Sunday, May 31, 2009


Marcella Meyer, then Executive Director, GLAD was giving a donation to help RTR and Paul Kiel, then President of RTR (Round Table of Representatives) thanked her for her inspiration and leadership during the Deaf Awareness Week and RTR's 20th Anniversary (April 1987)

Thank you, Marcella M. Meyer for your leadership. I have learned a lot from you while growing up and learning the ropes in managing a deaf service agency. I appreciated knowing you and meeting you as we crossed our paths around the country. I have always looked up to you as I learned from you how to run an agency and how to deal with people who oppressed us. Of course, there was a nickname around the circles. You were known as the Dragon Lady**. It was interesting as you hailed from Kansas City, Missouri. You came to Los Angeles with your guts and determination.

GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.) was born and nurtured under your leadership and the many supporters around the country. We all stood behind you in great times and tough times. I remember visiting your office and asking you to come to St. Louis to help improve the system. You agreed to come to St. Louis without any hesitation. I was delighted and you were the best one for my hometown, St. Louis. We did learn a lot from you during the few days you were in town.

You did inspire the Missouri Deaf community to start the Relay Missouri services so it was an inspiration as we learned from your agency's past handling of relay calls. Not only that, we did improve our advocacy from your workshops.

I have read about you in newspapers and magazines. I have learned how you get people moving and getting the job done. You have done very well! I must say it is true because I was there and I saw how you did it! Good job, Marcella!

There was a famous quote you have repeated often times - "You can take me out of Missouri, but you cannot take Missouri out of me!" I thought of hiring you to help St. Louis agency, but you preferred to stay in California. Oh, well! California was lucky to have you!

May you rest in peace and we will remember you always! We will miss you!

So long, Marcella!


Paul J. Kiel
St. Louis, MO

For information about GLAD, go to _

**Dragon Lady - In ASL version, it is that she spoke with fire and smoke. She got everyone to stand up. She was influential in changing policies that affect the deaf communities. She helped reduce audism in many areas with the help of supporters.

P.S. Marcella, I know you are gonna be glad to see Gloria Early, your good friend. Save me seat for chatting, drinking and eating someday at other side with you and Gloria! Enjoy it!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Fresh out of high school back in 1943, Paul at 17 (my dad) joined the United States Marines Corps with several of his classmates. They were sent to Okinawa. It was a very tough war that my dad went through. He had to endure many days and nights in fighting against the Japanese. He was there about 2 years fighting and he did not have chance to get home until the war was over. He came home alone as his classmates were included in more than 50,000 casualities including over 12,000 killed in action. When the battles ended on Okinawa Island, he was stationed in China until late 1946 or 1947. He lived long enough to see his family grow and some grandchildren. He lost the battle with emphysema in 1994. He is sorely missed by his family and friends.

Today, my family and friends are proud of him and many dedicated men and women in the armed forces for fighting against tyranny, evil and oppression to persevere the freedom and democracy for us. This is a purpose of having a Memorial Day started in 1868 to honor civil war soldiers. It became a tradition for every soldier in wars after Civil War. It became a national holiday dedicated by Congress in 1971. Remember this day for the rest of our lives to thank those dedicated people for helping us! Be glad that you are an American, looking at the Old Glory (the US Flag) whipping in the wind and be thankful for the freedom of choices. They did not die in vain as we reward them every year with our thanks and thoughts of them every Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Paul tells about his personal experience with audism as growing up in school, work, family and community.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are VR Counselors forcing deaf clients to be implanted?

Are VR Counselors forcing deaf clients to be implanted? This is a serious matter that needs to be discussed. After what is happening with Wisconsin, you can see how Rep. Cullen mentioned about if implanted, you get job. This is how VR tells its clients across the country. We need to stop them and scold them for practicing audism. If it is true that VR was telling deaf clients to get implanted in order to get jobs. Shame on VR!


This video is a narrative about what Paul says about audism causing deaf mental health problems. Carl Shroeder hit the nail right when it came to being "realistic" about your identity.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Paul Kiel was at CID as part of national protest against the Volta Bureau on April 3, 2009. It was "to call attention to the denial of linguistic and human rights of Deaf citizens and to highlight how the Volta Bureau/AG Bell Association has worked to perpetuate the denial of these rights." See the link from PRWeb (Press Release Newswire) at

Recently, I came across a story about a fundraising event at an oral school in my hometown where I was schooled. I am figuring out why they continue to be blind to the real problems of audism. They seem to have " I do not care" attitude towards the deaf community. This is my impression when I see the events and how they respond. I do like them, but I am not comfortable with the way they continue to promote audism.
"Paul and Mr. Shore posed for the newspaper photographer from the now defunct St. Louis Globe Democrat during its promotion with United Fund (now United Way) during its campaign back in 1958."

I drew a big FAT black line between the oral school and me many years ago. I find it strange how deaf oralists continue to use sign language and promote audism by going to oral school events. It is a "double standard". This is not helping the Deaf community at large as if it is like Jewish people going to Hitler's party. The AG Bell and his regime are the perpetuators of audism and the local oral schools continue to follow the Bell philosophy of oppression and systematic abuses including brainwashing and false propaganda. Did you know that Adolf Hitler benefited from AG Bell's program called "EUGENICS". Bell tried to propose to Congress to eliminate the deaf from the human race. Oralism is a false facade for audism.

I guess it is brainwashing system that needs to be deprogrammed. It is time to stop the flow and turn it around to honest and appropriate programming for the Deaf community. 129 years of lies perpetuated by AG Bell and his regime have to be stopped in its tracks!

"Paul and Dr. Silverman demonstrating to the audience at Laclede Gas Company in 1967."

Time is now to tell my friends who are deaf oral school supporters to start turning their backs on the oral schools. The truth prevails in this matter. The light has shined on the dark secrets of oralism. It is time to bust them for their wrongs.

This is how I view from having lived both sides. I was raised and disciplined to follow it. When you use the word discipline, I view it as a hidden method of brainwashing. By studying Deafhood and supporting AUDISM FREE AMERICA, we can help reduce the oppression and audism. We are counting on you to follow our footsteps to enable the deaf community to do more. We can live our lives and we are capable of taking care of ourselves. We are asking for equal access to community so therefore, we ask them to stop oppressing us.

A.F.A " serves to expose AUDISM--practices and attitudes based on the assumption that the behaving in the ways of those who speak and hear is best and desired. Audism manifests itself as stigma, bias, discrimination, and prejudice--in overt or covert ways--against Deaf culture, American Sign Language and Deaf people from all walks of life."

Those hearing people in oral programs are laughing their way to the banks and thanking suckers for supporting the audists. The audists may include medical profession who continue to use "pathological attitude", deaf people who continue to look down on the deaf community and kiss up to the hearing people at oral school through board membership and community involvement. At a recent discussion, AG Bell has 62% of medical profession as members of the Bell regime. This is why I am saying we need to cut down their pathological attitudes.

"This picture shows what audists used in deaf education programs the last 129 years to abuse deaf children."

We do need you people to turn the tide against the hearing people who continue to abuse the deaf education and our lives. It is time to stand up and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Can you do that? Do you have to cave in or cower to their selfish demands?

If you continue to promote oral school programs and its fundraising activities, then I say, "SHAME ON YOU!"

Friday, May 8, 2009


Since Mother's Day is approaching this Sunday, I thought it is appropriate time for me to dedicate my b/vlog to my mother, Jane Howe Kiel. She was my best friend and like a big sister to me instead of being mother, but she was my biological mother. She was born Jane Vivian Howe on January 7, 1929. Throughout her life, she loved drama, music and playing tennis or bridge with ladies. She had performed in school plays as well as some plays at Elk's Lodge.

Jane was born on January 7, 1929. The picture was taken during Spring 1929 in front of house at 204 N. Rock Hill in Webster Groves, Missouri. The white house in the background was built by her grandfather, Frederick William Howe in the late 1890s.

Jane was surrounded by her favorite men - Kenneth W. Howe (father), Jack Howe (brother on left) Gene Howe (brother on right) and Herb Howe (the baby brother on lap) - taken Summer 1932. The men were overprotective of Jane as she was the first Howe girl in 75 years of family history.

Paul Kiel Jr. and Jane Howe were married on July 7, 1951 at Holy Reedemer Church in Webster Groves, Missouri.

Jane and Paul III - March 1952 - It was in the backyard of Kiel family house in Glendale, Missouri. The neighborhood kids were visiting me when they heard I was the newborn. My paternal grandfather was in the background on the porch.

Jane and Paul III - March 1953 - A year later at the Howe House.

Jane and Paul III at his sixth birthday - February 1958 - She brought cake and ice cream to school to help celebrate my birthday. It was fun and I remember it like yesterday.

Jane and Paul III at high school graduation - June 6, 1971 - Jane was so proud of me that day as I was the fourth generation in her family to attend Webster Groves Schools - my great grandmother, my grandfather, my mom and I all went to same school.

Jane and Paul III during Thanksgiving break from Gallaudet College - November 1972. That was the last picture taken less than a year before her passing from cancer on October 25, 1973.

I remembered how difficult it was for her as she used gestures to communicate with me before sending me to oral school. She would use pictures and mouth words to tell me what she was trying to say. Then after oral school, they told her not to use gestures or sign language. I was upset as I wanted to learn. She said to wait until I finish high school then it was up to me.

She raised three sons, Paul, Kenneth and Robert mostly on her own when she divorced dad in 1960. She worked hard to see that the boys were fed and schooled.

There was one time incident in Fulton, Missouri back in 1964, She caught me staring at deaf adults using sign language. She tried to tell me not to do it. She did not know that. She was not sure what was right - using oral or sign language.

Then after high school, I was allowed to use sign language. I did know some sign language on my own time away from her when I was growing up. She finally took the time to learn sign language. I was delighted that she started signing, but unfortunately it was short-lived as the cancer took her. She was unable to use her voice on her deathbed so she used sign language to tell me to tell her attorney and relatives the last time I saw her. That memory burns in my mind for the rest of my life. I still do love you, Mom! Now 36 years after her passing to this day, I still think and love my mom. Happy Mother's Day to you! =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It was a beautiful morning on Tuesday, April 21, 2009. I took a 128 mile trip from St. Louis to Jefferson City. The state capitol was situated on the bank of the Missouri River. It was a nice day as the sun was shining. You can see this picture I took while walking to the capitol. The flowers, plants and trees were ready to bloom. The warm air wafting across the prairies brings back memories of old days in rural areas. I cannot count how many times I have visited the central part of Missouri. It all started when my deaf brother started school back in 1964. I would say more than 45 years of going back and forth to eiher parts of Missouri such as Fulton, Columbia, Jefferson City, Lake of Ozark, etc. It is fun and relaxing drive on HIghway 70 to Route 54 South. All that matters to me is the nice drive. By George, the small towns I remember have grown bigger and the miles and miles of farms are disappearing into communities. I miss seeing the farm animals and the miles and miles of corn plants. They are vanishing.

Of course the capitol grounds were brimming with people and tourists that day. It was hard to find parking. I am not getting any younger and I had to park almost more than 7 blocks away. I was grumbling, but I moved on. It was a beautiful day so it was worthwhile walking to the capitol.

Good Lawd! There was confusion as I was not sure where to go. I had to page my friends to find out where we were supposed to be at. I found out that i had to be on the third floor of the Rotunda of the State Capitol. I did not mind. I was not sure where deaf people were. I got lost and there was crowd of people. Of course, they were non-deaf.

So I went to do some work for video relay service and I was amused about how crowded the floor was. There were all kinds of people from all walks of life mingling about. I was envious of a woman who had a cute dog. I wanted to dognap that dog. You can see this picture.

Geez whiz! I tried to persuade the St. Charles Humane Society to let me adopt that cute dog. I wanted to take him home! They were kind enough to let me hold him for while and have picture taken. Oh! Geez! I raise pomeranians so I wanted more. LOL! It made the day. There were other animals on display and I was so focused on that darling dog! Drats! I failed to persuade them to let me adopt him. They said it was their mascot.

So I went back to booth to recruit more people to look into new line of videophones. I waited for more people to come when i ran into Senator Bray.
She was interesting person and she was at a meeting I had last year with Department of Mental Health. I was debating about how DMH ignored our needs. She was interested and she was trying to get things rolling. I did leave my trust in her and see what results will happen the next year. I was honored to have picture taken with her.Senator Joan Bray, 24th District, Democrat - more information can be seen at her website at

Then I saw some deaf leaders there and I was unable to figure where they went to. I lost the packet when I tried to put on table. By the time, I needed it, It vanished. Oh well.

The navy bean soup with corn bread and cake for dessert were delicious. The restaurant asssociation were kind to pass out the food to exhibitors and legislative staff. Yummy! Good food! I love that! I want that receipe!

Oh well! then nothing much happened so we folded. I went to meeting at local restaurant. It was fun group as we enjoyed learning and preparing the task of empowering Missouri.

Then I waved everyone good bye and took a trip back to St. Louis with a smile on nice day and quiet drive home.