Thursday, January 17, 2008


Whoo! Whoo! I am amused when hearing parents or professionals show their ignorance in deaf issues.

That’s trouble when they have horse blinders on!

They are the ones causing problems.

Knowledge is power!

What the CI users are trying to say are telling truth!

I have seen CI companies sweeping dirt under rugs…and same for one friend who tried to do her research. She contacted Gallaudet University to find out more….the University were unable to reply to her request. It was like snow job or cover up.

Like I said, money talks! It is the greed that engulfs the audists into more greed and more control over the useless technology. It is just plain expensive hearing aids.

It is plain snake oil! Same old practice from the old westerns!

They (audists/doctors/oral programs) are laughing their way to banks for pulling wool over poor parents.

Truth will prevail!

Shame on those liars in this scandal and conspiracy to hurt many poor deaf children!

Having deaf children hear is a pipe dream!

The only one who can perform miracles is the man upstairs! Not any medical profession or any of us!