Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deaf Can Live, Learn and Lead...

Where is the truth in advertising? Can we say that hearing people have been making decisions for over 100 years that harms the deaf community?

What was Laurent Clerc thinking in his journal near the end of his time? See it in my upcoming blog.

What was Robert McGregor thinking when he established NAD in 1880?

What was George Veditz thinking when he focused on AG Bell’s evil ways?

What were hundreds of leaders through the pages of history thinking?

That is a tough call to know what reality is affecting us in communities.

How much sacrifices do we have to give in to please the hearing people?

Where is our equal time and space on same issues?

We breathe same air, we eat same food, we sleep and a lot of common stuff we share in the community.

Communication is the main issue between the hearing and the deaf.

It is, of course, obvious that hearing people tend to have the upper hand in many decisions affecting us from the cradle to grave.

Why can’t they step back and allow us to live, learn and lead?

After 25 years of CI, the argument remains the same.. It is a merely an expensive hearing aid and it does not have same hearing sense as hearing people have. It is all mechanical and electronical. Not a real sense of hearing like they enjoy.

The bottom line is that audism is rampant everywhere.

Have a good one!


*the picture of pin was used at the deaf awareness event in St. Louis many years ago. It was a way to educate the public that the deaf can do anything except to hear...**