Sunday, May 10, 2009


Paul Kiel was at CID as part of national protest against the Volta Bureau on April 3, 2009. It was "to call attention to the denial of linguistic and human rights of Deaf citizens and to highlight how the Volta Bureau/AG Bell Association has worked to perpetuate the denial of these rights." See the link from PRWeb (Press Release Newswire) at

Recently, I came across a story about a fundraising event at an oral school in my hometown where I was schooled. I am figuring out why they continue to be blind to the real problems of audism. They seem to have " I do not care" attitude towards the deaf community. This is my impression when I see the events and how they respond. I do like them, but I am not comfortable with the way they continue to promote audism.
"Paul and Mr. Shore posed for the newspaper photographer from the now defunct St. Louis Globe Democrat during its promotion with United Fund (now United Way) during its campaign back in 1958."

I drew a big FAT black line between the oral school and me many years ago. I find it strange how deaf oralists continue to use sign language and promote audism by going to oral school events. It is a "double standard". This is not helping the Deaf community at large as if it is like Jewish people going to Hitler's party. The AG Bell and his regime are the perpetuators of audism and the local oral schools continue to follow the Bell philosophy of oppression and systematic abuses including brainwashing and false propaganda. Did you know that Adolf Hitler benefited from AG Bell's program called "EUGENICS". Bell tried to propose to Congress to eliminate the deaf from the human race. Oralism is a false facade for audism.

I guess it is brainwashing system that needs to be deprogrammed. It is time to stop the flow and turn it around to honest and appropriate programming for the Deaf community. 129 years of lies perpetuated by AG Bell and his regime have to be stopped in its tracks!

"Paul and Dr. Silverman demonstrating to the audience at Laclede Gas Company in 1967."

Time is now to tell my friends who are deaf oral school supporters to start turning their backs on the oral schools. The truth prevails in this matter. The light has shined on the dark secrets of oralism. It is time to bust them for their wrongs.

This is how I view from having lived both sides. I was raised and disciplined to follow it. When you use the word discipline, I view it as a hidden method of brainwashing. By studying Deafhood and supporting AUDISM FREE AMERICA, we can help reduce the oppression and audism. We are counting on you to follow our footsteps to enable the deaf community to do more. We can live our lives and we are capable of taking care of ourselves. We are asking for equal access to community so therefore, we ask them to stop oppressing us.

A.F.A " serves to expose AUDISM--practices and attitudes based on the assumption that the behaving in the ways of those who speak and hear is best and desired. Audism manifests itself as stigma, bias, discrimination, and prejudice--in overt or covert ways--against Deaf culture, American Sign Language and Deaf people from all walks of life."

Those hearing people in oral programs are laughing their way to the banks and thanking suckers for supporting the audists. The audists may include medical profession who continue to use "pathological attitude", deaf people who continue to look down on the deaf community and kiss up to the hearing people at oral school through board membership and community involvement. At a recent discussion, AG Bell has 62% of medical profession as members of the Bell regime. This is why I am saying we need to cut down their pathological attitudes.

"This picture shows what audists used in deaf education programs the last 129 years to abuse deaf children."

We do need you people to turn the tide against the hearing people who continue to abuse the deaf education and our lives. It is time to stand up and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Can you do that? Do you have to cave in or cower to their selfish demands?

If you continue to promote oral school programs and its fundraising activities, then I say, "SHAME ON YOU!"