religious worships, and having state and national conventions as further encouraging social intercourse among them. Such association, Bell believed, restricted deaf persons' selection of partners and friends. Bell thought about enacting a law banning such intermarriages. It backfired on him. He saw forbidding congenitally deaf persons from marrying each other as one way to check the "evil" although he admitted that "proving that a person had been born deaf" would probably make the law inoperative. To Bell, the ideal condition would have been to place only one deaf child in a school with hearing children. Bell opposed the employment of deaf teachers and considered them "another element favorable to the formation of a deaf race, therefore to be avoided."

Bell had trouble getting support from the deaf as one noted educator of the deaf opposed him. Dr Phillip Gillet, Illinois School for the Deaf Superintendent, then the largest residential school for the deaf studied 1,886 students and alumni of the school and found no justification for Dr. Bell's position. George Veditz, a deaf teacher, called Alexander Graham Bell the American most feared by the deaf people saying, "....he comes in the guise of a friend, and is therefore the most to be feared enemy of the American deaf, past and present."